Paintball Tips & Tricks : Paintball Gun Troubleshooting
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Paintball Tips & Tricks : Paintball Gun Troubleshooting

Hello, my name is Scott McKay. Today we’re
going to be talking about some very simple troubleshooting you can do on your own paintball
gun. Here we’re going to be working on a Spider TLR. We’re going to start with the air system
first, but if you’re unsure of an air system always consult an air smith. You always want
to make sure you have your CO2 bottle or air bottle disconnected before you start doing
anything in them because you’re dealing with high pressure. We’ll start the bottle itself,
you always want to make sure when you’re transporting the bottle, you’ve got a cap on it, not to
damage the threads, these are very brass and will get damaged pretty easily. You also want
to check on your O-ring to make sure it’s a good shape, replace every two or three times,
if you don’t you’re going to probably notice seeing some CO2 leaking out of this port usually
on the bottom of your fill. Any other things you may have to check for teflon tape around
these. That’s about the most that you’ll ever really want to do without consulting an air
smith if you’re not familiar with the type of marker you’re dealing with. Next we’re
going to talk about feeding the paintballs. Whether you have a gravity feed hopper or
an electric hopper, you’ll want to make sure you get a clean feed neck, good shape. If
it’s on top of a gun, not getting balls broke in it because that’s where you’re going to
start getting your jams from. Next thing is probably lubrication, that you do have to
tear the gun down a little bit, this is a spider, so most of the spiders are the same.
You’ll pop out your breakdown pin, pull out the cocking handle if it requires it, very
carefully pull the end cap off, pull your spring out, you’re going to have to use the
pin to pull the rest of it out and that’s where you get your bolt out. Your lubrication
points on these are all your O-rings, you want to make sure you get them, put some C
O P on them or there’s all types of O-ring oils out there at the shops. I even use a
light coat on my bolt of lithium grease that seems to last a lot longer, less wear and
tear on the gun is always good. Unless your barrel is on screw, you want to clean, I like
to take mine completely off soak it in some hot water for awhile to get that oil out.
There’s all types of swabs you can use a swab mount, there’s also an O-ring on that you
can oil up a little bit. It’s easy to clean the gun as you see through there with a brush,
with a toothbrush, get all the stuff you can out, there’s types of cleaners on the market
you can use. Good hot soap and water always works for me. If you don’t have a manual on
your marker, Internet or the company you bought it from is usually a pretty good place to
go back and get them from. As I say, if you’re unfamiliar with your gun consult a marker
smith or an air smith. Assembly is just the opposite of what you’ve just done tearing
it apart. You always want to make sure, usually your bolt will have a notch on it for the
detent which actually holds the ball from rolling down the barrel, so you want to make
sure you get that lined up correctly. Here again, there you go.

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52 thoughts on “Paintball Tips & Tricks : Paintball Gun Troubleshooting

  1. That's right Josey, killing people for no obvious reason is much more mature and intelligent than playing paintball for the fun and the skill of it.
    But please, at least get a .357, it's much more 'owning'.

  2. maybe hes just using that model as an example , i dont play paintball but i assume some models are more complicated then others ? :S

  3. Why do they always get the most knowledgeable people for Expertvillage. Most kids who play paintball know more than this guy.

  4. played paintball onse, fell in love forever!
    i go to a competition on EVERY DAMN WEEKEND! and its been almost a month since the last time, so i really miss it! =/

  5. sounds like u got too much pressure. ur HPR might be busted, and blown ur LPR and orings, solednoid, ect. not a fun fix. take it into ur local proshop

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  7. 1. Your reading my comment
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  8. i dont mind changing my orings its just its unclear what he means by "2-3 times", and you definatly dont need to change it after you play 3 times.

  9. if co2 is leaking out of the little hole on bottom of the paint ball gun would that be the o rings or the treads on the tank….some 1 let me know plz?? 🙁 🙂

  10. i dont know hik i just hate it when people leave comments like this when all people are trying to do is help

  11. co2 FAIL spyder FAIL…..balls broken that part made me laugh 1:19 all in all this guy is funny expert villiage seems to have some really dopey people like that dam mexican guy

  12. ok first maybe you want to have the words on the bottom of the screen some what close to what hes saying second its spyder not spider its not a bug 3rd NO DUR its not that hard to set up a gun that is set up before its put in the box and sent to wal mart

  13. @THEAIRSOFTMASTER5 Sorry, but you're far from right. You named your youtube name Theairsoftmaster, which reflects you are more familiar with airsoft and probably play woodsball using a lower end gun. I however, have been playing for 9 years and have owned over 12+ markers in that period of time, I know all aspects of paintball, not to mention I posted this comment last year so your a little late.

  14. I love how half the people that are commenting have absolutely no clue on how to maintain your gun.

    You do clean your barrel with soap and water.

    On poppets you can use oil.

    Who says this is his setup? They prolly are using it because it is here for newer players that have something similar.

  15. It's cool how people are so rude on hear..your the one looking up this video and ur mouthing why don't you just grow up and act your own age.

  16. why is my paintball gun leaking co2 when i screw in the tank and when i take the co2 tank out the tank is not leaking its through a little whole were u screw the tank in on the gun help me

  17. I have a spyder victor brand new I took it to my field and they put a tank on air starts leaking out and the guy said I have a busted o ring I took everything that could possibly take apart and no busted o rings although the tank they gave me seemed old could the tank have a busted o ring? If u can think of anything to help me please tell me

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