Water-Based Painting for Props & FX – LIVE COURSE PREVIEW
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Water-Based Painting for Props & FX – LIVE COURSE PREVIEW

– Hi, I’m Craig Fraser,
(gentle music) with the Stan Winston
School of Character Arts. I hope you can join me
for my online course “Water-based Painting for Props and FX.” Right now, there’s a huge
paradigm shift in the industry, shifting from solvent-based paint to the water-based paint. And the problem is, the artists
are the last ones to know. I’ll let you in on something. Your favorite paint out there, it’s gonna go away eventually, and the way that you deal with it is gonna determine your future
success in this industry. So if you decided you need
to make the transition, I’m gonna show you the practical aspects of transitioning in the workplace. Not just replacing the items but working alongside the solvents, working with the solvents
on different projects, or, mimicking techniques
known for solvent application but with water-based. These products and these techniques can be used not just on small items but also on large scale items as well. From helmets to actually weapons and different props that
you’re gonna come across in the movie industry. I’m not only gonna be showing
you a start to finish project, I’m also gonna be showing you a repair on an existing project that
was originally done in solvent and we’re gonna repair
100% with water-based. I’m really looking forward to this course on how to transition from
solvent to water-based paint. What’s even better is
being an online course and being interactive, you guys get to ask me
questions along the way. And if I ever miss
anything, or skip something, or you just wanna ask anything, feel free to chime in. Hope to see you, live online.

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