Hong Kong Protests Have a New Target—the Chinese Communist Party
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Hong Kong Protests Have a New Target—the Chinese Communist Party

Tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets Hong Kong didn’t change China China changed Hong Kong But protesters are trying to change both After more than 100 days of protests and more than 2000 cans of tear gas, Hong Kong protests have entered a new phase. “Chris Chappell here  in Hong Kong. We were here back in June, just as this protest movement just began.” “Chris Chappell here back in Hong Kong. We were here back in June, when these protests first began.” After more than 3 months, a lot of the protesting looks the same. There’s still broad support in Hong Kong
society, with people from all walks of life coming
out Creative protest art can be seen everywhere. And leaderless, guerrilla style organization is still the preferred tactic. Sure, the police have gotten a little more liberal with the pepper spray. And tear gas. And violence. But protesters still have more or less the
same five demands they’ve had since the beginning. But now there’s a new focus of the protests. They’re going after the big bad, the final boss— the Chinese Communist Party. Some protesters have started calling them
the Chinazis. Yes, the protests have gone on for so long, they’ve triggered Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s Law states that as an internet discussion goes on, the probability of comparing your enemy to
Nazis approaches 100%. The Party ultimately has the final say over what happens in Hong Kong. That means the Hong Kong government is completely unaccountable to the people
of Hong Kong.” No matter how many millions protest. On Saturday night, the Civil Human Rights Front, which has organized some of the biggest marches over the past 100 days, held an Anti-Authoritarianism Rally. It marked the 5-year anniversary of the 2014
Umbrella Revolution. Hundreds of thousands joined. While the protests were largely peaceful, a smaller group of protesters smashed the windows of government offices. And blocked this major road near the Hong Kong Legislative Council Office. Though they did take barriers down to let
firefighters through. But on Sunday, it was the Chinese Communist Party that was at the center of protesters’ fury. “Today is the Global Anti-Totalitarianism
March. Wait, Shelley, what’s the difference between Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism?” “Just wait” Ok, Totalitarianism has way more tear gas. The Hong Kong police did not grant a permit
for this march, making this an illegal assembly. And so the police have come out in force. “They fired the tear gas right next to me. My ear’s kind of ringing from that. But my god, that was loud. Ear’s still ringing. I don’t know why the police suddenly went
off, but oh man, I’m gonna get this nice and tight.” In fact, the police started firing tear gas before the march had even started. When most of the people around were just reporters and people trying to go shopping. Until they got mad at the police. “That’s a media liaison. They’re telling us that we need to get out
of here. They’re telling the press to leave. That they’re sweeping the area. All in all it’s a great world anti-totalitarianism
festival.” But Hong Kong protesters don’t see this as just their fight against the Chinese Communist
Party. They see it as the world’s fight. In this open letter, Hong Kong protesters “call for the free
world to join us and stand as one against the greatest threat
it has ever seen.” That threat being the Chinese Communist Party. And there are signs protesters are getting the world to pay attention. At least 40 cities worldwide have held similar protests this weekend to support Hong Kong. “This is extremely gutsy. The Chinese Communist Party is not known for taking criticism very well.” “Watch out for pepper spray!” Despite the tear gas and pepper spray, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers marched. “It’s become more and more dangerous to come out to these protests. What keeps you coming out?” “Oh, it’s so simple. Because I love this place. That’s all.” “Why are you targeting the Chinese Communist
Party instead of just the Hong Kong government?” “Because they’re the boss of this event. Even we already defeat the Hong Kong government, they still try to control it. If we do not defeat it, Hong Kong is over. “Now the Chinese Communist Party is not known for taking criticism very well. Are you worried?” “We’re not worried ’cause… our ultimate goal is to raise the awareness
internationally, so other countries will try to help. Are you worried?” “I’m not worried. Because today, when stand out I have nothing left, alright, I could die for democracy. This is what a civilization should does.” “And do you think you can bring change?” “We all believe it. Every protester come out, we all believe it.” So the World Anti-Totalitarianism rally was a complete success. For about 15 minutes. Until the police showed up again. Although, you could say that police breaking up an anti-totalitarianism rally is the perfect way for this to end. “So..aw jeez…the unrest in Hong Kong has
been an existential threat to the Chinese Communist
Party. But with the protesters now targeting the
party itself, it’s anyone’s guess how the Party’s
going to respond. But no matter how the Party responds, one thing is for sure. After the tear gas clears, the Hong Kong protesters will keep on marching.

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73 thoughts on “Hong Kong Protests Have a New Target—the Chinese Communist Party

  1. Well these Hong Kong protesters realize that which American businesses turn a blind eye to – that China is a huge threat to freedom!

  2. It's the same boat rats would be in without humans, without the US and its capitalism there are no ideas and intellectual property to steal and no existence or future for communism.

  3. Looks like shot down all rioters is the only solution .Rioters are still dreaming they forgotten the super power behind Hong Kong government.

  4. If a foreign government helps. The CCP will have an excuse to send in the army. Tough spot, if the protesters use guns, it's also over. They just have to hang in there. But what incredible potential, Free Uighurs, Free Tibet, Free religious, Rule of law, Prosperity for the people.

  5. Hong Kongers have the courage no one else does. They confront the CCP, while the rest of the world whores out to it in hopes of economic benefit.

  6. What's with the cut at 4:30? He was going to say something and you skipped over that.

    Edit: On further inspection, it doesn't even sound like the same guy.

