How to Play Paintball : All About Paintballing Clothes & Gear
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How to Play Paintball : All About Paintballing Clothes & Gear

On behalf of Expert Village I am Dan Foss
and I am here to tell you about paint ball. Let’s talk about paint ball clothing. One
of the main things you want to have out there are your goggles, you never want to be without
them. Another thing is you want to wear some loose and baggy clothes. This tends to ward
off some hard hits when people wear baggy clothes. They have to have more of a bounce
to them. Something to blend in with the scenery, trees, some woodsy, camouflage, nothing tight.
If you are out speed balling and you are in an enclosed area and the markers are dialed
down, well they do hurt if you are too close to somebody but most of our contacts or engagements
are at 75 feet. Some people will, oh yea you want to make sure you have a good pair of
shoes, some ankle shoes. Some of the younger guys will wear chest protectors, for the straight
on shot and this one is set up for just the front. We have some that are with the back
and the front. For the younger guys you may want to wear a cup and I know you get these
in school, getting an extra ball there may not be what you want. We suggest wearing some
gloves, these are fingerless, shots there can hurt. But a lot of guys just wear camouflage
gloves or something like that. We don’t want to get into anything that is expensive and
we are out there to have fun. It is more what you can get from some of the local chains
as far as clothing goes. We have people show up in shorts and I don’t recommend that. You
should wear pants, long socks, good pair of shoes, long sleeve shirt, some kind of head
rag that you can put over your head, turn your ball cap around that helps too and put
your mask on that way and maybe a neck protector because you can get a shot in the Adam’s Apple
and you don’t need to get shot there either because that does hurt.

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100 thoughts on “How to Play Paintball : All About Paintballing Clothes & Gear

  1. I couldnt help but notice that the entire video was him trying to sell stuff from his store…. and btw 60-75 feet is the average range of a firefight in woodsball….

  2. he is right about getting shot in the neck it hurts like a bitch. double tapped in the neck is worse lol

  3. guys im from the UK and i have a question,

    what are the rules on bringing your own guns to play paintball at their centres? The largest centre delta force said as long as you used their gas? I would really appreciate if someone helped me on this,


  4. I dont know why this guy dont want to wear tight clothes. I played one time with loose clothes and it was a fkin pain in the ass to walk in bushes…

  5. I know at my field i feel like a fish out of water playing in full camo. Alot of the guy show up in these 100$ red and blue jerseys while im in camo.

  6. It really just depends on how much you think you're going to be paintballing. I've seen plenty of guys just get by w/ a longsleeve shirt and pants, but if you really want to, camo never hurts. if you can take the pain i'd say get a lighter, baggier material. you could technically get a lanyard and put your tank on your belt, but I don't really bother. And just go with the necessities other than that. Gun, Paintballs, Gas, Mask, hopper.

  7. if you got some of those sex pants that are like leather lol… man and like a hard plastic covering thats a lil moveable like cardboard on the crotch area… you won't even feel it… I think

    Haha i really wanna play PB in assless chaps now

  8. i toataly hate people who think people who dont go out paint ballin lookin for the most paine possible are pussies the fact of the matter is some of us dont enjoy pain and do every thing we can to avoid it! that dose not make us pussies only people who enjoy not having paine and if u wannah call a pussy cause i were armor go right ahead ill just be laphin my ass off when u cant breath cause u got shot in the sturnam!

  9. In order of importance I'd put it at Mask, good footwear, knee pads then elbow pads. Gloves and stuff like a cup or chest protector are nice but to be honest crotch shots are rare and paintballs sting but they're not that bad. Getting kneecaped by a rock or slipping and bailing are the most common risks and way more painful than the paintball hits (baring a crotch shot). If you've got a cup wear it but I've only seen 2 direct hits and a handful of 'too close for comfort' shots to date…

  10. one of my friends was paintballing with this guy who got shot in the nuts and his nut broke.yea not pretty. they were only shooting at 189 fps

  11. yea i didnt think i needed gloves and my friend snuck out of bounds around a wall of spools and yelled surrender from ouyt of bounds so i turned around and he shot me from a foot away and it hit me in the index finger made a half circle scar.

  12. And thats why you dont play airball XD . Gear pads / pants Is the thing that makes us ballers own you guys on the feild . Besides with out pads you cant slide to there 40. Youd shred your legs / gut then youd get chood up bye the other team . XD XD XD XD

  13. Pads for a good airball player . Impire slider shorts . invert/Jt/impire pants. Impire vest / arm pads /knee pads/ nikey land sharks cleet/ JT proflex goggles/ gloves . That my frends is what you need it will cost around 250 /300 but well worth it and cheaper then foot ball crap! .

