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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Can you make a video about waxing you car? what to use and how thanks your videos are great ive learned alot

  2. When I used to clean my Porsche I used an attachment on my garden hose that took the minerals out of the tapwater which gave me de-ionized water. No water spots if I missed drying it off.
    do you recommend that?
    Thanks Chris for your knowledgeable videos! Keep up the great videos.

  3. Chris we use pressure washers on cars (brand new still sitting on the dealership lot) from vans to vets to 150 000 dollar cars and I can honestly tell you after washing 3-4 hundred a day it's all about volume of water you can use a pressure washer without worries you can't get right up to the paint or it risks peeling right off that's the only worry ours runs at roughly 2000 psi at 9gpm and a regular pressure washer is at around 3000-4000 psi at maby 2-3 gpm about the max of a garden hose, and also it's all about getting the dirt off before you scrub and a clean bush we don't dry we wash in direct sunlight not by hand we use a horse hair brush with a wooden handle say 5 feet long it stops you from rubbing your shirt and clothes on the car and scratching it and also using a large 8gal pale with a screen in the bottom will stop the dirt from getting on the brush no need for a second bucket and change water often

  4. Good advice generally. Except the T-shirt. If it’s a cotton T-shirt that’s been washed a few times, it is perfectly fine to use for applying wax, polymer or just drying off your car.

  5. I got my car steam detailed once, IMHO it was the best cleaning job my 98 Civic ever got. I didn't have to clean the car for months, nothing stuck to it and the whole car looked better than the day I bought her off the lot. No idea what other stuff he used to polish. He removed the labels from all of his cleaning products.

  6. Where's your snow foam ??? Gets the worst of the crud off before shampooing with the microfibre towel so you don't….scratch your paint !

  7. I actually like this vid. Thank u for taking the time out to make it. I'm deff gonna be on point at my next car wash.

    But u have to admit though, some of these comments are funny doe though. Lol….

  8. I use an electric leaf blower to pre-dry my car. Then use a waffle microfiber to hit the spots that remain wet. I have very hard water and you have to get it ofrf quickly.

  9. Good review and great advice. Mistake No: 11 it’s easy to make sarcastic and pathetic remarks by keyboard warriors sat on the toilet with their device whilst watching this. And most likely do not own a car and/or if they do they are bunch of lazy arse. Need to have respect for anything you own and look after it the right way like you would do to yourself but then again those may not hence their attitude towards life in the first place. I’m just saying. Just give a little respect and may get some back.

  10. My problem is that I live in an apartment and therefore don't have access to a hose in order to wash my car myself, so I have to go to car washes. Also, if I'm not supposed to use Armor All on the steering whell, then what should I use to clean it?

  11. Am I going crazy? Everyone I know IRL goes through automatic car washes and doesn't think twice about where they put their car and their paint is just fine. Now I'm hearing all sorts of stories of people online suffering from peeling paint (not their fault), clear coating bubbling up, and stressing the need to gently handwash a car. What is going on?

  12. I’ve watched all your videos, what I learned is soapy wooder and sanding paper fix anything. So why not cleaning it with these? 😂

  13. hey Chris, what's your knowledge on windex and newspaper for any window/mirror? I just started using that "trick" and it's been working like a charm for my parents and mine own vehicles.

  14. I would disagree with the never use a car wash segment. Yes it can cuase scratching. However buffing out scratches it less work then a dirty and if you live in a winter climent. Salty under carriage.

  15. Can u make a video on how to build a car from scratch with parts you can find around the neighborhood? (Frankencar) Thanks

  16. The Car Wash… what’s your suggestion when the season is non-stop cold? I am not able to touch my car for months and then it gets worse with salt accumulation.

  17. What do you suggest for a steering wheel and shifter? Just soapy wooder? I have a leather steering wheel and one would think I need to use leather conditioner on it to keep it supple

  18. Thanks man! Today, I had two clean two 2017 Nissan Rogue’s. Black and White. I did most of these mistakes with using a wax and not wiping it and just using a hose and doing it in the direct sun. I’m going to use these tips for tomorrow when I go to re-clean it

  19. Somewhat off topic question, however what do you recommend for removing snow from your car? Is there a snow brush that you recommend that won't scratch the paint? Thanks brother.

