Paintball – Games Rules & Tactics : Attacking Paintball Game Rules
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Paintball – Games Rules & Tactics : Attacking Paintball Game Rules

Hi this is Robert Stewart with field
Now we’ve already discussed attack and defend generally, and we’ve discussed the defender’s
tactics to try to maintain control of their flag. Now we?re going to look at the map and
talk about the attackers. This is a little bit like shucking oysters. This is a concentrated
effort by one team with one objective and that is to retrieve the red teams flag so
they’re going to be unbunkering a bunch of defenders who if they’re doing it right, they’ve
positioned themselves in such a way as to be able to cover each other as well as maintain
their own defensive fighting position, and try to shield or develop a defensive perimeter
around their flag station and prevent the green team from getting in there. Now one
of the ways you can approach this especially if these are small teams, and remember here
we’re only representing three players per team, but it could be many more than that,
but in general ever if there are many more you may have some of them working for one
side or the other to create a sense of pressure, and to pin down and restrict the movement
of these defenders, but one group is going to have to move out from their, their position
at the start of the game, and as they move forward they’re in all likely hood when they
find defensive perimeter, that the red team has set up, they’re going to move together
as a unit into a position where they can begin to unbunker one team member at a time, and
a lot of times what that requires is again when we talked about, back, mid, and the runner.
So what’s going to happen to these three players is when they get here they’re each going to
have different objectives. The first player may land here just to suppress the fire from
one position on this side of the field. The next player may then under covering fire from
this player move up closer. So that they’ve come right inside the defensive perimeter.
At that point there’s a number of ways to play this. You could try to make a mad dash
against all of this fire without eliminating anybody and get to the flag, but I think you
can see that if they’re all three still there that guy is probably going to lose. Usually
at this point you have to measure your aggression and eliminate by countervailing fire, by setting
up one, two, or three positions to unbunker one player at a time when this player is eliminated
you can then move into a new position and turn your fire against your next target, and
by moving each player and concentrating you fire on the next target you eventually began
to eliminate players. When you can then suppress the fire from their remaining players, especially
if they’re bunkered long enough and keep him down long enough, you can make it to the flag
you retrieve the flag you win the game.

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