How to Play Paintball : Difference Between a Paintball Splatter & Paintball Hit
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How to Play Paintball : Difference Between a Paintball Splatter & Paintball Hit

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Dan Foss with
Arizona Paintball Adventures here to talk to you today about some paintballing in the
woods. What happens is it is cold right now so you see that white stuff coming out of
the end of the marker. That white stuff is your C02 that didn’t have a chance to form
a gas. The gas is what is firing the gun. What happens is that white stuff freezes the
gun, freezes the balls, gets the balls wet and the inside of the barrel gets slick and
they’ll break. When you are shooting too fast the hopper itself can’t feed the ball to it
so it will chop the balls. When you are shooting fast like 15 to 30 rounds a second, whatever,
you should have some sort of electronic feed hopper or air assisted hopper that will actually
help to feed the gun because just an just a regular 200 round hopper, they can’t move
that fast and you can’t shoot that fast so you need an electric hopper.

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25 thoughts on “How to Play Paintball : Difference Between a Paintball Splatter & Paintball Hit

  1. part of a simple solution, stop using CO2…

    HPA tanks may be more expencive to buy but they pay for themselves when it comes to better performace.

  2. … Oh I'm sorry! Did I fall asleep or did he not mention the difference between breaks and splatter at all!?

  3. oh sorry I fell asleep and just fall with my head on the keyboard……
    how could this guy be an expert he´s talking shit on every vid

  4. Holy shit this guy is a dumbass he really talked about the difference. Damn he was talking about hoppers and C02 the time what a dumb fuck

  5. i frickin hate expert village videos!!! they are misleading and never leave you feeling well informed, they just leave you feeling like you wasted a perfectly good 3 minutes.

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  7. @betrekwoman OK you are a female, i have something for you to do.
    Go get a lesson how to use a Tampon.
    Bye Pizza face

  8. @ColourMeANewFace- lmfao! I was thinking they same damn thing. This vid was so off topic lol. It makes me wanna shoot him in the face with my new etek 3 xD

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