S1 Artist Day Jobs: Emily Lynch Victory – Painter/Math Trainer
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S1 Artist Day Jobs: Emily Lynch Victory – Painter/Math Trainer

Understanding math is important to me
just as, like, a personal thing that I’m obsessed with.
Just simply to, like, just have a better understanding of all of my curiosities, I
think. I’m just obsessed with numbers and patterns,
mainly. Like, if I know you, I would probably know your half-birthday. You
know, different dates like, my kid was born on a prime number day I like to
call it. I was married on a prime number day. And not that I plan
those things out, obviously, but I just like to be mindful of it. I recognize
patterns that’s like what I’m going through life looking for, I think. Patterns. so welcome has anyone used our materials
before nice why you stay teach math for a few years and I absolutely loved it
but my nights were spent correcting and making you know lesson plans for the
next day it restricts my time for art so I work for a math publishing company in
Minneapolis where I do professional development so if a school district buys
materials I go and train the teachers and administration’s and that fulfills
my teaching need okay so you can kind of map out your class like that
and use this chart however you so we publish materials made for those
students that don’t get math in like the typical math classrooms the way that you
were taught probably was just with the numbers and symbols and if those if you
have no meaning in your head or nor picture in your head of what that what
that actually does what that means well then it’s gonna be really hard I think
you can learn a different way and that’s where my job really interacts
with my artwork this ones probability so if I flip an even card it’s the color
pearl if I slip an on card it’s copper and a face card just sailing and I slip
and it’s even so it gets and then it’s a face card so it gets nothing it’s weird
because I haven’t really approached anyone and said like hi I’m Emily I’m an
artist I don’t see myself as an artist even I just am like a problem solver so
I think when everyone thinks it’s crazy that math and art together and and for
me it’s not because it’s mainly about the math and then the art is how I do
that math so here there are days where I just write numbers what I mean seriously
my high school teacher always said there’s like the right way to do the
problem and then there’s Emily’s way I didn’t follow exactly probably the most
efficient way to get an answer I just had to figure it out for myself
well this one is geometry of art in life and it’s just filled with crazy good
stuff I literally take out my old math textbooks from high school or college or
my old tests and things and I try to rework problems so that I could see how
they actually worked not just the numbers totally the symbols in abstract
portion but actually pictures of what math means because then I can remember
it better I ain’t ‘add this one it just looks like
these gridded squares in this pattern and it was actually the number system in
base three it makes this beautiful pattern and I did it in these columns
and it just looks very calming and peaceful and meditative and then I also
took that painting and it kind of looked like music so then I assigned each of
the squares and no atomic on the piano it would be rest rest rest no rest rest
rest two knobs rest rest rest problem-solving is kind of my passion
through art and especially art combined with math I could do that kind of
forever so it just never gets old I love the fact that I have two
different jobs the fact that I have this math profession and also have my art
side in like perfect harmony right now it’s like I feel really lucky if someone
was seeing my art in a gallery I wish that they just would say to themselves
wow this lady’s obsessed with crazy patterns or something like that and then
wonder to themselves like what is my crazy obsession like what would I
dedicate my time to if I had time and space in the little corner of a shed
what would be my thing

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