Painting the Ceiling with Color
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Painting the Ceiling with Color

>>Schlotter: We talk about the ceiling a
lot. Think about it, when you look at the ceiling, what you would like to see? We see
a lot of people painting babies’ rooms blue because looks like the sky. It’s just an
opportunity to again engage your baby, when it’s little, with color. Again keep the colors
soft! In a boys room we typically go to blue. It
doesn’t always have to be blue; again it’s just a color that they like. It can be a green
it can be blue. My son’s black and gold for the Penguins, he wants to pull in a lot of
color. One of the recommendations they give for parents,
if you’re letting your child pick the color, is when they go on those stripe cards and
look at all the different colors and they’re way down here and it’s a really bright purple,
or a very very bright blue, just go about two or three shades up. They’ll never know
the difference, because color magnifies when you put it on the wall. So any color you choose, that’s down here
it’s going to look way bigger and way brighter and way darker on the wall. So if you go up
a couple they’ll be fine with those choices and you’ll like it much better too.

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