Paintball Tips & Tactics : Prone Shooting Tips for Paintball
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Paintball Tips & Tactics : Prone Shooting Tips for Paintball

Hello this is Rob Rubin and you’re watching
Expert Village. In this episode we are going to be talking about laying down shooting.
A paintball marker has the main point of contact for your shoulder underneath the grip. Now
this is actually really good when you are kneeling or when you are standing because
it puts the paintball marker right in view of your eye and it puts everything out of
the way but when you are laying down like Joey is over here, you’re in a less than comfortable
position to shoot from because of the air tank being lower so the best thing you can
do is just kind of get comfortable and do a lot of practicing to lay down while you
are shooting. Something else too is that you are going to have to practice shooting from
the tank either on the top of your shoulder or possibly with your body contorted in a
way that it doesn’t want to be contorted so that you can lay down and shoot. When you
are laying down and shooting you will notice that his body position, he is behind cover
and this is what happens a lot when you are playing things like snake bunker and you have
to contort yourself into weird positions. He has got the paintball marker stuck into
almost the top of his shoulder over here and that is because that is the only way that
he can actually shoot. He is also in a contorted way with his back and he is not going to want
to stay in this position very long, right? Right, okay so this is basically the way that
you can go low and go. You want to have at it? Then have at it.

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59 thoughts on “Paintball Tips & Tactics : Prone Shooting Tips for Paintball

  1. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make it work. Doesn't matter what "they" say, if it works, do it.

  2. lol these vids are okay but not perfect there are alotta open spots for the enemy best thing is follow what his dude says but pay attention on how the enemy can see u be carefull 😀 or only use ya hands donnt full lean into an area 😀

  3. Elbow->Knee is more comfortable to me in a snake and its easier to come back up and hit a guy on the far side coming to flank you, and all the weight is on your knees so its more comfortable then it being on your elbows. But for new players this way works best i started this way.

  4. i think its a droid 08 if im not mistaken thanks for not trying to correct me people who own ions and think their good…

  5. this guy has a point first time i shot prone i was lucky cuz the cover i was behind was slightly elevated i would have been screwed if it wasnt

  6. if ur playing speedball… NEVER LAY DOWN, you are much more vulnerable that way, simply plant your outside foot on the ground and kneel on the other knee, that way, if you hear someone say something like "coming down the dorito side, all you have to do is turn. by the time you stand up, he will probably be gone, and so will the rest of your team

  7. no, laying down is good if you're in the snake. if you're not in the snake, dont lay down… you're right about that, but if you are the in the snake then lay down if you're going to move. watch vids or pros, they all do it too.

  8. really it can depend on ur size… if ur 5'7" like me… its pretty easy to stay covered without getting shot… but if ur like 6'2" it would probably be easier to lay.

  9. but thats the thing theyre not laying down… they r close… but they r just that much more mobile… look closely…

  10. but when ur prone… ur not as mobile… wat i've been saying is u just dont want to be on ur stomach… and like u said, dynasty does the elbow to knee… and thats what i do in the snake. my point is that it just takes half a second longer when ur on ur stomach

  11. 1. what happens if u bite the balls ( tahts what she said 🙂 ) tastes pretty bad

    2. the shoe idea is GREAT, im gonna try taht

  12. Yeah because you can advance up the field with good cover and it gives you some great angles though you do have to be careful and know what's going on because you could be distracted with someone at the fifty bunker while one of their teamates comes around and shoots you which happens a lot

  13. Hey that may work but then you don't have any paintballs really so you just sit there and act as a sniper when all they have to do is wait for you to run out of those ten paintballs and then you can't do anything except maybe be a suicider and run out and be a distraction

  14. when i go i usually wear a t-shirt (im 12) and it dose hurt (alot) but after 10 seconds you dont really notice it anymore

  15. well if you go out there for your first time your gonna die anyway. Yes it hurts when you get shot, even if your wearing a lot of clothes. I usually wear a long-sleeve cotton shirt and a pair of blue jeans, sneakers, gloves, chest protector, mask. If you get hit on bare skin then it'll sting for a minute or two but its not that bad

  16. to avoid getting as kicked either take a position covering a teammate, or being covered by a teammate, and be sure to play tight, and you should do fine.

  17. hello this is rob rubin and im a fat failure at paintball if you take my videos seriously then please chew through your tongue and bleed to death!

  18. im a noob "so to speak" at paintballing but wouldnt it make more sence to tilt the gun on its side? just wondering.

  19. but my friend told me about dat cyclone feeder hopper …thingy wouldnt that feed them in unless they were up-sy-down ?

  20. This guy probably lays down 2 or 3 times in one game from the exhaustion and hunger of not eating for 3 minutes.

  21. y don't u leave him alone if u get into the situation were u have to lie down it helps… i've seen pros lie down in the snake it doesn't matter it's less likely to be spotted if ur prone and just be cause he's over weight it doesn't mean that he's always hungry…

  22. in the snake lying is not play play with the knee on the floor na t the other foot snake stretched towards the

  23. @fallout3qc
    For woodsball its ok, im not sure how much I'd recommend it for speedball… but overall yeah its not bad

  24. never fuckin lay down ever in paintball! first of all when someone is coming up on you, how can turn to shoot them fast enough. if you have to move up you have to get up on ur knees than move up. you cant move when ur in prone. elbow to knee. you can easily move up and do everything

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