Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Utilize a Paintball Bunker
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Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Utilize a Paintball Bunker

Hi this is Rob Rubin and you’re watching Expert
Village. A lot of players when they get in their position they become human whack a moles.
They come down, they come up, they come down, they come up and all they do is hop up from
the same spot over and over again. If you do that you’re going to get smoked because
predictable people get shot. When you are playing a bunker, use every single angle of
the bunker. Now there are some advantages to using specific angles and sometimes you
want to use one over the other so that is a quick explanation to that. A lot of players
when they come up to a bunker they will come over the top of the bunker. They will only
concentrate on working the top angle. This is good because when you work the top angle
you can actually see a lot more of the field because you are not restricted left or right
but there is a big problem with that and that is that your eye line is a lot lower than
the top of your head and your paint ball marker has this big old hopper on top of it so when
you are coming over the top you are exposing yourself before you have a chance to return
your fire or in some cases see who is shooting at you. Other options include going across
the side of the bunker and this is good when you want to play tight because you are exposing
less of yourself when you are coming out of your position. The down side is that when
I am looking at this side of the bunker I cannot see anything to the right. I can see
everything to the left but past this bunker position, nothing. One other angle that a
lot of people tend not to think about is getting really low at the corner of the bunker, literally
almost playing with your paintball marker flat to the ground. You usually have one or
two paintballs loaded into the marker anyway and if you have a force feed hopper you can
probably get about three or four shots off like this. Advantage – well when you are really
low to the ground people don’t expects shots to come from almost ground level. Disadvantage
– you need a really long bunker because ah – yea. Plus when you are at the ground level
you can do one trick that you can’t do any other time. Paintballs are round and when
you shoot them if you hit a surface they are going to want to roll so depending on the
play surface that you have you can skip your balls. That was definitely a good shot, that
hit somebody in the foot.

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56 thoughts on “Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Utilize a Paintball Bunker

  1. TRU, this guy has a decent style, hes experienced and hes trying to help on top of that he seems like a pretty nice guy so why does a part of the community have to spam such slander and stuff? 😮

  2. yeah well see when you bounce your balls (lol), you dont need that much velocity, your trying to get an accurate shot to bend around a bunker or get someone from a different angle

  3. now im not gonna lie but at around 1:13 wen he is on the left side of bunker, that is definatly not playing tight. he has his arms loosely open

  4. no he's not if u watch his other videos youl'll see that u says to " . . .switch hands b/c . . ."

  5. probley the worst video ive ever seen….. rolling your balls ???/ who the fuck came up with that? i got a question? does this guy have a mental handycap? why dont you get someone with some experience to make these videos ???? man its like you just grabbed a guy off the street and told him how to press the trigger….

  6. i know, what the fuck is he talking about skipping your balls????? everybody around here say that if the ball hits the ground and bounces up and breaks on the person, it doesnt count

  7. "you're exposing parts of yourself"
    You want to watch for that, it can get really painful really quick.

  8. U really help me out a lot I haven't gotten my paintball gun yet which gun is good for starters in both air and woodsball

  9. @DcDareDevil21 a good beginner gun is a BT4 combat, it jams less than other starter markers, its fairly accurate, its quite small so you're more stealthy and agile, etc. plus you can get one for £95

  10. @Mralmostmillionare yes. but some people dont know that, so ehrm you hit their hopper they keep trying to blast you.

  11. yea its true… but i mess with them… I suppress them. then I bunker them in the pods… around 2000 rounds are wasted!!! 😀

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