Magfed Paintball ► MFD – Objective Gameplay – Part2
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Magfed Paintball ► MFD – Objective Gameplay – Part2

(radio) Please dont shoot in the staircase, two blue ones are comming from the tunnel (radio) Here Headquaters, is this the channel of team blue? (radio) Yes it is, i am sorry the signal is not comming through on the other radio (radio) I am hearing you but you not me (radio) Sharing target on this channel then… (radio) Ok, please repeat the new target (teammate) Lets fall back (teammate) I have no contact Wait a second Because we lost radio contact to our teammates and headquaters while inside the tunnel we decided to retreat (radio) Ok, right (radio) Roger that! Are we going here or there (teammate) Its saver there (radio) lol *for whatever reason* (radio) Two men wounded, … We gotta stop from time to time to listen if someone is moving Footsteps or alike (radio) …? Lets go (radio) Random chatter… (radio) Hurry up! …? Is is clear there? (radio) I gona try to reach you, but it is not easy One of our team was asking for support over radio this time we decided to try a different route to get to the building on the other side of the allyway (radio) Please let me know your location again (radio) transmit location please (radio) Ok Ok we can go on the other side, i think (radio)That means tunnel house is clear We got informed over radio that the building is already clear not knowing that our moves might be already spotted by a hiding enemy sniper, waiting to take his shot Lets go there We gona rush there now, no matter what happens (radio) Please listen, we gona rush into the building now (radio) attention, dont shoot at blue Ok, lets go, come on lets go! *#!?* Hit No idea where that came from *#!!!* (teammate) run, run! After respawning, i realised that the enemy sniper and his team, managed to shoot out all of my teammates and pushed us back to our spawning area Now we need to hurry to get back and defend the enemy objectives before they find them and try to continue our own objectives Attention, there is one comming from the outside! Watchout there behind, repeat! Attention, in front there is someone! Hey, hit! Hit on the head! I shot one out We can advance here aswell, that guy is out (teammate) It was a sniper What is left? (teammate) two at the left! One out, one is out Hi there, sniper! There we have our enemy sniper Now where he is shot out we can push forward without being spotted of corse we have to hurry before he respawns and take position again Whats up? We can continue to the tunnel Watchout, there was someone Alright, lets go We have to watch behind us We managed to take back the tunnel where the enemy crate is still located So i was moving forward to reach the rest of my team waiting inside the house on the other side of the allyway The last objective marked on our map was already colelcted by my team and brought back to our spawn Beside that the headquaters gave us a mission update on what our next objective is Attention! Blue! There is someone, at the dead end At the end is someone by the entrance to the bush path (teammate) Ok, roger that, by the way, was that you in the first floor? What first floor, oh, no i came from the other side (teammate) Go up and check if everythings clear Ok Did you understand where we need to go, C12? (teammate) we need to go into this building (teammate) C12 thats the building where the snipers were (teammate) Go up and check if everything is clear and we try to advance and secure the area Now where we are finaly in control of that building my team gona try to move to the next objective while i take position on the upper floor Looks like the enemy is trying to regain controll of that building however, they dont know that i am up here which gives me quite an advantage which i will be using to take them out, one after another (enemy) Hit! *Thumbs up* (radio) Secure the new target, i think they are all out (radio) Hurry, go, go go! Seems like i got all of them Not beeing seen can be quite and advantage even when outnumbered (radio) C12, repeat, please secure Ok, alright Ok, lets go You clear this area Finaly we could get to the next building where our new objective is located however, we realised quick that this building is not save by now Somewhere here is the target, we need to take it from here to G8, i think we need to go up (radio) Two persons secure the tunnel so they cant get their objective (radio) Roger that *#!!* (teammate) Damn! (teammate) Ouch! (radio) Attention, i repeat, the target is under the stairs (radio) the target is on the ground floor, repeat (radio) Ok, roger that Because we could not find the objective our commander informed us where it is located Fun fact, i didnt even know there is another room under the stairs (enemy) Guys, you can take the target we aint shooting at you, i promise *lols* (enemy) For real! (commander) The target is reached, you only need to get it (commander) transmit it through radio, that you need the boltcutter (commander) You have five minutes! (radio) Guys, i need backup at C12, i am about to take the target, repeat To get this crate we needed the boltcutter which was collected previously to cut off those chains unfortunately we couldnt finish out mission before the time of this game runs out however, we managed to come quite far and the enemy team did a great job trying to stop us (radio) Boltcutter to C12 (radio) Boltcutter to C12 please So now What gona do with this now? (teammate) We gona put it with us as proof, no idea As always i hope you enjoyed this video and give me a thumbs up aswell subscribe to my channel Jones, out!

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  1. I really liked this video I subscribed. I'm curious about your gear could you make a video on all that you use from the gun to the helmet and all that

  2. For those that are not experienced in german language, i added a custom subtitle that translates all the spoken voice including radio, teammates and commentary!

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