How to paint a bird duck with acrylics – FUN Art journal ideas
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How to paint a bird duck with acrylics – FUN Art journal ideas

I’m going to be painting a duck with
acrylics in my journal page We went to the park and discovered this little lake
where lots of different types of birds are spending the winter. There’s all
kinds of geese and ducks. Just look at this! Enjoy for a moment. Let me know if you want me to paint any
of the other birds because I am very tempted to. I had so much fun looking at them! I was trying to figure out which one I
wanted to paint. If I wanted to paint a couple of them or what. I was also looking for some
a really large ones that I saw the other day… but I didn’t see them today. And I love sea gulls, so I probably will be painting some later on. Every time I go
to the coast I take pictures of them. They were all calm and just minding
their own business… …and all of a sudden something happened! I
didn’t really know what it was. All of them started to run! And I discovered
that they were going to the same direction, so I thought, huh, maybe
somebody has some food over there… And sure enough! Look at that one, I love it! The one with
the white head and the red face. So I was still trying to decide which one should
I paint? Can I take some pictures or what should I do… And then I saw him… look at that! In all
his male splendor. He was all nonchalant He just decided to take a stroll. I decided that I have to paint him! He was
the one! I edited the picture to just focus on him.
Let’s see what happens. I am actually so excited about this page! You can see
how I made the texture in a card over here. Don’t leave until you finish
watching this! I printed the little duck it is a Magpie Ancona Duck. I never saw
one like that. I never knew the name, but I saw it and I thought it was the cutest
thing ever, kind of clumsy if you saw the clip.
Anyway, I printed this just to see more clearly the shape of the head
and the neck… I made the contrast on the picture
really hard so I could see all of this. And he has a little curlicue over here
in the feathers! And that’s how you tell if it is a boy or a girl because it has
this little curl in the tail. They have kind of different markings, like horses
or dogs or cats, but they are mostly black and white. Beautiful! The legs are
orange. and the beak is yellow. And I like this page because it has such a rich,
gritty texture, like the park with grass and dirt and all kinds of, you know, bumpy
things. I am not sure if I’m going to make the sky, or the even the lake. What I
want mostly is the greenery and the dirt colors and the duck. I’m going to kind
of fold it over here. If I open or if I make the camera screen a little wider
it’s not going to help you to see closer, but let’s keep
this over here like this. …Sort of like that. I’m going to get my
eraser… I think the body is a little longer so
I’m going to move all of these and this is what happens when when you’re drawing.
Don’t be afraid if you made it too much to this side or to the other.
Usually it helps when you go with lines to guide you, but it’s never a
problem to erase a little bit. And you’ll be fine! Here’s the duck. I hope it’s showing well in
the screen. Now a little just a little hint of the stains, or the marks
in his head. And the beak is kind of coming into the
face… I’m going to try to make him smiling because he was such a character. So it’s not going to be exactly
realistic. All right, so I’m going to be working
with some black, and some white, some ocher yellow, and some orange. It shows a
little bit of reflection of yellow over in the belly. but I’m not going to worry
too much about that. The ground is going to be brown, with a little bit of
different kinds of greens, maybe light green and darker green. Maybe I will
give it just a little hint of something blue over here. I’m not sure, maybe I’m
just like… probably like this curve over here. But I don’t want to define if it is
sky or water or what. So we are going to need a little bit of some type
of a light blue, whatever blue that you have, very watery. And since I have a
lot of texture, it’s not going to be so easy to to deal with that. This is
not exactly the best paper for water media, but I love how it wobbles. If you
do not care for for waving in your paper then just get a mixed media paper or a
watercolor paper. But this one if you see the video where I made the page I put a
lot of medium and gesso, plus the little specks of texture. I frankly like a
lot of the paper and the texture and the page in general as it is, but I don’t know
why that video didn’t take off at all. Actually a lot of people just went and
put thumbs down so if you like this video,
or that one, let me know by clicking the thumbs up, or click whatever you want
actually. If you like it or if you don’t. That’s a way for me to know. If
you’re new here, remember to click on the subscribe button, and on the little Bell
so you get notifications every time I upload a new video. And right now what
I’m going to do is I’m going to be using first the black to mark the spots… And
I’m not too concerned about leaving little whisps of brushstrokes,
because they can be feathers right? We’re going to see where the green is
around the the area and we just mark accordingly. I don’t want to touch the two edges too
closely, because typically when you do wet-on-wet, crazy things happen, and since
I don’t want to specify it if this is water or sky, I’m just going to leave it
kind of vague. Then for the little eye we still need a little bit of white Actually, you know what? Because we do
things in here the way we want, I’m going to get a little bit of blue in the eye… …just for fun,
and… Now I have to stretch a little bit of
the black thunder because my duck was a little bigger than what I want. I probably should also have a little
line of white just to kind of mark some more the beak. And I think I am ready. Let me open this
a little bit more — whoops, well actually have a look, a closeup, and now let’s open this a
little bit more… what do you think? Do you like it? Let me know! Either click thumbs up,
hopefully, or click any thumbs that you want. Leave me your comments. If you want
to show me if you paint based on this page in the group, click on the
information box below on the link for the Facebook group called “I love to
paint” You’re more than welcome, just answer a
couple of questions and you’re in! Whoops, don’t go anywhere!
Something happened! I totally forgot to paint this white part over here from his
body to make it a little more long, kind of elongated, so we’re going to start
just kind of adding just a little bit at this point. I don’t care if the green
shows a little bit through the white, because it can be like a reflection. Alright, looks a little better! And remember to keep your paintbrush wet!

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10 thoughts on “How to paint a bird duck with acrylics – FUN Art journal ideas

  1. Enjoyed the duck painting Martha!! It's wonderful! And yes I would love to see more bird paintings!!! Artsy hugs! xx

  2. Hola Martha, that was a fun video. Wow you discovered the duck island…lol your painting is lovely. I would love to see you painting a tucan, my fave bird. TFS Hugs Andrea

  3. Bird paintings are great for a rustic decoration. Even if one lives in a city, it gives the feeling of a country home. You did it great, so you can paint more birds, different one from another, and create a beautiful series.

  4. This is so fun, I would love to see more birds, I especially love Red Cardinals, although sadly we don't get them in the UK. Tfs xo

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