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Paintball News 11/14/12

[Opening Music] This episode is brought to you by PaintballPhotography.com This is team EspirE from South Africa and you are watching Social Paintball! Hello, welcome to Social Paintball News. Iím your host, Justin Hafford. Hereís your news. World Cup Asia Results. Paintball on Gaza Strip? MagFed at Fulda Gap and DAM disassembly. [Intro Music] First up, World Cup Asia was held this past weekend. Israel Lagares, from Social Paintball, was on location shooting video. Heís kept in touch and has provided the following results from World Cup Asia. [Music] From Al-Arabiya news, we learn of some Palestinian teens creating a paintball park in the Gaza S trip. It was once the Jewish settlement of Netzarim but now the site has been turned into Gaza Stripís first ever paintball park. The arrival of the strategic action game in Gaza is offering Palestinian youths a chance to try something new but bringing the relevant equipment and protective clothing into blockaded territory was no small achievement. everything had to be smuggled in through one of the 1000 meter underground tunnels that link Gaza with Egypt. Remember, keep your head down. Right. [Suspenseful Music] Alright. Hold onto yourself Bartlett. Youíre twenty feet short. What do you mean, ìtwenty feet shortî? One ref had this to say. ìWe brought it over via a very hard route, via the tunnels from Egypt, so that we can play games that are played all over the world, so that the youth of Gaza can play games that are played around the world. This is a peaceful game and it’s really, really fun. There’s no danger whatsoever,î One participant had this to say. ìI am really happy, I hope there will be more things like this because it is better for young people to use up their energy playing these games, rather than getting up to no good somewhere else.î Good luck to these brave new players and please be safe and have fun. Mike Paxson, of Dye Tactical, was on the field with the DYE DAM at MagFed Fulda Friday, hosted and run by MagWell. This was a MagFed only pre-game at Command Decision’s big game Fulda Gap. MagWell is a MagFed game production company that is interested in bringing a skill based game to the sport. They donít care how big your paint budget is. They want to know how well you can perform as a shooter. These MagWell games are designed to develop players as individuals and as a team. MagWell found that running significantly less paint yielded a more challenging, but ultimately, more rewarding paintball experience that you cannot get hiding behind ropes of paint. To see more event coverage, be sure to visit www.magfedpaintball.com, This is a new Social Paintball media network partner and itís focused on MagFed Paintball. Here are two viewer submitted channels for you all to check out this week on YouTube. First, head on over to UK Blackout Paintball News and then, when youíre done there, check out Louisiana Paintball
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for a channel that was created to spread the word about the sport of paintball in Louisiana. This week Iím adding two more channels that didnít even ask for shout outsÖ but theyíre getting them anyways because I love them. First up, if you are new to the sport and havenít found Mike Phillips TechPB youtube channel, then youíre missing out. For the love of all things paintball, please go watch it now. With close to 1000 videos, Mike has covered everything paintball. And finally, considering subbing this new channel with huge potential, Spantastik media. They cover the stuff that no one else can coverÖ the grind of divisional paintball. And after being featured by PBnation this past week, Theyíre off to a great start. [Music] So, in kind of its stock configuration, weíre going to run with a hopper. Letís take a look at the weight real quick before we take it apart. 5 pounds, 2.6 ounces. So, letís take it apart. [Crazy Fast Forward Sounds] Ömechanism right here and how thereís little tiny plastic tabs holding this bar in place. It was already busted. One of these little tabs was already busted from closing it wrong so that would be one thing to maybe change how this, how this works, so it doesnít look like itís going to last long. These tiny little plastic tabs. [More Crazy Fast Forward Sounds] Okay, so weíve reached the stage and disassembly point where weíve taken off the forward shroud with the tactical rails. I showed you all of those rails do come off independently or they can just be taken off with the shroud in two separate sections or one big section. Kind of however you prefer to get that off as quick as possible, which is a nice design feature that DYE has thought of ahead of time, knowing that some of you might want to just shed a lot of weight and use this for playing tournament style. It would be nice to be able to use, you know, this $1,400 marker, to be able to use it for tournament or at least, you know, a recball kind of speedball as well as your tactical configuration and theyíre so close. There are really only a couple things holding it back. So one would be how do you develop a cover for this section here so this brings me to a suggestion as I