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Self-Healing | Chrysanthemum, Tea, Watercolor Painting, Everyday Life

Autumn is almost here. I bought a chrysanthemum on my way to the studio Pretty vintage chrysanthemum First, cleaning up the leaves I don’t need Just looking at it makes me feel really happy Preparing a cup of tea for me before I draw Today’s tea is also chrysanthemum tea 🙂 Unfolding the painting tools
while the tea is getting ready Working hard on sketching with the tea Chrysanthemum tea calms me down The first coloring is always exciting Carefully painting the petals Painting a dark color between the bright colors
accentuates the flower I like this moment Paying attention so that the picture doesn’t get muddy Even the less blooming flowers are so pretty Green leaves can be as beautiful as flowers, too. Today, I had a precious time
painting the autumn flowers Thank you for watching this video 🙂

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