  20. I have always washed my car like I wash myself, start at the top. Microfiber cloths are awesome and cheap you can but two for a dollar at Walmart.

  21. Hey THANK YOU for sharing your expertise Chris!! FYI The DollarTree stores in AZ have 3 pack micro fiber towels for $1 but DON'T use their auto washing products i .e Tire/wheel cleaner or liquid waxes ect . Stick with trusted brands!

  22. The sum of the video

    1) taking the car to a car wash
    2) washing your car in direct hot sunlight
    3) washing your car with dish soap
    4) not using lubricant after a wash
    5) never use sponge, paper towel, or t shirt
    6) clean and wash the car top to bottom not bottom to top
    7) cleaning in a swirling direction
    8) using one bucket to clean the car
    9) dropping the towel on the ground and using it
    10)using slippery products on steering wheel, gas/brake/clutch pedal and the shifter

  23. Don't use 2 buckets . . .
    Instead, use a fertilizer hose attachment (that is commonly used for fertilizing gardens).
    You can just spray the soap on and switch to spraying with water.
    It's also easy to rinse the cleaning towel with the hose.

  24. Top mistake, not getting OptiCoat and using ONR all the time. Also, not using something to lubricate while drying, like instant detailer.

  25. What’s wrong with using a sponge vs microfiber? I have been using a large, What I thought was a car washing sponge, for years now.

  26. Great video, but I deal with bird crap without doing it at all. Birds eat little rocks that help their digestive process, and over time they break down small enough to pass through. So I just flood the spot with water and avoid scratches.

  27. He forgot to remove the tag on the microfiber towel when washing the car… Also I’d prefer using a super soft microfiber mitt instead of a towel

  28. Thank you for the very detailed video (actually all your vids I've watched are very thorough). Now I have the choice of how well I want to treat my car. I'm hoping you have something on interiors, as well.

  29. Mistake #1 don't use a bucket or a wash rag
    Mistake #2 don't use swirl motion (always straight lines from the front to the back)
    Mistake#3 don't use brand name car soap use Ivory diluted 20 to 1 fill a empty dish soap container with a finger level of soap fill to the top with water shake. Turn hose on mist hold bottle above hose outlet soap up your car / rinse/ hop in car take it up to 80 to 100 mph air drys perfectly/ stand back and enjoy the shine show.
    Mistake#4 don't use Meguiar anything

    My car surface only gets touched by hand once or twice per season the only time you need to touch the surface is when your applying Mothers Car Care Cleaner and Wax Products.

    It takes roughly 5 min's to wash the whole car 10 minutes to air dry it.

  30. Washing mistake, using a nozzle to rinse the car. Turn hose on low and keep the hose close to the car to reduce splashing. Let the water sheet off. This will reduce your drying time.

  31. Top Tip #2 ???? 5:06 "snap it out to get out any loose rocks or dust or whatever" I'm pretty sure you're doing something wrong if you have "loose rocks" in the towel you're using to wash your car!
    My Tip: NEVER EVER use a "towel" to wash the surface of your car!!!! That's why there are special brushes that DO NOT hold the contaminants that you want to remove. Any towel/sponge/etc. "holds" the abrasive dirt and will subsequently cause fine scratches as you move it in any direction.

  32. my mom just bought a used very low mileage car that has been to many carwashes and damn those microscratches are annoying otherwise the car is perfect but yeah dont go to carwashes

  33. A mistake I see all the time is when people use a lot of pressure on their towel/wash mitt/wash sponge while cleaning. All it takes is the pressure used to keep the mitt from falling off the car to clean it. A lot of pressure will definitely scratch your paint no matter how careful you are. Another mistake I see is when people clean one part of their car with too many wipes
    If it doesn’t come off on the first wipe move on and you can come back to it with more lubrication with water. If you scrub a spot you’ll definitely scratch the paint.

  34. Seems like a lot of jokes about this video. If you have ever detailed cars you would know putting swirls in someones paint can get you fired or paying for a new paint job… These are detailing tips, you need to pay attention to every little detail… If you dont care about scratching your paint, use sandpaper.. Just seems like people are ungrateful for the free information when a few years ago you had to actually learn from another tech.

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