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How to Play Paintball : How to Upgrade Your Paintball Markers

On behalf of Expert Village I am Dan Foss
and I am here to tell you about paintball. What I have here is a basic Tippmann A5 and
this is a digital camel field marker that can be upgraded. There are so many upgrades
you can do with this one. My boys especially liked this one because they liked the feel
of it, how it handles, and how it fired. They liked the upgrades and that you are able to
keep up with any marker up there. Some of the upgrades are that you can take the barrel
off and this barrel will get you out about 125 feet and we are going to do what we call
a flat line barrel which is this one here and it will get you out to 250 feet. The next
thing we are going to add is an expandable stock. Instead of having no stock you have
it more like a rifle. You can close it up for close combat action if you want to be
close in. We have a low profile feed hopper that reduces the one that comes with this
hopper down a bit so you can see where you are going. The other thing is we like the
response trigger which is a double trigger and we put those on there.

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