Pretty Distressed™ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Dark Wax Tutorial – Heavy Distressing (Part 3)
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Pretty Distressed™ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Dark Wax Tutorial – Heavy Distressing (Part 3)

okay I’ve completed my clear wax on
clear wax to this whole piece and I’ve lightly rubbed it down to make sure I
don’t have too much wax on it and now we’re going to move into dark wax
typically these dark wax I just do dark wax where I’ve distressed but for this
shabby look I’m basically going to use it all over the whole piece I’ll
probably go a little bit darker around my distressing pieces to make it look I
mean my distress area is swing it look a little bit more natural but I really
want this creamy and dirty and shadow so I’m going to use dark wax all over the
whole piece so for this portion I’ll need my a nice low and soft wax and dark
in my insolence off wax and clear and I’ll take a little bit of my clear first
just put it on my plate and that was like my dark wax and I usually do like a
three to one or four to one ratio with my dark wax so you definitely want a
bigger hunk of dark wax so there’s my dark wax there’s my clear wax and I’m
just going to mix them together so I have my clear wax all mixed and ready to
go I have my dark wax brush which is just a smaller wax brush I have some
extra fine steel wool that I’m going to use right after I put the dark wax on
this is what it comes in it’s extra fine so it’s grade triple zero if you’re
looking for it and then I have my t-shirt sheet or two shirt lint-free
cloth on standby to wipe down after I’m done so just like with the clear I’m
going to get some dark wax on here make sure I rub it in really good get the
excess off this parts really scary don’t be scared I’m going to start on my
drawer I’m going to pull this out I’m just going to go along the edges first really rivetting guys I’m going to
take my steel wool and go right over it I’m just one that I’m good so as you can
see the steel wool takes a lot of that dark wax off so don’t be scared as
you’re doing it there okay so I did it really dark on the edges like that and
I’m going to take my brush again and just again kind of wipe off the excess I
didn’t put any more wax on here so there’s not a lot of wax on it and I’m
just going to very lightly go over the whole drawer at this point just support
it a little better take my stool again and if there’s any point where you feel
like you’ve gone too far on distressing and you don’t like the way that it’s
looking take a little bit of clear wax on a cloth and just rub it and it’ll I
don’t let some of that dark but again like I said just push through because if
you want a piece that looks like the one that I had featured on my blog this is
exactly you have to do it we’re when I’m happy with what that looks like
then I’m going to take my cloth and just wipe it down so that I don’t have any
blobs so see the excesses come off I don’t want big hunks of wax because it
will take forever to cure and it will just make them
so again I’m just using really light pressure okay now I’m going to show you
how to do the side of the piece because like I typically said I don’t normally
distress or dark wax the side but for this look I am so again do your wife
dark wax start with the edges do down here do this stuff really dark appear
really dark side dark okay let me take my steel wool on them in ice and
blending that in and then I’m gonna take my wax brush again I didn’t I’m not
adding any more wax I’m going to kind of go lightly lightly lightly go over these
fence we’re gonna go in all different directions and I’m kind of rubbing
really lightly I don’t want this too heavy-handed great I’m going to take my
steel wool over that it’s been 24 hours since I completed my
dark wax so I came back and I buffed my entire piece with my lint-free cloth and
I went ahead and reinstalled my hardware that I spray-painted so you’re looking
at a completed piece next to the piece that inspired it I hope you guys enjoyed
this tutorial and I hope you have fun trying out this technique on your own
make sure you check out the description below for links to the products I use
during this tutorial and don’t forget to visit pretty distress comm for more
chalk painting tips and to see some of my work Happy Day me

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60 thoughts on “Pretty Distressed™ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Dark Wax Tutorial – Heavy Distressing (Part 3)

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  8. Love your tutorials, Christina. YOU inspired me to attempt my first restoration on a pair of ugly bedside tables that were headed for the trash heap. I followed your instructions and the results were lovely! I thank you for giving me a new-found love for turning trash into treasures. <3

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  19. I am following this method but my piece looks a bit splotchy in the middle. What am I doing wrong? Also…my steel wool is shedding and tiny little fibers are getting into my brushes and the wax. Eek!! I bought exactly what you said you use. What the heck.

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