Paintball Gun Maintenance : Paintball Gun Maintenance: Remove & Clean Barrel
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Paintball Gun Maintenance : Paintball Gun Maintenance: Remove & Clean Barrel

Hi, this is Robert Stewart with
Now, when it comes to maintenance, the very first step is usually the easiest step, and
that is the barrel. Depending on the make and model, most barrels today are threaded,
but some barrels may also be enclosed in some sort of shrouding. Other barrels require a
little bit different teardown, such as the Flatline, because they’re not mounted in exactly
the same fashion. But most of the time, turning counter-clockwise is all it will take to bring
the barrel off of the paintball gun. Now, inside you will see that this this is a dirty
gun. There’s been some paint blown out the last time in this one that’s mixed into the
oil. On almost all paintball guns, you’ll also see that they have an o-ring here. You
want to check that o-ring, and make sure that it’s in good shape. If it looks cracked, or
dented, or has some sort of dings in it, you’re going to want to pull that and replace it.
The other thing you’re going to want to do, especially such as with this barrel, where
we know that there’s been paint; a ball has broken in it, you want to make sure that you
bring all that debris out. Now, at this point, if I were just going to run back on the field,
this barrel is good to go, and that’s all you’d need to do. But if I’m going to set
it up and clean it, then I want to actually take this, and with warm soapy water; preferably
with the o-ring off, wash this, and make sure that all of the ports along the barrel surface
are clean, and clear of paint debris. Once that is completely dry, we’ll be putting the
o-ring back on, and then it’s ready to attach to the gun when you’re finished with your

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