How to Paint with Acrylics : How to Mix Colors on the Palette for an Acrylic Painting
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How to Paint with Acrylics : How to Mix Colors on the Palette for an Acrylic Painting

Hi I’m Melody on behalf of Expert Village.
Today I’m going to show how to use some the tools to paint acrylic painting and I have
some of the tools here that I’ll go over and I’ll even show you how mix some paint just
a quickie just to show you how it works and the best way to do it. A lot of people grab
the brush and they just stick it in there and start smashing it around get a big glob
of paint on the sides and that’s not a really good thing for your brush and also is a waste
and then you’ll have to throw it way. So I’ll just start by doing a little bit of mixing
and then we’ll just show you what these other things are for. Take something like this these
are called knives, palette knives. And I have so many they each do a different thing or
you can get just about do everything. I just keeping collecting them this one is my old
faithful favorite from my very first are kit. I’m just going to grab anyone today just to
show that it can be done this is small, this is small, and as for the palette you can have
a big palette, you can have just a flat surface, a Masonite board with a whole in it for your
thumb and then you hold it with your hand and that seems to be more convenient than
this sometimes. Unless it’s just going to be on the table but I’m just using it for
convience for this demonstration. We’ll just take a little of this white, a little bit
of this green on our knife and we’ll put it together you want to mash it down and scoop
it together and just keep scooping and mashing until you choose a desire color that you want.
And that’s another story another segment of color and color wheels and how make colors
and how to make red and blue become purple and things like that so here we have a lighter
green and can put yellow into that green and make it even another color we’ll do more on
that later, just wanted to give you an idea what these are for and what this does, so
put this to the side for a minute. This is a unique item, I know its a spoon, I know
it’s a spoon people say ya uh right, your eating during your painting, no what you do
is take a little of your paint that you mix into your palette so your making a painting
so its a prominent orange, or yellow, or greens, you can put a big section of paint here and
then while your painting so you don’t touch your painting or have a tendency of waiver
you set this on the side and you hold your brush and arm on it and hold your brush kind
of free. But if you need to get into there you go something to keep your arm off of the
painting and then you got your paintings there. We’ll show you some more of these and how
to use them in the next segment so we’ll be back in a minute.

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13 thoughts on “How to Paint with Acrylics : How to Mix Colors on the Palette for an Acrylic Painting

  1. your work very interesting and very helpful , especially for begginers , BUT video is too far from you and work you show us. Thanks again.

  2. nobody else will find this interesting, but I'm watching this on my computer and I just realized, my computer is sitting on the same exact [as in make and model] computer desk.

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