The BEST Art Supplies on AMAZON?!
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The BEST Art Supplies on AMAZON?!

Hey guys, like my new background? It’s all flowery. Anticipating spring. Alright, what are we doing here? What are we doing? Huh? Is that what you want to know? Today, I want to show you some of the best products that I have found on Amazon over the years. I was not paid to make this video, nobody told me to include their stuff in this video. This is stuff that I use. This is stuff that throughout the years, I have found, it works for me. Some of this is like really, really cheap stuff, really great alternatives to other art things that maybe cost a lot and some of these things are also very high-end products. I’m just gonna go through and show you what I use, what I like. I’m gonna link everything for you in the description for your convenience. Are you ready to know some of my deepest darkest art secrets and find out the things that I use? Was that creepy? Alright the first thing. I reviewed this recently in a video and it is Arteza watercolor paper. Dude, this stuff works wonders. I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff because it just wouldn’t justify how much I love this stuff. It is so thick and when you order it on Amazon you actually get two packs of this. Watercolor paper is so expensive, but this is really cheap, works like a charm. So this is one of my go-to art products. I’ve actually used a nice amount of this pad, . and I haven’t even had it very long. I just really love it. This mysterious box is almost empty because I have used most of what’s in it. These are prismacolor verithin pencils. I got them on Amazon a couple of years ago. If you could focus, I would really appreciate that. All right. Yeah, let’s bring it back into this world. I love them because one end is red and the other end is blue. I put these in my art bag use them on the go. I use them for sketching all the time. You’ve probably seen them in my videos, so much in the past, and I just I love them so much. I also use other variations of pencils like this. This is a Fabriano pencil. I got this while I was in Italy. These guys are pretty similar to the things I just showed you, except they come in two different pencils. These are pilot colori eno pencils. I got them in a set that came with pretty much the rainbow. I love these for sketching especially because these ones come with erasers. I actually like them a lot better than the prismacolor ones that I showed you especially because these have a grip, it’s a mechanical pencil and for sketching these are my favorite things to sketch with I would say. I think they’re really underrated people don’t really talk about them, but they’re great especially if you don’t like the Smearing of pencils specially when you do marker drawings, these just kind of dissolve into the markers. You don’t have to get all crazy and do other things, like erase. A lot of people either love or hate Moleskine sketchbooks. I don’t like regular Moleskine sketchbooks, I’ll be real with you guys, but Watercolor Moleskine sketchbooks are probably one of the best sketchbooks out there in my opinion because I love doing watercolor and gouache. So I fill these things so fast, not really fast, I lied, it takes so long to fill these for me, but I travel with them. I filled two of them so far and I need to order another one, because I’m out. Once again. This is a moleskine watercolor sketchbook. My absolute favorite. Following closely behind in my favorite sketchbooks of the world is this field artist sketchbook. This is also a watercolor sketchbook. Which is nice, the pages are very thick and this one is nice because it’s very small. I am one of those people that carries very small purses. I feel like I only need my cell phone and a wallet. So, this little guy can slide right on down into my purse and fit perfectly. These dirty, nasty looking brushes are actually fantastic. They look really gross and stuff right now because they’ve just gotten a lot of love over time. They’re called my Artscape brushes. They come in a huge set on Amazon and a carrying case and I got these, I don’t know, a year or two ago. They are my favorite paint brushes. They hold up very nicely. They’re very affordable. I just really love these. If you don’t have a big budget, and you want nice paint brushes and a lot of them, I would suggest myartscape brushes because you can get what is it like seven paint brushes for $13 or something like that. I don’t know, but they have other sets too, 12 brushes for $15, I think, I don’t really remember prices, But I’ll just link below if you are interested. So, I got these before I got married. I got