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Painting On Tshirts | Michaels

Don’t you just love it when the kids wear
t-shirts that they’ve made on their own? Well I’ve got some quick little tips to show
you on how that perfect t-shirt painting. First of all when you’ve picked out your
t-shirt one of things that you want to do is you want to make
sure that you’ve washed it and what that does is it removes
the sizing that’s in the shirt which will make it much easier for
the paint to adhere to the shirt So make sure you do that first. The other thing you
want use is a t-shirt board. If you don’t have a t-shirt
board or the shirt maybe you are using is bigger than the board just
put you can either put wax paper in between or some kind of piece of card board but
if you are going to use card board make sure you put some wax
paper or something over it. This actually is coated with
a little bit of wax paper because if the paint seeps thru you don’t
want it to stick to the cardboard and it will. So we’ve got our shirt all ready now there’s
lots of different kinds of paints that you can use for t-shirt painting I’m actually going to show you
this is just a self adhesive stencil that we are going to use on this shirt. Now the fun thing to do mom is
the kids love to paint shirts too and you know there is no
right or wrong in paint shirts so if you don’t want to use a
stencil just give them a shirt. Maybe they want to put their hand prints on
or spray paint or something like that So that’s a good thing to let the kids do too. This is just some soft paint and
again I’m just going to stencil I’m going to kind of use a scrubbing
motion here that we’ve done. We’ll pull off our stencil now this stencil
can be used again so just set it aside aside and you can wipe off the paint. And look what we’ve done
we’ve got a great little stencil. Now if you want to you can use dimensional
paint which this is another fabric paint paint and this comes in a bottle that you
are going o draw directly from the bottle. Now something to remember when you
are using these kinds of paints don’t shake them. Because what you do you is you
add air bubbles to the paint. So I usually just like to tap mine a
little bit which gets my paint down. So what I’ve done now now I’m going to draw directly out of my bottle and I’m just going to draw very slowly now when this paint is dry it is going to
stay raise and dimensional. Let it dry really well and these
are absolutely machine washable. And I suggest you turn them inside out
and wash them in cold water. So have fun with some stencil let the
kids have some fun with some paint. And you know what maybe you
don’t want to buy a new t-shirt jazz up an old that you have.

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