How do I get over ART BLOCK after finals?
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How do I get over ART BLOCK after finals?

hi guys! I’m Coco and I know I haven’t
posted to YouTube for a while but I’ve been studying since I started sharing my
work online so I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to another platform
apart from Instagram but now I have more time to dedicate to it and since I have
been feeling weird about art in the last five-six weeks I wanted to talk instead
of writing an Instagram post! what I wanted to discuss is art block and how to
escape it from my own perspective for the last two months I haven’t been able to
create personal work, I had to dedicate every single drawing session to school
since I had so many assignments to turn in this has definitely taken a toll on
my creative energy: I got a case of art block as soon as I was done with projects
and commissions, I didn’t really feel like drawing at all… how is it possible?
for me, I think it’s been a combo of stress and high expectations. I have been
under a lot of pressure with school but I’ve also been learning and growing in
the time that I haven’t been creating and I can’t wait to apply everything I
learned at once. Since I knew what I was going through, I allowed myself to have
a small break from the pens and the brushes and changed my schedule to spend more
time catching up with movies and TV shows. Some of the things I’ve watched
are the second season of Sabrina, The Good Place, and also the movie Coraline
which I hadn’t watched yet and all of these are very recommendable!
Yesterday I decided that recess was over. I had allowed some days for rest but I was
already feeling plain lazy, and I had things to do, such as designing a
“thank you” card for store orders, so this couldn’t realistically go on any longer.
When your job is making art you have to learn to take control when art block is whining
like a spoiled kid in the back of your brain it’s dangerous
because at some point you start believing you’re incapable
of producing new ideas or that you will never achieve a certain level of
technique… of course you surely won’t if you give in, so it’s time to take the
wheel!! What I did is I started to browse some
reference pictures that I have saved and mix them in my “brain creativity mixer”
with the inspiration that I had gathered during this time, for example, from the
shows I watched. Then I started doing sketches, and this drawing of a witchy
girl and her lizard familiar is the result of that. You can see that during
this painting I have improvised a lot but I had fun and it was good to
remember that even if the result is imperfect, what will eventually defeat
artblock is the fact that I made something today!
The worst thing you can do when you’re feeling art blocked is to give in for a
long period of time. You have to get some time for yourself: take walks,
watch movies, try cooking something new but after a while you have
to convince yourself that the only way to get the machine moving again is to
try and start it. You will begin to know yourself better with time, there is no
magical prescription for art block… but you have to know that it will pass.
Experiencing our block is completely normal. You are not alone! Artists are like trees… they don’t give fruits all the time, they
also need time to rest and grow! But it always takes a tiny bit extra effort to
push through the ground and let the first leaves grow. I hope you enjoyed this
small video! If you have any tips against artblock, I’ll be happy to read them in
the comments! Thank you for watching and see you soon!
Bye 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How do I get over ART BLOCK after finals?

  1. This helped me so much Coco! Seriously you have no idea😭I’ve been going through such a rough and hard art block I was starting to give in! But as you said I put effort and started to get out of it! I’m soo happy you finally made another video! I seriously have been waiting since forever! I’ll be sure to share this with other people, in the mean time thanks for opening up. Sometimes I see artists like you producing, and just always so happy and “perfect” we forget everone struggles with the same things. Your art is gorgeous and don’t ever doubt it. You said it wasn’t perfect but believe me it is Thank you again, it has been perfect timing I believe, at least for me :’)

  2. Coco I love you so much!!your honestly one of my top favorite artists and I really love your style.i love those soft colors and I really want an art style like yours but at the same I want to have one of those anime styles.what should I do?btw have a beautiful day!!💖

  3. ahhh I'm subscriber number 100! You should upload more videos like this Coco!! (Además, también sería interesante que subieras un vídeo de como manejar una online store en España, porque el tema de enviar tu merch por correos y ser freelance se me hace un mundo a parte y puede ser un vídeo guay! xD)

  4. Thank you for this video! I'm in the same situation right now and actually have to make 25 more finished pieces until the end of month for my entrance exam into an artschool. I'm super pressured and stressed but just got out of school work where I also didn't do much art for myself. I hope I get better again. Just keep creating! Lovely video Coco <3

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