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100 thoughts on “The Colors – Inside CHANEL

  1. Речитатив очень хороший для этого видео ,(как хип – хоп) ,но слаще , я в ВОСТОРГЕ <3

  2. why they keep mentioning coco chanel name? does she didn't get the royalti that she desreved? don't they treat her unkindly for what she had done and paved the way for?

  3. Love hearing the heritage and history of the brand. Attended a session in Chesterfield at Boots that went through some of this. Fascinating and lovely to hear that the brand is relatively small, true to itself and family led compared to some other brands.

  4. These videos are stunning – such gorgeous editing and graphic design. Obsessed with this entire Behind Chanel series

  5. Beautiful! I only wish the voice and its cadence were more enticing, it was too rushed to create a richness and intrigue that this ad deserves

  6. love the video but honestly sometimes i couldnt help bursting out cause she sounds as though she is rapping. swag!

  7. 黒は 喪服の色では ありません。
    いつも いつも おもっていた 。
    多彩な色彩は 華やかな気持ちにさせてくれます。 おひとりおひとり お好きな色彩がありますけれど、似合う色デザインはまた 違うのかもしれませんが。
    穏やかな気持ちにさせてくれます^ ^

  8. They just released the soundtrack of the entire Inside Chanel series! It's on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/inside-chanel-original-motion-picture-soundtrack/id1294804212

  9. If you think about it again this advertisement would be quite creepy if it were just some person OBSESSED with Coco Chanel

  10. Thank you ! Classic Karl ~ Jennie ~ for any Artists everywhere ~ especially textile design ~
    Understand your REDS ~ Look at Color theory ~ Jennie
    Munsell is usually used I I use Johann Itten.
    My thoughts because I am extremely sensitive to color is not a scarlet unless you have the coloring that express's Chanel.
    Karl knows Color Theory to Perfection.

  11. After over 70 years still perfect Coco Chanel haute couture hand-sewn no sewing machine ever touched fabric it's called create keep it coming 🤗 oh by the way PS don't forget the Black sunglasses 😎

  12. "Men hate women who weep." For a woman so ahead of her times, I found this statement quite surprising coming from her.

  13. Lol uh okay so as far as the color beige is concerned black people aren't natural? Idk some of these are problematic

  14. Qué perfecto! Todo …me encantó la edición del vídeo y contenido 👌👏👏👏 very good job Chanel 👏👏👏👌🌟

    Negro. Blanco. Beige. Dorado. Rojo.
    Tus colores y tus
    Inspiraciones para diseñar crear y acer cosas hermosas que cambiaron muchas formas de pensar vestir usar y más.
    Fuiste una mujer increíble y más

  16. "Men hate women who weep?" Yeah and women are not going to hide their emotions in order to be liked by men, if a man can't handle me expressing natural emotions then I'll find a new man, NEXT !

  17. I cry with passion, rage and walk out with confidence when I see this video. I follow all her advices. Its timeless and incredible just the 2.5.5 and the chanel suit and No.5.
    I never cry publicly after reading her biography, instead apply my red lipstick. Its better when you keep your heels head and standards high!

  18. Beige isn't the only skin color 🙂. Also "men hate women who weep". It's not like every woman needs men to love her. Different people have different objectives in life.

  19. God punish you you little dreck I hope you sweep clean Africa and add a little color tone to it to fit the textile.

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