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Jiyun Kong Project

This is Jiyun’s project Hello, I’m Jiyun and 15 years old from South Korea. I’m interested in art. I started art when I was 8 years old, but I took seriously the age of 14 when I was young in the art class, I just played with clay or cut papers. I decided to take it seriously because I saw some wonderful drawings of celebrities from YouTube and on the internet and it looked very nice So I also wanted to draw people who I like. I want to go to university that is related to art. I usually draw people and materials for practice because to enter Korean University I have to draw are the drawing perfectly. So to practice this I draw fruit and some materials I work on Favela with my Korean friends. We help them drawing and play with art. Every class, we decide what we are going to teach them and we also buy the materials that what they are going to use and we prepare to teach them. It’s really cool because in Brazil, the art materials are quite expensive but in Korea, it’s cheaper than here. I really enjoyed teaching them for example on the Easter We bought lots of eggs that boiled and brought pens and gave to them to draw on eggs. After the children drew it, we gave other eggs to eat. I like BTS which is K-POP boy group band. So once, I drew their faces with pencil and used poster color. I enjoyed the most drawing BTS character which is BT21 I like to paint with poster color because I feel nice when I paint perfectly I mean when the paint does not go out of the line. Since art community is huge and there are a lot of different types of art, and the one that I like the most is design. Normally, in an art class, I do pencil drawing and I paint with poster color or paint with watercolor paint. Sometimes, I do my own school homework or there was some competition in my last school so I participated in it. The project that I challenged myself was to relate my own style with some other artist’s style of my choice and e and make my own work based on theirs. I chose Van Gogh and Yayoi Kusama artists. When I was working on Van Gogh’s style, mostly I used oil pastels. It was really nice to work on this. Now I am working on drawing. My style of art is quite clean and not very messy so next time, I want to try many different types of styles. Also, I want to improve a lot because I am not good at drawing, and I took too long time to draw one drawing so I want to reduce the time of completing drawings.completing drawing. At the end of 10th grade, I wish I could draw everything what I wanted draw, especially celebrities that I really want to and also, I want to design my own thing. Thank you 🙂

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