them probably as a junior in high school. Maybe a sophomore. That’s why my name still says Miranda Bowman on here because I was not married yet. I’m Miranda Byler now. These are Fantasia colored pencils and before I could afford Prismacolors, This is what I used. Some of them are missing now, but I actually still use this set. It doesn’t really look like I’ve used it a lot, I know, but I actually don’t use colored pencils a ton anyway. These are phenomenal colored pencils, and they are so cheap for 36 pencils. You really can’t beat it, so if you have a low budget. I would suggest these. They layer very nicely. They’re super pigmented, and I love them. The tin, I don’t think looks like this anymore. I was doing some research. I think it’s a red tin now. That’s how old these are but I love them so much My handwriting is so gross. I just made this piece with these markers. They’re Ohuhu markers. They look just like Copic markers, and I love them. They blend very nicely. I think if you’re on a budget, maybe Copics don’t fit your budget. These are really a great alternative. I’ve been using and doing cool stuff, and this is what I did recently. This is probably the most obnoxious Pallet, I ordered a couple of these pallets on Amazon and there by art advantage and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like the paintbrushes that came with it. They kind of shed and they’re pretty low quality, but this pallet is So awesome. It’s huge. If you want to feel like that classic artist that sticks your thumb through the pallet and holds it while you paint, This is really sweet. I like this because I like to use wood pallets or glass pallets for my oil painting. Alright guys. If you know me, you know I love gouache paint. This is the box that I started out with. It is the primary color set and this is still my go-to guys. I have a couple other colors now my collection has significantly expanded over time, but this is what I started with and I love it so much. I need to order another box actually because I am running out. As you can see, these tubes are, yeah running out. gouache is my favorite medium. I really like Winsor & Newton gouache, I just love the feel of it. I think they have really amazing quality paint for an affordable price. Alright, this little dude is a blank Copic Sketch marker. I have been really into experimenting with mixing my Copic inks lately and creating my own colors. You can get these on Amazon, and that’s where I’ve been ordering mine, because I don’t feel like driving 30 minutes to blicks just to get two of these at a time. I think I’m gonna do another video with these soon. I have other color ideas now and other ways to try mixing my colors. I can’t wait to do that. I know you guys saw me review these in a previous video. These are Arteza fineliners. I honestly don’t think I have met a fineliner as good as these. This is a really amazing set. It comes with three different trays full of colors. 72 colors. it’s an insane amount. And they work, so well. I am very impressed with these. I feel like fineliners can be very pricey, So I never really venture into the world of colorful fineliners. I usually just get black ones, keep it simple but, this has very much revolutionized my opinion of fineliners. Last but not least. I’m not even sure if these are on Amazon anymore. However, I know you can get them pretty cheap, pretty much anywhere. These are Gelly rollers. This is what it looks like people always chew me out when I try to say Sakura or whatever, so I’m just gonna let you read it. This is like the secret weapon for all art youtubers. They really love this. I really love it. So there you go. Hey, buddy come back to me focus, focus. Boom. Oh hey, we’re back. Hey, we’re back. Well like I said, this is just stuff that I use, nobody is telling me to make this video. It’s something that I wanted to make for you because I know finding art supplies on a budget can be difficult. Finding good art supplies on a budget is even harder. So I just wanted to be real with you guys, show you some things that I think are good personally. Some of it might work for you, some of it might not. We’re all different as artists. So because I included this stuff in this video, it means I actually use it and I like it and I think it is good enough quality that I should tell people about it. There might be people out there who could use new watercolors or colored pencils, but maybe they’re on a budget. So I hope this helps you decide things maybe gives you ideas of stuff to try out. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you liked this video. Oh, look how cute this is guys. Can we just talk about this? This is melting my heart.

