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How to paint a colour chart with 6 colours – part 5

This is part five of how to paint a colour
chart. Make sure you have completed the first four parts before you start part five. Download the template in the description
below. Now we will be using the three cool primary colours. These mixed together are much brighter than the warm primaries. Take some of the middle orange mixed with the cool primary colours and paint that in the top two boxes. Now
gradually add black to your mix. Be very careful with black as it’s very powerful. Carry on down adding more black until you get to the last box which should be
painted pure black. In the second row start with your middle
orange again and add white, ending with pure white in the last box. Now use Lemon Yellow and Cerulean Blue to mix enough green to add white and black. Paint this in the top two boxes.
Keep adding small amounts of black to your mixture until you reach the last
box which should be painted black. Repeat the process using white. White is
just as powerful as black when it comes to changing a colour. Repeat the process in the last row by
using Alizarin Crimson and Cerulean Blue. Here is where you get some wonderful darks. We hope you enjoyed watching this video and have learnt something that helps you. You now have the basic information for colour mixing. Keep it handy when you next need to mix a colour.

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