  14. im 15, ive played a few times, i dont wear a cup, just a good ol pair of jeans :]

    getting shot in the balls isint whats on my mind when im playing , but woodsball isint really where i would expect it to happen where as im usually behind cover or crouched / proned down somwhere nice

  15. no need for extra padding it dosent hurt it is just about a 5 second sting and usually gone unless it is from like 1 foot away it hurts a littel but being shot from 100 feet away dosnt hurt even like 20 feet away dose not hurt. usually depending on what day u go some feilds have 100 foot rule means can shot anyone with in 10 feet of u.

  16. I remember getting blasted in the back of the neck by a fucking moron in the back. I'm not gonna kid you, THAT HURT.

  17. damn man… right in the spot : ( everytime i go paintballing i am scared because of this only!!

  18. Make sure you get some knee pads dude.
    I swear without thsoe and your sliding, your FUCKD.
    Wear a cup just in case too.

  19. i had got hit with a pantball on my finger it kills i had no gloves on i had a lump come up for a couple of day lol paintballing is good tho

  20. As he says "Something to blend in with the scenery" it displays a guy that couldn't stick out more lol.

  21. hey man, me and my friend both bought PMI Piranha Gti's from TSC for $100 and they both leaked like crazy… And they chop balls like there's no tomorrow. I have not seen or used the GTI plus though. We toughed it up and bought BT-4 Combat guns for $189 and they are just great

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  23. 95% of all teens would go into a panic if the Jonas brothers were on a 100 foot building about to jump. copy and paste this if you are one of the 5% that would get some popcorn and watch

  24. 95% of all teens would go into a panic if the Jonas brothers were on a 100 foot building about to jump. copy and paste this if you are one of the 5% that would get some popcorn and watch

  25. 95% of all teens would go into a panic if the Jonas brothers were on a 100 foot building about to jump. copy and paste this if you are one of the 5% who would have said JUMP idiots!

  26. honestly. if your playing for the hell of it. whats the big deal if you get hurt? wow it hurts for a bit. bitch and moan about it…

  27. Wait.. did he just say shots in the fingers CAN hurt… they hurt all the fricken time, those are so annoying and hurt very badly. Great video though. I love expert village

  28. i find with all of the adrenaline stops it from hurting, if i where to get shot in the street with a paintball gun im sure it would hurt a hell of alot more then when im actually playing a game of paintball, i dont see what everyone bitches about wit hteh pain :/

  29. i saw someone get shot in the balls, was funny as fuck, we where behind a log wall and it had a gap, shot went through the gap, he couldn't move, i couldn't move because i couldn't stop laughing, lets just say, its not somthing he will ever forget.

  30. @Teebird117 not all i remeber the first time i got shot in the finger and it did not hurt and there was no mark after and then i though it will never and then i got shot agian and it hurt like a bitch and after that i just wear gloves

  31. some of the stuff this guy said is retarded. one of the main reasons goggles fog is because of hats. unless you have anti fog spray of course other wise most of the bodys heat comes out at the head. i not you sweat more around the eyes causing the goggles to fog

  32. i like to hav only t shirt and pants i like to get hit and get som pain for then i play bheder and its more relistic = more funn ^^

  33. I don't play paintball but I was stupid and allowed my neighbor to use me as moving target practice once… long story short I got shot in the ass.

  34. this would have been GREAT to know before i went out ther not knowing wut to do basiclly i was shot over 20 times….

  35. it depends sometimes there are many reasons why paintballs don't break sometimes they become squishy and don't break also soft and sometimes they become hard in the cold and don't break also i was playing paintball with my friends ani got shot in the neck thank god it didn't break and it was the soft kind i had no protection on my neck it pushed the skin in deep into my throat and chocked me for a second it felt a little painful but not very so i hope i answered your little question 🙂

  36. speedball is not indoors its outdoors it can be played outdoors and no you dont wear tight cloths in speedball also you idiots you wear loose also i play on a team ihave a ego 11 sunburst orange i have dye pants i have sly profit googles i play woods also and i use my speed ball gun you know why its light very light so i a kid has a timpman alpha black or a a5 or some heavy gun who do you think is gonna win if i have a light gun i come around the cornner and hes not looking me

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