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100 thoughts on “The BEST Art Supplies on AMAZON?!

  1. Just wanted to say I get lots of feedback because I show supplies used, & just like you ummm we buy so we can use them as artists… crazy riiiiiight!?

  2. Personal opinion on ohuhu- if you have money to spend for markers, i would not recommend them. After lots of use from the markers as intended, lots of the tips have frayed out to be unusable wastes of money. Also they usually don't blend very well. You must color quickly or you'll get an uneven color. And last but not least they have a huge bleed. They'll bleed around a centimeter out on very nice marker paper. Not recommended, way better things to buy.

  3. I seen a few of my favorites in this video. May I suggest trying Pilot Frixxion pens or markers. They're erasable with friction or a blow dryer. (you can bring the ink back with cold air) Works great with sketching, I'll color the picture and blow dry the lines away. They work well for highlighting notes or books and erasing it.

  4. Yesss I have had about 100 bucks worth of supplies in my cart and couldn't find what was best though the reviews 😂

  5. “You don’t have to get all crazy and do other things, like erase.” IM DYING. =>.<= yes, yes, erasing IS crazy. EVER ONWARDS!!

  6. Right now prismacolor 72 is on amazon for $25.56, which is only a few more than the Fantasia 36 set. When I bought my prisma’s they were at least $60 😱 not saying anything against the Fantasia as I would LOVE to try them, but prismacolor has gotten so much cheaper than it was!

  7. Here’s a small thing- if you like a specific mechanical pencil barrel, you can buy lead of the pencil type that you want, in the pencil’s size.

  8. I've got the sakura gel pen but I honestly have to say I don't like it ;-; It's just too transparent most of the time. I don't know how other people do it, but that pen seems to hate me. Really interesting video though!

  9. The 36 pack of Fantasia colored pencils are almost double the cost of a 48 pack of prismacolors on amazon…

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  11. I was wondering what you would suggest for a brand or type of gouache for beginners? Should I use "regular" gouache or "acrylic" gouache like the holebin acyla? Thank you!

  12. Just an FYI ~ Arteza Watercolor paper is currently unavailable at Amazon.  They do not know when or IF they will be getting it back in.

  13. I loooove those Pilot Eno Colored Pencils for sketching. I always end up using the soft blue with the deeper blue(?) because they sort of have a real “glow” when paired together! Great video! You’ve inspired me!

  14. Best art supplies video that work for you, some cheap to high end but you cant remember prices?? Thanks for all your help.

  15. The patterning on the skin of your hands is interesting. Vitiligo or just interesting genetic chance? Sorry, weird reaction I have no doubt. I just keep finding myself mesmerized by your hands is all XD Unique traits always do that to me. ANYWAYS! My attention span being that of a gnat aside, thanks for doing this video, always great to see what tools are out there. . .I had no idea there were pencils that dissolved into the markers. . .Imma have to grab some of those.

  16. Thank you for sharing! I like General's charcoal pencils, and they are inexpensive. I also love Staedtler color pencils they are a great buy and great high pigments. For artist soft pastels I adore the Dick Blick brand, they are buttery soft yet they hold together well, great pigment and light fastness. I'm a snob when it comes to acrylic paint, it's Golden all the way. Unless it just playing around, then it's craft paints. Windsor Newton are a pretty good water color, and quash. My top favorite watercolor are Peerless watercolors, not cheap…the films last a long time. BTW, you can get a lot more mileage with great paper. Great video!

  17. Thank you for sharing what you like. I am a fairly new artist. However, I am not young, and only in the past year have I discovered my love for art. I loved it as a child, but an art teacher in 8th grade sucked my confidence and love from art. I am getting it back now.

  18. Oooh, I'm excited about the Ohuhu markers…I've always wanted Copics, but the price made my wallet scream in terror. 😆 Thanks for the rec!

  19. They may be cheap for you Americans but the shipping costs 3947382x more expensive than the products itself here

  20. Please, can someone answer me this question….. What to go for? The Pilot Color Eno or the Verithin pencils? Anyone?

  21. my mom's kinda boifriend (not ma dad) is ordering something on amazon, and he said if we (me and ma sis) want to order something at the same, what would you recommend?

  22. you may have to keep in mind, cheap paints or canvasses are not archival. If you’re not interested in selling, then it’s great for practice. That water color paper and others are really good prices! Excellent review! Colored mechanical pencils, I love drawing with mechanical pencils. Great review. The only problem is that I ordered a battery operated eraser a year ago from Amazon, and I still don’t have it! Not fun.

  23. The verithins are wonderful! I've always used them for editing manuscripts, and never thought to put them in an art bag. DOH!

  24. in japan we use those blue and red pencil for school and normally so um…they are really cheap and can find them anywhere lol! XD

  25. cool video! thanks for sharing…definitely gonna have to do another amazon shopping spree soon! also just wanna say ur silly personality (especially with ur little heart at the end…made me laugh 😁)just got u a new subscriber…MEE!! 🙆🙆🙆

  26. I bought the Arteza Fineliners and I agree they are awesome! Fun video, thanks for sharing!

  27. I absolutely love your channel mira, I aspire to get as talented as you one day!! I've only just started my channel and I've got a long way to go but I hope to be as successful!!

