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Paintball Guns & Accessories : Pod Packs for Paintball Guns

Robert Stewart here with hill13.com. The next
thing we’re going to talk about is hauling paint. And that means paint pods. There are
a lot of different manufacturers for these. Depending on who you buy your gun with you
may get a pod with your package. If you don’t buy a package any retailer you go to, to buy
a gun, you’re going to be able to buy pods in most cases. Generally they’ll hold 150
to 200 paint balls a piece. And in order to haul them out onto the field you’re probably
going to need a pod holder unless you’re wearing something like cargo pants and you can sort
of stick them in your side pocket. And when you do that though you run the risk of if
you go down on your leg, press along the pod, the pod could pop open and you could lose
some of your paint. So it’s recommended that you get some sort of pod holder so that you
can attach it to your waist. I would not recommend putting it immediately on your back or immediately
on your front because that restricts the amount of movement you can make. You can’t jump on
your belly or lay, roll up and scoot across the ground on your back. But it’s almost a
must have necessity. And especially if you’re the kind of player that likes to throw a lot
of paint in each game.

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