Spider-Man Web Shooters | Cardboard DIY with Template
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Spider-Man Web Shooters | Cardboard DIY with Template

Hi everyone, I’m Stephen and today I’m using cardboard and an old pen to make DIY Spider-Man web shooters from the movie Far From Home. If you’re curious please subscribe, like this video, and let’s get to it! To start off I’m just using my hand and wrist to sketch out the general shape onto poster board. I keep sketching and taping pieces together until I cobbled together a shape that I liked. And don’t worry I made a template so anyone who’s watching could also make these web shooters at home with the finalized shapes. Anyway, this shape is the base for the web shooters. So it was now time for me to start on the first layer of the details. I traced the little finger button portion again, and then this time I made it a little bit smaller so I would glue it on top of the base layer just to give it an added layer of detail. For the details that run along the wristband of the web-shooter, I traced the strap onto some poster board, cut it down to size, and then drew in the shapes. The wristband has five boxes with a curved design that looks kind of carved into it. I’d also like to point out that the top edge of the wristband layer should have a wave-like edge, which is probably done to mimic a spiderweb. When I did that I realized the web-shooter should be a little bit longer down my forearm so I backtracked a little bit and just taped on another piece of cereal box cardboard to make the template piece a little bit bigger. The web-shooter should be thicker than the cereal box cardboard so in order to solve that problem I just cut out and glued together two of the base layers and then two of the wrist layers. Doubling it up not only makes the layers thicker, but it also helps keep them a little bit stronger and prevent them from ripping. When those layers are glued together I cut out the wrist band design piece by piece and then glued each piece on. I only did one layer of these designs instead of doubling it up like the other two sections that I just finished. The reason I built it like this is because the different layers will make the web-shooters visually interesting and look less like cardboard. The more neatly cut layers that are on the web shooters, the less likely it’ll just look like a bunch of cardboard that’s glued together. Anyway, I took my time with gluing and I tried to give all the cardboard pieces a curve as I glued it. Since it will go around my wrist it’s best to help it curved now than to try to bend it after all the glue is dried and hardened. I found that using super glue worked a lot better than hot glue, so definitely get some super glue for this project. After I super glued the wrist designs on, I then glued the wrist button down. To help give the bottom of it just a little bit of a lift I used a small piece of corrugated cardboard that was cut to fit it in order to just bump it up. I then cut out a bigger piece to cover up the ends of this little finger button. Once again, this just gives the web-shooter an additional layer that helps it look a little bit more interesting once it’s painted. In order to keep these cardboard web-shooters on my wrists I got hook-and-loop from the dollar store and cut the strips into the size that I needed. The strips were self-adhesive but I was still able to move them around until I got it positioned and the exact spot that I wanted. This is what they look on like right now. Okay. So now I need to figure out how to build up the section of the web shooters that run down the forearm. I decided to build a little makeshift box out of more cereal box cardboard. This took a couple tries until I got something that I liked, but I was patient and it ended up working out. In the pictures, the bottom of the web-shooter looks curved so I just drew out a little shape to make a little curved box for the bottom half of the web-shooter. This time around I use hot glue to glue it into place. Just a reminder – all these shapes are included on the template that I linked to in the description of this video. I’ll also go over everything in the second half of this video when I make the second web shooter with that template. Anyway for the nozzle that would shoot out webs on the actual prop. I just took an old pen and cut off the top. I know they have big fat pens that have chrome caps out there but I decided to just use what I have and make it work instead of going and buying a shiny pen. Anyway, I snipped it off and I just wrap some paper around it to make it a little bit thicker so it was easier for me to glue on. You probably won’t need to do this if you use a thicker pen but I just wanted to explain what I did. I decided to add a little curved piece of cardboard to help hide the bottom portion of the pen, so it looks like this. Okay, so you might have been wondering why there’s a hole in the middle of the box. That’s because that’s where Spider-Man’s web cartridges will go. I first took some scrap corrugated cardboard and glued two little rectangles on top of each other inside the box so it looks like this. These shapes aren’t on the template because they’re literally just scraps. So after that, I cut out six rectangles from the cereal box cardboard and glued four of them on top of each other. The fifth one I cut in half and glued on top so it looks like there’s two separate pieces. I then added a very small piece of cereal box cardboard about third of the way up the cartridge. Then I took the sixth rectangle, cut it in half, and then glued it…lining up that tiny piece of cardboard at the top of this strip. Once dried you can slide them right in and it’ll rest right on top of that scrap corrugated cardboard. To take it out you just push down on that little raised up section and it pops right out. After the cartridges were glued together I was basically done with the first web shooter but I decided to add a little design on the side of the box just to make it a little bit more visually interesting. I just sketched out the design then traced it onto some cereal box cardboard, cut it out and super glued it on. I then added a very thin strip of cardboard to cover the seam where this design meets the box. This thin strip isn’t on the template because it was a little bit too thin for me to actually trace. But…with that glued in place, the first web shooter is done! Okay with the first one done now I’m going to briefly go through the steps on how to use the template I made in order to make the DIY cardboard web shooters for yourself. Everything is cereal box cardboard unless otherwise specified. First cut out two of the base layers. Glue them together. Then cut out and glue two of the wrist layers. Glue the doubled-up wrist layer onto the base layer. Once again, it’s easiest to glue together if you curve them now rather than later and use superglue. Cut out the button designs. The shorter piece that looks like a “U” should be cut from the corrugated cardboard and the longer piece will just be cereal box cardboard. Glue these together and then glue them onto the base layer. Cut out the wrist designs and glue them on to the wrist. Cut the hook-and-loop, aka velcro, to the size that you want and stick onto the base layer so that you can close it comfortably around your wrist. Cut out and glue on the layer that you want to build your box off of. Cut out the box, bend the sides down, and carefully position it into the middle of the piece that goes down your forearm. Hot glue it on, as well as the little curved end piece that you also bent and glued. For the cartridge, glue 4 of the big rectangles on top of each other. Then glue 2 of the thinner rectangles on top of that with a little gap in between them. Glue a very small scrap of cereal box cardboard about 1/3 of the way down. Then we want the remaining two thinner rectangles using that tiny piece as the top. Trim the bottom of these so they fit in the hole in the box. Hot glue two pieces of scrap corrugated cardboard inside the hole. Glue in the top of the pen and the curved piece of cardboard to cover the bottom half of it. Cut out the designs for the side of the box and glue them down. You might need to adjust these depending on where your box is positioned on the web-shooter. Add a thin strip of cardboard to cover the seam between the design and the box, if you want. Okay, so with both of them done it’s now time to paint! I gave everything two coats of black craft paint, then I mixed together some black craft paint with some metallic silver craft paint in order to paint on some of the design work so the designs would be a little bit more noticeable. I’ll finish it up by painting the cartridges red and the pen caps and silver. Let me do that on the back the finished product! [music] So there you have it! DIY Spider-Man web shooters made from cardboard and an old pen. The velcro keeps them closed and I really liked how they turned out. The different layers and the paint job almost makes it look like metal and I like how the cartridges can pop out. I think it makes it more fun to play with when you can interact with your prop. Oh! And I hope everyone likes the template. It was my first time drawing one out and I made it because a viewer requested the template in my last video. Anyway, please let me know what you think in the comments below and if you liked having a template to use. I’d love to hear from everyone. I’d also love it if you would subscribe to my channel and like this video. Thanks for watching and talk to you soon everyone. Buh-Bye! Pew pew pew! Spider-Man!!!!

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