Pentel Fude Brush Pens Unboxing Review
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Pentel Fude Brush Pens Unboxing Review

Let’s review these brush pens and here are the brush pens that I’ve got the two sizes that I’ve got here is a medium and a small I Wasn’t sure what size to get so I went ahead and got both of them Because I’d never used these before. I didn’t know what the sizing was like exactly So when I just got both of them couldn’t open these up and see what they’re like I’ll leave the link in the description of the video so you can find these pens as well They were only about five dollars for each of them so they didn’t cost that much It’s got a nice finish to it it’s a plastic body and to ink take a look at the ink reservoir in this Yeah, I can definitely hold a lot of ink in this pin This pin features a snap on a snap off cap has a plastic body These come and an assortment of sizes and colors the two that I have here this one has a gold trim on the plastic barrel and This one has a black Just going to open this one up This one has a gray body to it. And this one’s got a black body to the brush pin He’s got it in Japanese. I Can’t read what any of that says. So if there’s anybody out there that Can read that then let me know. I’m I hope I’m correct on the fact that it’s Japanese I’m pretty sure that it is these brush pens come with ink in them already So you don’t have to worry about refilling them, although these can be refilled I will be making a video on how to refill these two brushes and What ink to use for them now to use these pens the first thing you want to do? is to take this small plastic red ring, there’s around the barrel the pen take that off and Then once you have that off All you have to do is give the pen a few squeezes and the ink will flow from the body of the pen down to the end Go ahead and give this pin a test and see how it works. I Really like the way this pin work she can get really small detailed lines or you can go in and go bolder Now I’m drawing with these pens it does take some getting used to because you need a very light touch And I think that using these is going to help your hand control a lot and It’s going to help you be able to draw things more detailed and to really see things and shapes rather than worrying about Only the outlines of everything As you can see here I’m trying to do a quick little sketch of an eye and I’ve never used these pens before but the things that I really like about this is that I can really block in and get some shapes and really quick and I don’t have to worry about grabbing different sizes like with pencils or With different pens it allows me to draw things a lot quicker I’m not too worried about trying to make this look very realistic and mostly just experimenting here I’m going to practice with these pens some and try to improve my drawing with it and When I do I’ll mix them tutorials not a draw with these brush pens and I’ll give you some examples how to draw an eye a face Drawing abstract or blocking in different shapes so you can draw portraits Doodles, or maybe do some sketching or comic artwork? Although I’ve never really done any comic or Anime style of drawing I think that these I could improve on that and maybe one day I could do that So go ahead let me know in the comments below what you think of these pins if you have them and any tips you have about drawing with them and Any type of inks that you use the inks that I’m using for. This is a black India ink and you can get bottles of this for really cheap online and I like these pens. They’re pretty good for now Block in shapes and getting in small details Those going to take me some practice of getting used to drawing. They’re really fine details because of the Really small amount of pressure the sensitivity of the pen but I think that’s really gonna help your hand control and improve You as an artist when it comes to drawing things and realistically and rendering different shapes if you have all these pens, let me know what you think of them and I’m gonna go work on some drawing and until then you have a good day Hope you found this review and unboxing helpful, and I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you

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8 thoughts on “Pentel Fude Brush Pens Unboxing Review

  1. This video deserves more likes and a higher spot when searching for these pens. Concise editing & informative. 👌🏽

  2. Thanks for this demo! I’m looking to get one of these pens because they’re cheaper than the pentel pocket brush pens. There aren’t a lot reviewing these one exactly though. I’ve only started using brush pens this inktober with the micron ones. They give such nice and dynamic lines 🙂 I’m more convinced now to order my own haha! Thanks again for the review c:

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