How to put a thousand stars on your ceiling within minutes. Painting stars
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How to put a thousand stars on your ceiling within minutes. Painting stars

okay we are doing a skylight nightfall
and puzzle piece and everything on them on the wall turning into sky and I’ll
show you the colors which is why first start out I’m using Pratt Lambor satin
no.11 – that’s a dark the darkest blue there it’s not black people use blasted
twice not really black it’s it’s dark glue and everything we put two coats on
the ceiling and then on the next is I’m going to put this color right here it’s
a modern masters paint it gives it kaveh I’m going to sponge it on and and also
I’m going to spend on the blue our modern masters metallic paint and it’s
that shimmery look it’s going to be different then a little black on the
corners or some parts of the just a light thin black on areas in the
nightfall then I’m going to use the sprite texturing can to go on the
ceiling so we do that’s the process that I go through when I do the star night
and they’re going to oil dark paint for scars and everything but that’s it for
now I’ll show you the process of it okay okay this is the process all ideally the
two top coats blue and then on the third coat on your roll a certain area and why
still wet and then I had white to it and this will show you right here right
so it’s blended nicely and you have a little pocket in there you a little while ago I showed you a video
on the thousand stars per second I use this stuff right here texture spray and
right now let me show you what done so far I use dark blue and then put light
blue in there and what you’re seeing right there
there’s angle here so you don’t see it all at once certain angles what camera can’t focus that well you
can see the different colors there’s metallic paint right there you can’t
sound if you can see at the camera but it’s kind of a the blue tone and it’s
not dry yet can’t you can see it good right here and
then kind of disappears into that so a lot of different stuff like this the
hands of God right here and it kind of the reflection changes everything
a bit some stars and moons and planets all through the paintings and this Randy Miller just a little
quick tip for the day anyway um you know the the water bottles you can buy at any
hardware store wherever a lot of times they’re junk what I do is this is not
Windex or clean or anything but this nozzles seems to be a lot better than
the other ones I want slot longer and instead of throwing this away you can
use it this is what waters and that a chip is when you want to leave your
paint out for a little bit for about a half an hour an hour I usually I spray
it and have a little thin coat of water on it and it will evaporate the water
first and then the paint it won’t be so hard so when you come back
that’s all sticky so that’s my tip of the day you

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100 thoughts on “How to put a thousand stars on your ceiling within minutes. Painting stars

  1. 2 Coats of blue when add then a little black around the corners. Then add the thin layer of white. After all that is done. Add the Metallic paint colors.

  2. You are definately a pro. It is not as easy as it looks. First time, and it was a learning process. So, is there a technic for spraying the stars? More tips please. Thank you so much.

  3. How do you get the white paint to blend in so well? Im doing it on a slanted ceiling and I can't get the brush marks to not show, but when I spray more water it just drips.

  4. He's using Homax Wall Texture in "orange peel" for the stars (Home Depot, Amazon, etc.). Judging by the can in his "A Thousand Stars in Seconds" video, he uses the oil-based, but water-based is also available. Be sure to cover everything below with a sheet of plastic (wear a hat!) and spray in quick bursts. Hold can further away for more of an individual stars effect; closer for more of a "nebula" effect. (Do some test sprays on cardboard held over your head first to get a feel for it.)

  5. If you lick real hard it might come off. 🙂 Are you talking about the texture spray. Just water. If it paint, you need to repaint your ceiling.

  6. I sell ultra bright/longer lasting Europium based glow in the dark powders, paints, wrist bands and violet lasers on my site along with other fluorescent stuff cheaper than anywhere else online, check it out if you have a chance

  7. Could you do a video of ombre walls? Like one color fading into another? Or maybe elaborate more on the galaxy, because that is amazing! you are so talented!

  8. ok hi nice ceiling painting right there! i wanted to ask you afew questions! first what is in the spray bottle you are holding? and what specific colors did you use when painting the sky?

  9. ok i know i commented earlier but i need professional help in paint this mural i want to paint on my wall! its the kungfu panda peach tree that has the night sky in the back and look at your this video i know how to paint the sky but i dont know what color to paint the tree's brake since the brake of the tree is blueish brown because of the night and the stars! can please help?! please and thank you 🙂

  10. Looks great dude…why not consider putting in the actual night sky for a special time of year for the person who will live in the room.

  11. Hey, I attempted to recreate this over the weekend for my teenage daughter.  Tell me what you think!  [IMG][/IMG]

  12. so after you blend the white you blend the metallic blue? when do u use the black? do you use the same technique with the water with the metallic blue & black?

  13. Randy, you are a God-send!  I was trying to figure out how to do a night sky for my boy's room, and messing up and re-painting, and then doing it again.  That was not fun.  Great job!  You are very talented.

  14. I want to use a glow in the dark paint for my ceiling. Will that work just as well as the texture paint. Also, I was thinking about buying a can of glow in the dark paint instead of spray paint and putting it into a cleaned cleaner bottle. Could I do that or bad idea…?

  15. Great work Randy you should consider working with neons like oranges yellows and perhaps greens to create realistic looking stars, quasars, etc that illuminate under a black light or gather in solar energy from light sources.

  16. Awesome tutorial, thank you! Just wondering what is in the spray bottle that you are using to spray after sponging on the white? Thanks in advance!

  17. Love the galaxy i would love that in my house and i really loved the hand of God very well done its very realistic!

  18. Want glow in the dark stars? Activate a glow stick as usual, then cut the end off and spatter on ceiling. Only temporary, but cool effect.

  19. Can you write a list of the materials that you used? I want to do this in my own room and I want to have a good impression of the materials before I do anything.

  20. Thanks soooo much for sharing, I am in the process of making a faux sky light in my bedroom 🙂

  21. You, Sir, are an ARTIST! I SO wish I could see it in person, from the close-ups you did, the detail was incredible, just pure beauty. I know it can be hard to capture on film. Just GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting this. Be well. Peace.

  22. Hi, this is the best tutorial video so far.

    Does it glow in the dark?
    How does it look like at night when all the lights are out?

  23. Hi Randy,
    Great job on the ceiling night sky with stars and the RM Wrap looks good; I saw the mini decor fridges!! But, I know a way you can paint the night skies with constellations, comets, shooting stars etc without using all the paints unless you want to. Interested? I will gladly help you further!

  24. Great job and I hope your new business involves painting – cause your really gifted.  I kept thinking – I hope he's wearing safety glasses spraying on those stars… lol  I was holding my breath until you applied them all  hahahhaaa.

  25. What type of paint are you using for the white clouds. I'm 64 years old but am attempting this on my granddaughter's ceiling. I may actually call the number you provided but will try not to do that to you!

  26. Actually, the sky is black and only looks blue because of how bright our sun is at any given moment, but You did do a great job with this though.

  27. Hi Randy… thank you for putting this up. I'm planning to paint a constellation on our basement ceiling and I saw your video. This will be my first time doing it (DIY). Good luck to me.

  28. the tip for the day is called a water cap i am a painter normally for bucket's of paint then mix when ready

    try useing a flat head screwdriver run it along the corners for a tight cutin with your brush rather then fight with texture 🙂

  29. That is amazing! I could never pull something like that off. Is there any way to do the stars so that they will glow in the dark?

  30. You advertise 'How to put a thousand stars on your ceiling within minutes' and then spend 6 and a half minutes doing everything but the stars, and only 17 seconds spraying something on the ceiling to make stars without any explanation. Is it paint? Is that a spray can? Spray bottle? What color?

  31. hi there amazing work. can i ask if you know how how they made Shanghai Disneyland Milky Way sky ?

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