How to RUIN a Paintball Barrel Bag –  Bonus Ball #23
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How to RUIN a Paintball Barrel Bag – Bonus Ball #23

Oh Gosh.. I just Shot… Ladies and gentlemen. What is going on? My name is nightmare and I want to remind you that you can save 10% on your next purchase at by using code NIGHTMAREPB at Checkout but I also want to thank you very much for stopping by and welcome back To bonus ball the new bonus ball the old bonus ball was an atrocity Compared to what’s gonna happen here today the dead box is dead and bonus ball is the last man standing But with that aside, let’s get back to the guy who blew a few balls into his bag Oh Gosh, I just Shot…. Yeah! I mean like who does that I can’t imagine what kind of person would do such a stupid thing… Right… I almost forgot about that. Thanks. Alright. What else do we get what else do we got? Oh my god, they shot the F***ing bee’s! They shot the bee’s You’re kidding me right like what is up with you guys and shooting bees Why? Why do you do this to yourselves? Everyone there is just Scrambling for their lives they just don’t even understand why somebody would do this I don’t even understand why the hell somebody would shoot a damn bees nest. Oh dude. I got some pretty bad on my back What would happen if somebody there at the paintball field that day actually had a wasp or bee allergy Would player be in trouble would the field be in trouble I’d really like to know your take away on this Note to all you guys; don’t shoot bees! roll the next one Yo!? You’re on my team? My Bad! How many times have you guys shot your own teammates and how many times have you guys been shot by your own teammates? It’s just that never-ending cycle and paintball that just always happens. You ‘re on my team? My Bad! I mean if you are running back at your team like a madman chances are if you’re running at me like that I’m gonna light you up too. Those two eliminations We’re almost good enough to make it on a top kill show speaking of top kills We are about to get into our next segment, which is the kill of the week! But before we do how about a quick patreon shot out. Did he just say shot out? Why yes, yes, I did So like I said, I want to give a quick patreon shot out to my one and only patreon supporter Dr. Rush this shot out is for you Now if you want to become a patreon supporter yourself the link is down in the description below Help support my channel by becoming a patreon This week’s kill of the week is one of my all-time Favorites I absolutely loved it when this sort of thing happens on the paintball field Surrender! Gave you the chance Hey pal were that by the way, I’m on the other team you’re out sorry Now show of hands how many of you out there have actually had this happen to you And how many have actually done it I absolutely love sneaking up on another player pretending I’m on their team and then give them the surrender Hey Pal, where are they at? By the way, I’m on the other team you’re out. Sorry about that. Right there is this week’s kill of the week There is only one other way to top the kill of the week, and that is to be the kill streak of the week Technically not really a paintball kill streak, but it is reball kind of the same thing, but it’s played indoors and it’s a lot less messy. I absolutely loved the way he took it easy on those little kids. You know one shot for each of them They were all eliminated. No overshooting. He just gets them out and and keeps on going Do you think you have what it takes to top any of those clips here on bonus ball this week well make sure you send Them in there’s a new way to submit the link is in the description It is actually a Google form that you fill out send in your clips And I’ll make sure I put you guys here on the show. As I do with every single episode of bonus ball I want to thank everybody who submitted their clips this week make sure you head down to the description below Check out the links to their channels if they provided one I also want to remind you to hit that like button if you enjoyed what you saw subscribe To my channel if you are new and I will catch you next time, but until then nightmare out

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76 thoughts on “How to RUIN a Paintball Barrel Bag – Bonus Ball #23

  1. Be sure to SHARE and LIKE this video for science! Your support is always greatly appreciated!

  2. Great way to end my friday. Can't wait for more. Lol and the shot out green screen ate your scope. Also what is reball?

  3. Definitely the paintball fields responsibility to clear out that bee's nest. Swarming or not that's a direct source of a hospital trip for people with allergies lol.

  4. Love the whole new green screen format. I couldnt wait when i got home from work and actually sat down with my xbox and tv on youtube watching paintball videos on the big screen.

  5. One time when I was playing a woodsball game where I flanked the enemy team and got on their side, a teammate came up and started shooting at me, we couldn't see eachothers ribbons so we thought eachother were enemies. We had a huge shootout until the game ended and we were walking off the field, we looked at eachothers markers and just started laughing hysterically but obviously apologized to eachother.

  6. I would have to say that the field is responsible. If there is a nest on the field, the owners should clear it before play so an accident doesn't occur. Even if people didn't love to shoot nests, it could be stepped on or be in crossfire

  7. One time during a night game I went back to headquarters without calling. I鈥檓 on the radio and got lit up by everybody

  8. It will be anyone problem because most fields have a think that you had to sign saying that they鈥檙e not responsible for any accident

  9. The kill of the week scenario actually happend to me we were standing in to houses right beside each other and we realised that we were on the opposite team att the same time.

  10. I鈥檝e had a bee issue while playing I got stung 3 times plus with a speed feed I had bees crawling in my hopper no one knew it was there cuz it was up in a ceiling.

  11. Nightmare did you get ding dong ditched? If u did tell me cuz I was watching a ghillie suit ding dong ditch and someone who they ditched looked a lot like you

  12. I remember finding a wasp nest on a field once and before I could say anything, an enemy player dove into it headfirst

  13. Bee's are no good to have on the field. Too much risk. If you can't get rid of it, the field should block off that section of the field so nobody accidentally interacts with them.

    Soo, i sent you a link 3 months ago and you haven't watched it yet…i guess i'll resubmit with the new form

  14. I accident,y shot my teammate in the back of the head, and thank the Lord he didn鈥檛 know who it was, because I wouldn鈥檛 be writing this comment now

  15. The child that shot into his barrel sock doesn't need to play if he is going to get that upset over that.

    I've actually shot one of my own teammates in a game years ago because I thought I was the only one left on my team.

  16. I get hit by my own team at least 1 round every time i go, I push through the map fast and usually end up circling back around pretty quick which can lead to some confusion.

  17. Great video Sir! I love your format, keep em coming. I'm also stoked to hear you're loving your PTR.
    The first game of Paintball I ever
    played…EVER (1997), I was shot in the the back of the head by my own teammate. I had crawled up through the low-lying bushes and had a really great spot where the other team would never see me.
    Unfortunately, some bonehead on my own team saw the back of the LosAngeles Kings hat and WHACK!, right where the hat's bill meets the cap.
    I was perplexed as to what just happened the guy was instantly very apologetic. As I walked off I simply asked how the HE-double hockeysticks did he think I was on the other team when the game had just started and we were both FACING THE SAME DIRECTION? 馃槃
    Also, why would people shoot bees? It's simple…it's things like that, that players at Hollywood Sports Park generally do. 馃槃

  18. I鈥檓 14 and live in maine (U.S) and there is maybe 3 or 4 paintball places in Maine so it鈥檚 annoying to have to find them. Plus I don鈥檛 have a lot of money to buy a ton of gear and stuff, I have a gun a hopper and a couple boxes of paintballs (which are almost gone.) I just wish there was a website that sold free paintball stuff.

  19. I've never shot a teammate on the field but the one time my friend was going "I'm better than all of you" and that sort of stuff so everyone just started shooting at him

  20. in a big event last year at PBX some moron started shooting at me and one other in the open behind some boxes and only my team was behind me we told a staff that but don't recall any breaks, and we were looking at the player as it happened taking cover. I was recording the game but my cam die before maybe.

  21. I went head first into a dead rabbit while playing woods ball so smelt like a zombie for the rest of the day

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