  28. I am so happy with your video because i had very good art supplies 9 years ago but then my house burned and i lost everything! I had my paint and pencils from Faber Castell and Koh I Noor and Rembrandt oilpaint (i had a good job and i've got a lot for my birthday etc) ! I had a super depression and couldn;t and don;t wanted to paint or draw anymore and started with crochet which i also love! But now i am starting up again with buying new art supplies (with a budget bc i don't have a good job anymore just enough to live! i really love those water brushpencils and aquarel very much i didn't do that very often in those days! But it is very hard for me to find good and not to expensive materials! I am living in the Netherlands in a small city and they have just 1 small art shop which is ofcourse asking the highest price for even the worserst pencils! I never bought something at Amazon or Arteza (never heard about that name eather) But i hope i will enjoy it just as much as you do! Thank you for your advice. Really it's a complete disaster if everything you made and what you loved has burned! If you know more good markers, (i never worked with them) i did everything with aquarel but most of the time i was doing oilpaintings! But i don't want that no more for some reason! Thank youl greetz Sas

  29. Yea I bought myself at least $300 worth of art supplies for Christmas including two expensive paint sets and this probably will cause me to spend more

  30. My absolute favorite sketchbook is Illo off of Amazon. I've seen that you've used one before but just wanted to say I love the illo sketchbook

  31. I love the artilicous paint brushes and i got 50 of them for almost $14 i think but i know it was a great price

  32. I’m have a budget around 170 witch is a lot but a lot from my birthday and here’s what I got found haven’t got it yet cause I’m selling something and my bday btw

    1 80 super markers
    Around 40 dollars
    2 80 touch new markers around 30-40
    3 touch new skin tones
    4knock off microns 16
    17 dollars
    5 gelly rolls 3 pack
    3-4 dollars
    Wooden human model 8 dollars
    Thats all I remember I found these all on amazon wait also water colors 36 colors and 12 paintbrushes 14 dollars I’ll put links in the reply’s lol

  33. Have and love a couple of these products. Colored mechanical pencil lead & the watercolor moleskine sketchbooks are wonderful! I have a smaller moleskine watercolor booklet and it's so convenient, haha. I need to get larger ones, at some point. They actually handle other mediums pretty well, too. I like to mix media types, especially watercolor and copic (and sometimes colored pencil or gouache), and I find that the paper they use actually manages to handle water from the watercolor with very little lasting buckling, as well as not sucking all the ink out of copic markers, somehow. Oh, & heck yes @ other people making custom copics! I gotta put my "recipes" up some time. Fun stuff.

    Thanks for the video!

  34. AH OHUHU MARKERS. We have the same ohuhu marker set lolz. And I just got a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook!!! ITS FRICKIN FANTASTIC!!!

  35. Not sure if its just the gouache I have but I really don't like it. I feel like it drags on the paper and just doesn't work well for me. Would it be worth getting higher quality guache?

  36. Hey, fair and warning to everyone, they've really changed the Ohuhu markers and they're not great anymore at least by my measurement.

  37. Australia officially sucks! I just looked up the MyArtScape brushes because I’ve been looking for recommendations on brushes and they’re $48 for 7 here 😭

  38. I’m thinking of buying
    S some gouache how much is it and what would you recommend?😁🤗🐜🏵🎨🌮🌮🍀🎍🍄🌴🌳🌱🍃🌿🎋🌾🌹🍁🍀🎍🌲🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵


    The best lead like, ever is the dollar store Promarx lead. It’s SUPER good. I think it only comes in 0.7 lead tho but it’s flipping great. I don’t have a dollar store in my country so every time I go there I buy like 10 packs of 5.

  40. I had nice, juicy Sakura gellies, but they got old and went dry. When I bought new ones, I could barely get the ink out. Yuck! (Purchased on Amazon, btw. I just can't recommend.)

    Love Prismacolor and now that I know just how cheap Ohuhus are, I'm considering trying them out! Thanks for the reccommendations!

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