Magfed Paintball “Empty” Hard Sports 3rd person
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Magfed Paintball “Empty” Hard Sports 3rd person

I hate you! I know! Keep an eye out so nobody pick us up from behind I guess many of them are in the building I can see two of them I`ll go in I`ll go in, do you want to come with me? Show them your marker first Take this way no no no thats a detour take this way Many of them took this way around the forest, maybe there are more inside. Are you out?

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16 thoughts on “Magfed Paintball “Empty” Hard Sports 3rd person

  1. First! 😘
    Beautiful video man, watching at 1080 60fps is a thing of grandeur, fantastic kills, music and cinematic shots all come together lovely. Liking the new radar too! And looks amazingly autumnal too! Cracking video and living up to my favourite YouTuber status!

  2. Na toll! Zwei (offensichtliche!) (Amateur-)Mädels abgeschossen. (Haben die da ihren Jungesellinnen-Abschied gefeiert?!)
    Und was soll das pinke Cape?!?!

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