Painting a Purple Pumpkin Witch πŸ’œπŸŽƒπŸŽ¨ | Color with Me Ep. 10
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Painting a Purple Pumpkin Witch πŸ’œπŸŽƒπŸŽ¨ | Color with Me Ep. 10

– Hello hello hello, my friends. Kaitlyn here, and do you
love Halloween crafts as much as me? Or just crafts in general? Like, can we break out the
paints and chill, please? Uh yes, spooky crafting
(chiming jingle) and chill time! (spooky music) For some reason, Halloween and fall has become one of my
favorite times of year to do DIY and crafty things. Now I don’t know if this is
because I like the colors so much or just because it
involves glamorous witches, but whatever, I’m just gonna
embrace it and enjoy myself. Which means you guys get some
fun Color with Me videos. So I did my normal thing of checking out the holiday
craft section in Michael’s, where I ended up getting two crafts because, one, I just couldn’t decide, and two, they were just so cheap. Hashtag not sponsored but could be. First up, I’m going to paint
this witch jack o’lantern, which lights up. (gentle twinkling)
(giggles) Oh yeah, any time something lights up, I’m like, gotta buy that. It’s possibly an addiction. Then come back in a few
weeks and I’ll paint this light up Halloween wooden sign. So I’m just gonna use
regular acrylic paints and I have some glitter
too that I might use depending on how fancy
I’m feeling at the end. As far as color palette, I’m gonna stick with oranges and then purples and maybe bleeding into
some yellows and pinks because I want it to be
a very happy pumpkin. Let’s go! I’m gonna set this down before
I hurt myself or it. I’m already starting with being messy. (laughs) And it’s paint, it’s not blood, I swear. So let’s make some orange. (laid-back music) This I what we got,
yeah that looks orange. It looks a weird color
down here in my light. So let’s paint. (laid-back music) (laughs) Little orange pumpkin so far. Just gonna have to hold it ’cause I painted the bottom. Sometimes we don’t always
make smart decisions. Think we’ll do some purple. (bottle rattles) (laid-back music) So all right, here’s some nice lavender. Set up a secondary light so we could actually
see what I was painting. (gentle music) (gasps) Whoa ho ho. No no no no no. (grunts) Sorry. (gentle music) You know, these Color with Me videos are supposed to be fun and de-stressing. And they are in theory. Then I wait to do them late
at night on a work night and then I’m painting and I realize, oh yeah, paint takes a long time to dry, I can’t do this whole thing in one night. (groans) this is where we’re at so far. I think the hat is mostly done, and I want to do more weathering on the pumpkin part, but I really need to
let it dry all the way. I feel like I kinda messed
up the hat a little bit because I was being impatient. So, gonna let it dry. Gonna come back tomorrow. And hopefully finish this puppy up. So, let’s go to tomorrow. (whooshing) (laid-back music) (whooshing)
Ta-da! (laughs) Oh my gosh, guys. I didn’t expect this to be
as stressful as a project as it turned out to be. Still a little disappointed
because I got so impatient yesterday that you can see
underneath here is a bit messy, which I’m not very happy about, and I thought I could cover
it up with some orange, but it’s gonna take a lot of coats that I don’t have any
patience for tonight either, so we’re just, we’re gonna stop. It’s doing what I want it to do. (laughs) It’s got a cute little green mouth and it’s got some
sparkly stuff on its hat, so I’ve accomplished what I wanted. Sometimes with art,
especially with crafty art and art that you are doing
for personal enjoyment, decompressing, you really
sometimes just have to stop, to put the perfectionist part of yourself, the perfectionist gene aside and say “This is very beautiful, “it will look really cute in
my house, and we can stop now.” That’s your weekly wisdom from Kaitlyn.
(chiming jingle) Well thanks for hanging out and coloring with me today, guys. Let me know down in the comments what your favorite activity for getting into the
Halloween or fall spirit is. Plus don’t forget to
subscribe and hit that notification bell so you know
the moment there’s a new video. And as always, you can
check me out on all these other social media sites. I’ll see you guys next Thursday for another wonderfully spooky video.
Bye! (blows kiss) (giggles) (upbeat spooky music)

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7 thoughts on “Painting a Purple Pumpkin Witch πŸ’œπŸŽƒπŸŽ¨ | Color with Me Ep. 10

  1. 1.) Sorry for the blurry focus for the first half of the video. Autofocus fail on my cool Halloween lighting! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    2.) What’s your favorite activity to get you into the Halloween (or fall) spirit? Obvi, mine is crafting and DIYing! I'm making 2 #ColorWithMe videos for you guys this October, but I'm also doing some personal DIYing and apartment sprucing. What about you?

  2. Baking! I get a couple cans of pumpkin puree in October and bake a few pumpkin, gingerbread, nutty sweets during the months that follow. I also get at least one jug of apple cider and make wassail!

  3. Yeah, sometimes you just have to step back and say "It is what it is". And that's fine, the pumpkin looks perfectly ok as a Halloween decoration.

    Sir Finnegan had to come over and "help", didn't he?

  4. I love the Halloween backdrop and the pumpkin shirt. Also the pumpkin looks great it really pops when the light is on after you paint it.

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