Paintball Prank REVERSAL! (Broken Lens)
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Paintball Prank REVERSAL! (Broken Lens)

Hey there, Juggies, its your old pal McJuggerNuggets here and I am on my way to pick up food for my uncle Larry and Tom. A suprise came from here. And also, some uh, water balloons because what I didn’t tell you guys is that- is that I got your tweets, I got your emails, your messages I KNOW Jeffery’s going to prank me I don’t know when- there’s nothing wrong
in being prepared. *ebil laughter* Let’s see if we can get him back. HOOH All right I’m gonna explain the deal to
everyone. Alright guys, uncle Larry is totally in on this Uh in the video we shot earlier today, uh We’re on the boat uncovering it and I- and I thought of
this idea. Because you guys been tweeting at me Email me, send me messages and yes,
I understand Jeffrey’s going to try this paintball prank thing. He’s gonna light
up the tent and- and we’re just- we’re not going to stand for that. Cuz, this is, this is your tent. *laughter* Uhm… Exactly! So uncle Larry’s totally down with this Uh, we’re not sure if he’s coming tonight or
some other night Uh, so what we got here is we found this. In
Tom’s room Tom said- (stutters) we were thinking of what
we could do and uh, Tom- Tom brought up like, like “Hey, I got
this thing. This freaking like slingshot thing.” Lord knows why he had this. Hehe, kind of makes
me uncomfortable like I don’t know if he- he was using as a loin cloth or
something. *laughter* Roleplaying HEUH HEUH uhm we got some water balloons. Uhm, a- Uh, we got wires going. We’re gonna light- we’re
gonna light this place up just so there’s no sneakin- he’s not going to
have any way of sneaking around here. That’s good. So yeah, we don’t know IF he’s coming tonight. uhm, it could be- it could be a late night
and I don’t know when he’s coming you might have to do this tomorrow and
the next night… all right. yeah, all right so
what do we (more stuttering) a power strip? right? y-yeah. yip yip. (that ends capitioner one’s capitons, i got lazy so enjoy the rest of capitioner two’s capitons) he totally has it coming yeah well he he
broke the trophies to any uh yeah and he’s got away scot-free so far even you
can count until he comes over here thank you see and that’s why I’m Larry
should be my father because he is actually cool but I got another set of
lights to two weeks oh snap you got the rigid saw check it out keep a rich guy passed going on here I don’t think you want to know the
answer but probably don’t know it’s 2 a.m. I mean I ran it up it’s
technically like 135 so it’s not that bad yes all right I mean I feel like he’s going to come
that’s gonna be really late to really catch me just making apparently that he’s coming
over that would be messed up i guess i mean
it’s kind of lame prank it’s like he’d be awful for you to come
over my house to see people over Twitter and stuff they’re saying he could come
any night so we might need to be out your every night I can do this everyone well you don’t I do it to my daughter okay you don’t have to be I don’t think
I mean he might know he going to touch me damages that trailer and is painful all right how about we just say what
you’re doing your beer working store or you can go i mean it’s probably mine
reflecting well geez we’ve got some water balloons
here we use most of them because we’re doing test shots out here we kind of
broke the slingshot that which sucks we got hoes we got some news what do you
see something you forget headlight they’re not be like a fucking
tow truck is my car I’d swear it’s not legal to be out I’m gonna turn this light off if he’s
stupid enough to come literally the next night after you post that frickin video
i would be surprised I don’t see how many of you how many of
you have the right how many beers did you have tonight I
already saw you drink three you’re seeing stuff I mean these goggles
we have our aren’t exactly clear what you took yours off I’m here without your glasses it just
see you guys now I’m not cute really sick sighs I don’t see shit and my
camera’s got some on we might as well just sleep out in the
boat are you cool with that get you probably sleeping in that one
foolish bastard I can’t be sure it’s not an animal you saw lights Oh Carla I don’t see a thing you buy
things in there he doesn’t he see our fake light though
over there for a trap little bitch where we were that’s all i see i see him i don’t think
i got the camera tell me to get down you go back to your
head right here where’d you go where’d he go I think
he’s about the light up you see where my song crossover why is he going past it how does he do it I can still see your attitude is eternal I don’t like this at all shit we’re not ready we don’t have enough
rocky start we should come now we should get out now
he’s right over here with him why all right all right i mean both we
have a shot we should get me boys there I don’t get it what’s this plan oh I
know he’s probably got his camera with him is trying to get completing freakin
bitch my girl ok ok yeah yeah you may need to turn my hands
are freezing who do you two three we got you bitch yet you’re not you’re
not for the balloons for the Blues give me that give me that give me that I
think I took it yeah yeah that’s right get wet Big Brother’s scared now oh what’s wrong
baby all direct hit we got you now did you
should start the prank them on YouTube go around go around Kim Kim got a pin
got him pinned hell yeah do it do it damn oh you missed the call hell yeah all big cushy

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  1. dear mcjugernuget i have watch all your vids . I just want to say your dad is a drug dealer has been crazy your whole life.

    ps your

  2. I loved this sooo much it was truly awesome because i wasnt a fan of big brudda in the beginning and i was glad he got what was coming to him

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  4. anyone else notcice his nerd voice lol when he was playing that character lol to his real voice he does now

  5. Jesse needs to learn his time he told Larry it was 2:00 when it was 1:35 and he said he rounded it.

    Boi just say it's 1:40!

  6. Don't brake his camera that is not cool 👎🏻 I'm not liking this video
    I'm so sorry but I don't want to get hate but don't brake his camera
    I'm sorry that's my opinion

  7. ummm just noticed that that boat is called a striper………. Im Concerned—- 2:04 it says it on the side…. Anyway have a good day!

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