Nine to Five Make up: Bronze Smokey Eyes
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Nine to Five Make up: Bronze Smokey Eyes

If you want to make this look last all day start with a primer I’m using beauty from the earth eye & lip primer apply it to the top and bottom lid with a synthetic brush and blend it out with your finger next take a light brown eyeshadow with an orange undertone and apply it just above your crease with a fluffy blending brush antidepressant meeting i have traditionally the dark and can apply amount of time limited with that boxing from the a plant in nebraska and trended down a
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12 thoughts on “Nine to Five Make up: Bronze Smokey Eyes

  1. That is very sweet, but I think I'm not producing enough videos yet to get more subscribers. It's just a lot of work to edit.

  2. I'm sorry about the music, this was my first voice-over and I wasn't familiar with the volume settings yet 🙂
    As for the subtitles, you can easily turn them of by clicking the 'subtitle button' in the bottom right corner. Hope this helps

  3. This look is so beautiful for everyday! And she makes it so easy as well! I have a smokey eye on my channel! Should have a look!

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