HTP Painters Corner! Horrified: Universal Monsters – Wolf Man
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HTP Painters Corner! Horrified: Universal Monsters – Wolf Man

– Hi, friends! I’m Becca Scott, and welcome to How to Play, Painters Corner. We’re painting all seven of
the monster figures featured in Horrified: Universal
Monsters from Ravensburger. Be sure to check out all
things Horrified on How to Play and Game the Game right
here, on Geek and Sundry. And now, our painting expert, Nox Berf tries to tame the Wolf Man. (mimicking wolf howling) – Thanks Becca, like you said, we’ve got the Wolf Man. And while he may bite, his paint job won’t. Let’s get started. (energetic music) Before we begin painting, it’s helpful to do some prep work. We’re gonna gather some
simple tools, and we’re gonna use them to clean up the
imperfections in the model that can happen during
the manufacturing process. We’re gonna use an X-Acto
knife or a hobby knife to clean off the mold lines. It’s fairly common to have
these, and it is gonna be easy to remove with
just a little bit of work. You’re also gonna want a
hobby file and an emery board. We’re gonna use these to
smooth out surfaces to create a perfect finish, before we
begin our priming process. Now that our miniature has been prepped, we’re ready to prime. To do so, we’re gonna start
with a basic black undercoat. Now, I’m using an airbrush
to do this but don’t be intimidated if you don’t have an airbrush. You can do this with an
aerosol spray can that you can get from a hobby store, or from online. Once you have the black
undercoat completed, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna use a white ink. And that white ink is going to
be sprayed in one direction, over the black undercoat. And it’s gonna create what’s
called a zenithal highlight. And what that’s gonna do is
it’s going to simulate light and shadow, depth and
nuance, on our miniature. We’re now ready to begin
base coating the Wolf Man. The first thing that I
painted was the shirt, and I chose a thin,
yellow glaze to do that. As with all the glazes that we’re putting over our zenithal
highlights, we’re going to use thin layers,
slowly built up over time. And I let that glaze dry
in between each step. It’s important, because
if you put too much glaze on a miniature all at once, you can pool and begin to lose detail. Once the shirt was dry, I
began painting on the pants. I wanted a darker tone
here, so that the eye would instinctively move
upward on the miniature, not down at the feet. So we’re using the yellow to contrast against the
dark color of the pants. Once all of that is dry, I begin painting on the fur and skin. I use two different brown tones, staying true to the
original from the movie. But, I began slowly blending
the edges of both the flesh and the fur together. I’ve carried the dark tones through the entire model
on both back of the hands and the back of the feet. Using the regular flesh tone, the same that I use on the face, on both the claws and the feet. With the base coat complete, it’s now time for the fine details. All of the hair has been
carefully highlighted. And now, I’m ready to
move on to the shirt. Now, I’ve decided to go with
the flannel design here. And to do that, I’m using a fine tip brush and a little bit of red paint. I’m gonna slowly and carefully brace my hand, as I work
through the back of the shirt and the sides, to create a
pattern and a grid work of lines. If I’ve made any mistakes,
I’ve corrected it with a lighter yellow color. And with that, your Wolf Man
is ready for the game table. And that is the Wolf Man, everyone! If you enjoyed this
video, we’ll be painting the rest of the Universal
Monsters, right here on Geek and Sundry. And if you want to see some
other Universal Monsters in action, tune in to Game the Game. Coming to you on October 3rd. And be sure to checkout
Horrified: Universal Monsters. Available now at Amazon,
Target, Barnes & Noble, and your local hobby store. I’m Nox Berf, and I’ll see you next time. (energetic music)

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21 thoughts on “HTP Painters Corner! Horrified: Universal Monsters – Wolf Man

  1. I'm "horrified" by that paint job. If you're going to just slather on tons of paint at least look into using a "dip" method.

  2. This was a nice overview, but it made me miss Painter's Guild. Any idea on when season three is coming to YouTube? I was half way through when Project Alpha was cancelled.

  3. I'm not saying I can do better, but… Oh wait, yes I am. I'm an amateur painter and even I know that's not very good.

  4. An Airbrush is kind of an advanced tool. I think explaining correct usage of a much easier too find Rattle Can to apply primer would help more folk out.
    Applying thin coats of regular colors with a simple wash would give you a better overall look and help one grow and progress with painting.
    Simple paint jobs can still look excellent.
    Painting can be hard to approach for lots of folks. Teaching a simplified “how-to’ would benefit way more than whats here.
    I think all the tools/lessons used here are incorrect.

  5. New to painting and this will be one of my 1st sets. I bought all these primers, paints, and washes…and now I need a glaze?!? Havent even seen those in stores…what is a glaze and how is it different from regular paint or a wash?

  6. I try not to be negative but did you give up half-way through (3:04) the flannel shirt? It would have been so much better to just not even try it if you weren't going to finish it.

  7. I think if you're going to aim the tutorial at beginners, maybe use only what those people would have. A new painter probably isn't going to zenithal prime or use inks. A fun video though 🙂 Why not get Becca in there painting with, to show how a new painter's work looks?

  8. I really hope the rest are better than this because the final product looks like garbage. The clothing color choices are so wrong. And that attempt at "plaid" was such a minimal effort. It just looks rushed and sloppy. I feel like I could do better and I'm not an expert.

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