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(upbeat music) – I had a thought. This is Dayroom Yellow. Fantastic colour, it’s a
Farrow and Ball colour. But what I got thinking was that, these paint stirring sticks, they are the ultimate in upcycling. I mean, you’ve got Dayroom Yellow, which is a Farrow and Ball
colour, that’s got to be great. You’ve got this Emerald
Green, which wasn’t brilliant, I don’t really want to name
what brand of paint that was. But you can upcycle them, I mean, surely there must be a
market for this somewhere. Everything’s upcycled now, isn’t it? You could have like, little spoon, big spoon, mummy spoon, daddy spoon. And the more paint on, the better. You could get it over your fingers and spread it around,
maybe sand it down a bit, put a little bit of chalk
on it, and then, of course, you could sell the maintenance packages to go with the upcycled
paint stirrer sticks. You could sell the waxes. Or you could actually just
get, like a, maybe a lacquer? You could have like,
upstirrerpaintstirrersticklaquer.com upstirrerpaintstirrerstick.com. What would it be, wax? And then, of course, you’ve
got the upcycled brushes. I don’t think you could dust your pastry in Shoreditch with it, do your croissants, but I’m sure there must
be a use for it somewhere. And then, the ultimate would be the upcycled paint kettle, paint bucket, what would you call this? I don’t know what it would be. What could you do with that? I suppose you could
carefully drill some holes in the bottom of it and then you could use
it for growing things and you’d have all that colour. I mean, you’d got to make
sure that it’s water-based, non-voluble paints because, obviously, but I tend to use
water-based paints anyhow. Yeah, the yellow, the
green, you could have this, and you could have like
three or four of them in Hoxton, Shoreditch and
other areas can apply. Yeah, it would be great. I think somebody’s missing
a trick not doing this, not upcycling these painting things. Shall I run an auction
for my upcycled overalls? Or my bib and brace? These would look good on somebody. Might be a bit big on somebody,
depending on who it was but these are it. Just hang these over the
line and you’ve arrived. Your upcycled, recycled clothing. I mean, this has got paint, plaster, all kinds of great stuff all over it. Upcycling, when you get sick of it, you can take it down to the
charity shop then that’ll be it. No, seriously. This is the way forward,
upcycled painting materials. Surely somebody should do it. If nobody else does it, I
think I’m going to do it then. (upbeat music)

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