  7. Protesters smashed and vandalised the shops and they don't want to be held accountable for the loss or faults? Is this terrorism or terrorism? BTW why is US not a totalitarian regime when its government has been exposed to be spying on literally everyone in the West?

  8. The police has every right to suppress each and every protest that's deemed unreasonable by their standard. BTW China is not involved in their policing affairs, it is the democratic police force that's fulfilling its duty to maintain peace and order by crushing down violent protests and terrorist acts. Well done

  9. Chris, you are a great actor, not a journalist, interviewed a group of Quixotic morons. Go on your performance! By the way, don't pretend to be in danger, no one has been killed.

  10. Ah used to like the hong kong protestors but now to me as an actual national socialist, they seem stupid and don't know what Fascism is.

    They are calling the COMMUNIST party or China National Socialist /Fascist Lol 😂

    Give those capitalist scum hell commies they deserve it for being so stupid and predicable 😂

  11. you were late to the party. i was there when the march started at soho at 1:30pm and there was no police and tear gas. the front of the procession was where all the people holding flags and they're nowhere in sight when the tear gas is being fired in sogo.

  12. Long text. Bare with me. I'm gonna get so much hate for this.
    In 1917. Fatima, Portugal. Three young shepherds were given a warning. A warning that errors exactly like these were come to pass and spread like a virus if a specific request was not fulfilled. And still waiting for the fulfillment of this request to this day.
    Years later, men with no faith and no morals were recruited to infiltrate a specific religious Church to dismantle within, just as Joseph Stalin ordered. There's a dark twist to that by the way.
    As years gone by, more and more degenerates increased by the numbers in the ordination in the Church. Many scandals of twisted abuses of all kinds occurred. The intent was to lead the faithful lose the faith and advance the Marxist agenda. After a good Church leader passed away, another true Church leader took his place until he was intimated to step down by men lower than his rank. Men belonging to an ultimate mob that no mafias around the world combined can fathom the malevolence of this Mafia could inflict upon the entire world. They replaced a good Church leader with a degenerate and dangerous man. I could go further with this, but I rather you look it up yourselves.
    Here are the key hints.
    The Saint Gallan Group and the Lavander Mafia.
    Bella Dodd.
    Have fun looking them up. I know in gonna get so much hate for this, but if you look around, you'll start to notice the rot and filth that's been spreading like a disease. Have fun with that.
    Also look up the Amazon Synod. That's just a start.

  13. I wish all the protesters should wear XI-Mask (xi face mask with funny expressions or messages on it). It would be funny for reporters and viewers.

  14. Sadly, he will not die for democracy, but for ignorance, for brainwashed by politicians, for violent destroying, for for chaos, for not working, for poverty, and finally he will certainly die for homelessness, like all other homeless people in U.S. Go die for democracy please! We don't need more human-garbage like you. Go destroy, show us how violent HK protesters can be!

  15. LMAO as a citizen of Hongkong I dont need your fucking support, I hope Chinese army could come and kill all protesters. They are technically terrerists

  16. Yep, those communist sperms always want to dominate the world, just like the Nazi. The world needs to wake up now and stop another world disaster, this time is WW-III. Human distinction, pig head Mao always wanted to do this, now devil Xi want to do it.

  17. Bravo! keep on fighting HK and I urge the Taiwanese, Tibetian and Uyghur all united and drive those communist sperms out of China and return it to a democratic country. May be some one need to put a nuke in Beijing to kill all the communist sperms

  18. was passed and executed all in a day, which allow the police mask up themselves and hidden their identification number so that they can do anything illegally without being be identified. However, normal citizens cannot mask our face. Once our face are showed we will be prosecuted or dismissal even we take part in a lawful and peaceful demonstration. The emergency law itself is illegal.1) the law was out dated. It was setup about 200 years ago for the Governor to better control the oversea colony effectively. Nowaday, there is no Governor in HK to announce and execute the emergency law. 2) HK has basic law to handle emergency cases which is overriding the emergency law. 3) The emergency law allow the governor to setup any laws as he like. However under basic law, all laws have to be established in legislation council . Hence emergency violate basic law. 4) It is ridiculous that CEO Carrie Lam claim that HK now is not at the state of emergency. Then, why use emergency law??

    By emergency law she become the King of HK, she can do what she like! ridiculous!!

  19. Remove all their 'over paid' riot gear and give them no more than a stick THEN see how 'tough' they really are. China is ruled by a loony tune (along with the other crack heads) who wants to be emperor for life (and beyond no doubt!) and is (albeit) a few steps ahead of the rest of the little deranged morons who want to join in and subdue everyone and everything. I'd slap the little poop stain over the lemming cliff

  20. Be careful of what you wish for, die for democracy or die for the interest of others?These thing happen before in Philippines, people fight and die for so called democracy only to find out that they have been used for the interest of others which is back up by USA, thats why we suffer for 30 yrs now same oligarch interest wants to overthrow the current goverment.

  21. These rat rioters think world support them, but in reality we shame their action. Start think straight young men… U have no way out n future. Rioters think they r hero, victim of ccp, bla3. Yet world can see who actually they r. Big disgrace teenager with brain problem.

  22. NO.1 fabricated and biased media in universe. "China uncensored" = " human hatred seller" . " Make People Hate China" is what you've been doing all day. Very impressive blowjob!

  23. To be impartial, the news media should use accurate terminology for protester and rioter.  Protesters should only be used for those demonstrating peacefully.  If violence is involved, rioters should be used to draw a line to protect innocent HK people.  Their safety and peaceful living depends on the mercy and conscience of media.

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