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100 thoughts on “NASA Astronauts Complete All-Woman Spacewalk

  1. sexist tripe. doesn't matter woman or man, these people are all brave. the fact that this is celebrated is an insult to every female astronaut that came before them.

  2. FINALLY NASA BROKE INTO THE 21ST CENTURY … They should not receive federal money if they’re not willing to provide equal opportunity to female astronauts.

  3. chinhseoul》 can create system for receiving and transmitting systems, analyzing alien voices, exchanging listening and speaking with aliens

  4. For all you liberal social justice warrior, bleeding hearts: Just remember that the first all female space walk happened under the Trump Administration.

  5. Afterwards they decided to celebrate and go out for dinner, but none of them could decide where to eat, and they starved..

  6. Only a Feminist would care about this, because it doesn’t matter if there are all men, all women, or mixed genders in space. We are trying to explore space, not trying to make women feel special by excluding any men.

  7. Dos valientes mujeres Estadounidenses, en actividades espaciales muy importantes, incentivando motivación al resto de mujeres del mundo, a que se sigan preparando profesionalmente, para que sean las próximas en ir al espacio. Felicitaciones.

  8. Women want everything a man has or does except responsibility. You can have all of it we men are willing to sit back and watch America fall like Babylon. You want to be a man , protect yourself when the chaos comes because we are done.

  9. Why are you making this such a big deal! It's almost like you are stating "Oh mankind! today is a great day because she who is incapable happens to be capable today. What a great day" like come on. Women can do and have been doing things better than us men for a very long time. No need to segregate them and categorize them. Because what these women did is not a great thing for woman kind, they did a great thing for MANKIND.

  10. People complain when something isn’t recognized as all women and people complain when something is all women and they call it that. There’s no pleasing anyone these days. Geez.

  11. "We're sending Jenny and Tracey to do the space walk, sir!"

    "Are they qualified to do a space walk, Captain?"

    "No. But they're women, Sir!"

    "That is so 2019!!! Let's do it!"


  12. Idiots at NASA can make literal spaceships to go to other world's yet thinks I care about some wahman doing something a man has done and will continue to do much better. Progress is epic woman are men and men are woman.

  13. When white folks go to space you best believe it. They have never lied to us. See now you know where all the funds go, just look at the tech, is that 10K on them vids, bro NASA wet.

  14. You mean the women got to leave the ship without the men's permission?! We've come so far…. Stop trying to distract us, go figure out what's going with black holes.

  15. meritocracy is what allowed NASA to get to the Moon first unfortunately now in order to get more funding NASA has to inject identity politics to grovel to the politicians on the left to get more funding.

  16. I truly appreciate you ladies for showing the men of this little blue ball exactly what we ladies are capable of you are not only ladies you are the greatest women I know

  17. Why cant we develop 1 suit, label it LGBTQIA, one size fits all, isnt that what the armed forces did with their "suits" ? Wouldn't that save money?

  18. Woman are already in space, woman are already doing space walks..i'll save my excitement for a real achievement..the first woman on the moon!

  19. The only reason this made the news is because feminists and society treats women like toddlers.

    “All” TWO women went on a spacewalk. Wow. “All” should imply more than two!

  20. Doesn't unnecessarily specifying the gender of the astronauts being all women… a low key implication that it is impressive because women normally are not as capable as men… so it is a notable achievement that women could manage to do the job without a man. Thanks NASA!

  21. If you're trying to promote equality, stop trying to identify gender differences. It's an logical path to real equality. They're not just women….they're outstanding astronauts, doing a good job. Can we just focus on that instead of trying to make a social justice statement, NASA? Let's keep it professional and stop undermining the intelligence we hope exists there. It also injects pettiness into their achievements. They don't deserve that burden.

    Bottom line, outstanding Job, Astronauts Koch and Meir. Well done. Return home safe.

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