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How To Paint Furniture Without Sanding | Chalk Based Paint Application Tutorial

Hi there! It’s Rosanne from Country Chic Paint! In this video I want to show you the basics of applying our chalk-based paint to a piece of
furniture. I promise painting furniture is easy so stay tuned! Before we dive in if you want to know more about preparing
your piece of furniture before you paint it make sure to check out our other
videos on our channel. For this video we’re going to be using a
few different supplies. We’re going to be using the Country
Chic paint brushes. These are fabulous synthetic bristle brushes that were
developed specifically to be used with our paint. You do not really want to use one of these
natural bristle brushes because they will leave a more textured
finish on your piece. If you’re going for texture, then that’s a great brush to use, but if you want smooth surface then you want to use Country Chic Paint brushes So this is what we’ll be using for this video We’re going to be using our chalk-based paint We’ll be using Vintage Cupcake as well as
Lazy Linen. Our paint is environmentally friendly
with low VOCs and it’s very safe to use indoors, barely has a smell to it and it’s super easy to work with. Before we start painting and before we
open up the can, we want to make sure that we shake the can really well to make sure that
all contents are mixed well together. The contents of the paint
separate so it’s very important that you make
sure that everything is well mixed together before you start painting So you just wanna give it a really good
shake, for about a minute or so, and then we can open it
up and then we still want to stir it for
another two-minutes just to make sure that it’s all blended well
together Instead of painting straight out of your can what I would
recommend taking a small jar or a plastic cup or mason jar and
pouring some of the paint off in that because if you have your paint brush and you dip it right into your can maybe there’s something on your
paintbrush or there’s water on it or different color paint, then you’re contaminating your entire can of paint. That’s why it’s always better to just pour some off and use that instead Let me show you how to hold your
paintbrush as well You want to hold it right on the ferrule which
is the steel part and you’re kind of holding it like
a pencil So you have your thumb on one side and
your other fingers on the other side. This gives you the
best control of your brush. Now we’re ready to start painting! For this chair I’m going to use Lazy Linen
as my base coat and I’m going to dip my brush in. As you can
see I’m covering about halfway up the bristles. You want to make sure you have
a decent amount of paint on it but you also don’t want to have it
so full that it’s going to drip right off. I’m actually gonna start by
painting the bottom To get a smooth finish you want to make
sure that your paint strokes go in one direction on your piece. Don’t go
crosswise otherwise you might end up with a lot of texture in your finish. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to paint over
sections that have started to dry already If you see you’ve missed a spot you can
just go back later and add a second coat Don’t try to fix it after it’s partially
dry Before applying a second coat you want
to make sure that your first coat is fully dried Normally you compete the second coat
after about 30 minutes however keep in mind that the climate
you’re working in has a big influence on how quickly your paint dries. If it is very warm your paint will dry more
quickly If the humidity is high the paint might
take a long time to dry Always avoid painting in direct sunlight or when the humidity is higher than 80
percent In average circumstances it takes only
about 15 to 20 minutes for your paint coat to dry, but before
putting on a second coat you want to wait at least 30 to 60
minutes. Again if it’s very cold or very humid or if you put on a very thick paint coat
you’ll notice that you need to wait longer Now that our paint has had a chance to dry I’m going to give it
a second coat but because I want to give it a two layer
distressed look I’m going to pick a different color and this is the color we’re going to be using.
It’s called Vintage Cupcake and it’s a very pretty pink as you can see So I’ll pour some off in this little jar In an upcoming video I’m going to show you how to wet distress this chair, and how to antique it with dark wax! So make sure to subscribe to
our YouTube channel to get updates when our new videos are available! If
you want to find out more about Country Chic Paint you can visit our website on countrychicpaint.com or simply click on the link below.
Thank you so much for watching!

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