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How to Color Wash When You Paint

How to Color Wash When You Paint. Color washing is a two-step process that starts
by covering your wall with a base coat and then applying a glaze to give your walls a
great new look. You will need Decorating magazines Base paint
color Secondary paint color A drop cloth Sandpaper Safe-release tape A roller Wallpaper paste
A sponge Water Two 4-inch polyester paintbrushes A plastic container and glaze (optional). Step 1. Find ideas by looking at decorating magazines. Then choose complementary paint colors for
your base paint and secondary paint, which will set the mood of your room. Step 2. Prep the area by washing the walls. Place a drop cloth over the floor and furniture,
sand rough areas, and tape the doors and trim. Make sure the room is well-ventilated. Step 3. Paint the room with the base coat and allow
it to dry for at least 24 hours. Next, mix equal amounts of the secondary paint
and wallpaper paste to create a glaze. Pre-mixed glaze can be used instead of wallpaper
paste. Use four parts glaze to one part paint. Step 4. Wet the sponge with water and dampen a small,
irregular area of the wall. Step 5. Use your paintbrush to apply the glaze over
the dampened area using crisscross strokes. Allow the base coat to show through. Continue dampening and glazing the wall in
small, manageable sections. Step 6. Minimize brush lines by feathering the wet
glaze with a clean, dry brush. Allow the paint to dry. Step 7. Transfer the paint to an airtight plastic
container for later use on touch-ups. Enjoy the new look of your walls. Did you know Did you know? According to the Guinness World Records, in
2008 students from China’s Luoyang Normal University set the record for creating the
largest painting by numbers at nearly 5,491 square feet.

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