How to Make Your Face Look Thinner | Makeup Tricks
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How to Make Your Face Look Thinner | Makeup Tricks

So everyone wants to make their face look
a little slimmer, and here are some tips on how to do that with makeup. The basic idea is contouring. So, my model Maddie already has a little bit
of foundation on. What I’m going to do is start by highlighting. So, I took little bit of her foundation and
then a little bit of a white foundation by the brand Illamasqua. It’s nice because you can mix it in and it
makes things a little bit lighter, a little bit darker. So I’m going to take a hint of that, a little
bit of her foundation, and mix that right up. And I’m going to start by applying it up the
top of the cheek bone. Basically, wherever you highlight, you want
to combat that with contour. Right now, I’m just kind of highlighting,
and I’m blending it in with my finger. Especially when we’re doing some intense highlighting
contour like this, it’s going to look kind of crazy when it first goes on, but once it’s
blended in, it’ll look really natural and flawless. This is basically where you’re going to apply
the highlight, on the tops of the cheeks. I like to bring it in a little into this area,
too. Kind of plump this area out. Sometimes people will get a crease here, so
you can put highlight inside of the crease to plump it outwards. If you don’t have the white foundation, you
can use anything that’s a little bit lighter than your foundation or your current skin
tone. When I’m doing an intense contour like this,
I don’t really like to use anything with shimmer. So, everything that I’ll be using for highlight
and contour is actually matte. I’m also going to contour on the top of the
nose going up onto the forehead. Bring it up. I’m going to do a little bit in this area
right here. I’m basically highlighting the highest parts
of the face. You can also bring it down along the jawbone
here. And these are the main areas that I like to
highlight, but you can do it in other areas based on your face shape. Next, we want to go through with contour. Like I said before, wherever you highlight,
you want to do the opposite area with contour. Since I said we’re using all cream-based or
matte highlight or contour, I’m actually going to use my concealer palette by MakeupForever
and use some of the deeper shades as the contour. Just make sure you blend, because sometimes
creams can be a little bit tricky, but it really gives you a nice contour. And I’ll do it really intense first, just
so you can see where it is, but we’re going to blend it out, so don’t’ worry; that’s not
how I’m going to leave you looking. Great. You can relax your face. You don’t want to go too far in, so make sure
it’s a little bit further out. We say the two-finger rule. Now that we know where the jawbone is, I’m
going to blend downwards. This is basically just making her cheekbones
stand out a little more, giving her more of this pop over here. I even like to concentrate a little bit more
of the color to the outer part and let it fade this way. So now I’m going to bring the bronzer a little
bit down along the jawbone. Sweep it down like this. And I’m actually going to continue it down
like this. It’s just really making her jaw pop. If you have any unwanted skin here, you can
do the same thing, and it just makes it look a little firmer. Here we go. Always make sure you’re blending downwards. So the next place we’re going to contour is
up at the temple here. I just like to do a little bit there because
it just makes this highlight pop a little bit more. I’m going to blend it into the hairline, continuing
upwards. Right on the hairline, and blending down into
the forehead. There are other options, too. Like I said, you can use powder. I’m just choosing to use cream for this type
of contour, but whatever works for your skin type and whatever you prefer. As long as you follow the steps, I think you’ll
get the same results. The last little piece of contour that I’m
going to do, since we highlighted on the top of the nose, is that I’m going to actually
contour the side of the nose. So if you feel like your nose is a little
too wide, this a good tip for you if you want to slim it down a little. It looks a little bit too bold right now,
but we’re going to blend it so no worries, blending downwards. Maybe this isn’t for every day, but definitely
if you’re looking for the right look you can do this a little less intense for everyday. And that is how to make your face look thinner
with makeup.

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98 thoughts on “How to Make Your Face Look Thinner | Makeup Tricks

  1. This was just a basic contour. Didnt make the face thinner at all ugh i just want to know how to make my face look less round and there is nothin good on youtube about it

  2. I dont think this model anyway is a good example for a fat face, she looked like she had a heart shaped face, which is different than square face or round one, which both tend to be more plump, I think this video has to have a remake with the right model.and to Melissa who mentioned face thining tool.. what's that?

  3. What the fuck! You did nothing! Are you even a professional make-up artist? Use a beauty blender for this method or a dense brush! Duh!

  4. I personally like a fuller face it looks more youthful to me. Why do women get fillers because they know that to be true.

  5. Pls pls pls help me getting a look like bollywood actress shradha kapoor specialy of her movie Ek villain

  6. are you even a makeup artist?? your not even contouring it's just a harsh line like seriously don't post it damn waste


  8. I have a rounder face, and this is not how I apply bronzer/contour. That jawline shadow everyone does brings the rounder portion of my face forward. I apply bronzer on the outer perimeter of my face entirely, avoiding the chin area, that way, the fullness of my face recedes back into space.

  9. It makes sense why it's not amazing, cause it was 2013, ain't nobody were concentrated in contouring and highlighting

  10. That white foundation is probably the correct shade for my skin tbh nevermind highlight, pale ppl problems.

  11. SOOO intense. I just had my mind blown. I mean, that girl, she went from a perfectly beautiful looking face, to a perfectly beautiful face with a little makeup on it. The difference is astonishing. (note the sarcasm to my entire comment. Lol)

  12. "Intense" "maybe not for every day" ???? 😂😂😂 what are you smocking ? Even the natural makeup look is more intense than this

  13. Bunch of haters I liked it A lot. And she even said a natural look, why do you want to look like your wearing makeup, you don't, her technique is flawless. 💎

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