Painting Acrylic Colors on the iPhone Case!
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Painting Acrylic Colors on the iPhone Case!

Hi, I’m producer Ahn of Cocoon Story. Now I’ve been around a lot of places to buy an iPhone case, I can’t find anything I like What should I do? Then make one. oh! Today, I’ll design my own iPhone case by using acrylic paints. Some tools are needed to use acrylic paints. Let’s get ready now. I prepared some tools like this. Let me give you a little explanation. Gesso and varnish. What is Gesso? It is painted on a canvas before drawing. It’s just white paint. If you don’t paint this, the color of paints doesn’t come out well. So you have to paint it on the canvas. This is a varnish. For finishing touches. It makes the surface of the picture smooth and preserved well. You must varnish. These are acrylic paints. 12 colors acrylic paints. I bought the smallest set. I’ll use these brushes. This is an acrylic palette. After drying, acrylic paints don’t get wiped off with water. So I’m going to put a wrap in and use it. A bucket. And a spray. Spray water on the acrylic palette to prevent paints from hardening. Finally, tissue paper. Now we’re ready. I painted Gesso on this case in advance. This is what happens when you paint Gesso to a case where the design is printed. When painting Gesso, you need to apply multiple layers. I painted ‘Gesso’ and made a rough sketch. I drew one in illustration style. Let’s paint it. ta-da! I’m going to paint the background in gray because it’s a rainy landscape. Squeeze a little black on the palette. And mix a little blue with it. When water spots are formed, leave it as it is. After drying, they remain great marks. I’ll paint buildings in blue, trying ‘Phthalocyanine Blue’. This color is pretty. It is painted in blue to express a gloomy scenery of rainy day. I don’t know whether you notice, The background of this picture is New York. The building behind it is ‘Empire State Building’. Oh, it’s pretty! Why are you reacting like an unexpected result? I’m going to paint this man with brown paint. Acrylic paints dry very quickly, so the background has already dried. Now I’m done with painting this man, and I ‘ll paint the cat. First, Squeeze a yellow on the palette. Orange too. And.. Yellow ocher. Let’s mix some white. I’m using only one brush now, because … It’s annoying to change the brush. I’ll paint the pattern of the cat. Uh … It looks like a tiger.. haha. I’ve done all the coloring. Next, I’ll draw a border with a permanent pen. Let’s try it. Seems to be done. I’ll also draw a border of bag. The tone of ‘Empire State Building’ is different, right? I’ll change the color. Coloring is done! I hid the rough sketch by drawing a border. Completion ~! (clap) Finally, varnish. Varnish should be applied after the picture is dry. like this. It’s completely dried. Just take it as much as you need. You have to apply multiple layers. When applied, it appears to be covered with white, but when dried, it becomes transparent and invisible. I’ll do it one more time. To apply the varnish uniformly, put it on the end of the brush and apply it to the case. I finished the second varnishing, so the finishing touch is over. It’s more than I expected. how is it? is it look fine? I have done a few more designs besides this. These are also watercolor style too I painted it without drawing rough sketch. I have also drawn some illustrations. There is a design using oil painting techniques like this. Actually this is… this is a bit screwed up. Today, I designed my own case with acrylic paints. So far, I’m producer Ahn of Cocoon story. In ‘cocoon story’, we composed music, and inserted it into the images. The music is distributed free of charge to all of you. I composed the music inserted in this video. It can be downloaded here. What are you doing? I’m going to design iPhone case.

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16 thoughts on “Painting Acrylic Colors on the iPhone Case!

  1. Oh it's so pretty I only found one case in the store for my phone and it's not so pretty so I'll try your method lol.
    Also I really like the music and production of the video!

  2. Thank you for showing how to do it from the beginning to the end. I will try at home. Your painting is beautiful. Bravo :)🎉

  3. Very much nice and helpful video… Very much thanks for this GREAT 👑 👑 👑 Video 📹 📹 📹….. Will you please kindly tell me the name of these acrylic paint colours???

  4. Hi, so you only need to apply 2 layers on the finished picture is ok? How long does it keep the picture from fraying?

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