How to Make a Mexican Theme Cake / Painting with Food Coloring on Frosting
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How to Make a Mexican Theme Cake / Painting with Food Coloring on Frosting

In this video you’ll see how to make a
Mexican themed cake, hand painting on buttercream, easy gum paste flowers and
buttercream palate painting. Hi it’s Lorelie Welcome back to my channel. If you
wanna build your skills and confidence to create beautiful cakes and memories
subscribe and ring the bell. Start by coloring your buttercream. Yhis
is Wilton orange, americolor red, and Wilton yellow. Now the yellow helped to
brighten the color and so I added more. And I added more red. You do need to add
a lot to deepen the color and use a little bit of powdered sugar to help
hold the colors. The 10 inch cake was. crumb coated earlier. This is a marble
cake with chocolate mousse. Now you want to work the buttercream down the sides
of the cake, after you coat the top. This is a 789 icing tip and I use this
to get an even coat while saving my shoulders a bit. Then smooth out the best
you can. The top tier was frosted and chilled for
about 15 minutes and then cleaned up with a bench scraper. When the cakes are
cold it’s a lot easier to scrape down any imperfections. Pre-colored fondant
mixed with tylose powder is used for the flowers and the lettering. Some of the
tools that you’ll need are various flower cutters, rolling pin, drying cups,
tylose powder, letter cutters, foam pieces and cornstarch for dusting. Cut a variety
of shapes and sizes. If you want to see a very detailed easy
gum paste flower tutorial that I made click the end card. All of the tools I
use in my videos and my business are in my Wedding Cakes For You
Amazon Shop. The link is below the video for you. You can see how to Dowel and stack
cakes by clicking on the end cards or links below to my book Wedding Cakes
with Lorelie Step-by-Step on Amazon. Using the spatula or pallete knife with a
small amount of buttercream on the top swipe it across to create petals. You can
also use a spoon and then layer the petals with varying hues of the same
color or different colors. And you can even put a little bit of buttercream in
the center of the flowers like I did here to create a center. You can also put
some dragees which I would I did as well. just a few little white dragees in
there just to give it some texture. This was a pretty time-consuming cake so I
went ahead and I fast forwarded stuff here. But if you need a really detailed
tutorial on how to do the palate painting I do have free stuff here on
YouTube and I also have a class at Cakes with Lorelie Academy that is also free if
you sign up. The link is below and I will add an end card to a more detailed
tutorial. you can also leave any questions or comments below. Carefully place the letters, they really
can’t be moved around too much because the black may end up a smearing onto
your buttercream. For the painting on buttercream use food coloring just a
couple drops mixed with extract or vodka. Also use a tapered narrow brush. You can
use your opposing hand to steady your working arm and just go with the flow.
This was my first attempt at painting directly on buttercream and it
definitely is a challenge, but have fun Use a very light touch and start on the
backside of the cake. a wide brush is used to create the flowers which are
sort of like sponge painting. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram
and Pinterest. Wedding Cakes For You Cake Tutorials. See
you in the next video.Thanks so much for watching 🙂

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13 thoughts on “How to Make a Mexican Theme Cake / Painting with Food Coloring on Frosting

  1. Have you tried painting with food coloring on buttercream yet? A few tips : Use cold cakes. : Use a gentle touch so the frosting doesn't get indented. You can add your tips below if you have any. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you for suggesting the icing tip saves your shoulders. I've been an RN for 30 yrs and have destroyed mine. Getting ready for a 6th surgery. Great tip for me!

  3. So many great techniques in this one. I love the bright colors. Such pretty flowers. You're a magician.

  4. I am baking for my first job! I got hired for a wedding cake and wedding cupakes. I am so nervous. I feel slightly overwhelmed by all the logistics. I am going to make a timeline tomorrow. I already created a grocery list.

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