was working and looking at this. Let me just take this foregrip piece. If this foregrip could be retooled in such a way and it looks like itís pretty possible, just the raw dimensions of this. If it could be redone, to function as the eye cover, and as a replace, you know, a piece that you could put over to replace the MagWell, that might be an easy solution for the next version of the DAMÖor something like that. Second suggestion for DYE. Iím just removing the grip a little bit right here so you can see that this grip frame, very much like the ultra light, is all one piece here, as if this trigger guard could be swapped out. Detach it from here as well from up here and then you donít need this slide bar. This could come out, which, and maybe it comes out as part of this coming off, and then you put on a new trigger guard, and you could swap out a trigger, potentially. So, those are my two, hopefully helpful, suggestions. Iím sure theyíre already things that have been talked about and kicked around, but I just wanted to show, kind of, how far you can get this down towards losing weight for tournament configuration. So another clue that DYE has thought about this is, I noticed, with this front piece on the shroud, this plastic piece you can take off of the very end. The most forward section of the shroud. Just take that off and you can go ahead and slide that right in on this shorter configuration. I got it down, as much weight as I can off it. DYEís done a great job of allowing those options so Iíve got the feed neck. Put that front cover plate on. Thereís the barrel. Weíre ready to rock some speedball here and are a couple pounds lighter. This is significantly lighter once you remove all the shrouds. DAM are so close to one marker to rule them all [Laughter] So, thanks so much, again, to DYE for sending this along. Iím sure, again, youíve already considered some of the things Iíve said. But those are the thoughts I had as I tore through this and itís just an awesome, awesome marker. Thanks so much. Take care. [Paintballing Action Sounds] Letís talk about ìthe grindî. Week in and week out, players grind on. Through rain, paint, pain and practice we all strive to improve in the sport of paintball, but also life. Some have done so for years and may feel they are ìdueî just rewards or are the only ones warranting attention or support. Some may have just started. The grind can take many forms in paintball. Itís not always playing. Refs grind. Sales Associates grind. Product Engineers grind. Truck Drivers grind, and yes, even media people in paintball grind. We need to embrace all the grinders out there and respect them. The grind is not just physical but also mental. Itís the process of expressing your passion for the sport through hard work. We all do what we can for the sport and all those grinding out there have my respect no matter what form your grind takes. So, what is my grind? Whatís my grind now? Well, I am a father of three, I work fulltime, am completing a masters degree this semester, I have a small business doing photography and video production for local media, and Iím helping to create a 3D fabrication lab for Interdisciplinary use. I also attend and document paintball events, such as world cup, and Iím the writer, cameraman, editor and yes, to some of your chagrin, host of this news program, which I produce EVERY week. My grind includes even more challenges than I care to mention and even list here, but thatís my grind. So, what about some other people? Well, hereís a viewer submitted grind. He writes the following, Dear Social Paintball, ìIím a Marine forced into retirement because I lost my right leg after a rocket injury last year. I started playing tournaments again, this spring, to keep myself active and was picked up by a team called United, who play outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the end of the season. We just played D4, 3 and 5 man at OXCC on November 3rd and 4th. We finished 3rd in 3 man where I played 80% of the points and bunkered several surprised and shocked players, blown away that they were run down by the one legged man.î Iím sure his grind, day to day, is quite significant. Well, whatís your grind for paintball? Post it up as a comment so we can appreciate you. The grind tests you and you need to acknowledge failures but move on and overcome them. The grind can test your worst qualities as well as your best. Iím fully aware of my weaknesses, are you? Please do paintball a favor and before you decide to make a statement, in any form, criticizing another, check yourself. Do you have passion? Are you grinding? This has been the balls, so show some yourself and respect others in their participation in this sport, no matter what level. Doing so will represent the awesomeness of the paintball community. Thank you. Thanks again for watching. Please submit your news to us on the page linked below and see you next Wednesday. Thanks for watching. Be sure to check us out at SocialPaintball.com, your source for the latest editorials, paintball videos, and commentary. Also be sure to check us out at Facebook.com Facebook.com/SocialPaintball [Closing Music]

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