Gel Printing with Botanicals from the Garden
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Gel Printing with Botanicals from the Garden

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and I was figuring since you know September’s over and it’s were
into October that you were probably missing gel printing a lot you know
because you didn’t see enough of it last month so I figured I would continue on
with a little bit more gel printing and showing you what I did with these prints
I am doing printing with botanicals these are leaves and vines and things
from my yard you know we don’t often have so much green stuff but for some
reason I found quite a bit of green things in the yard this time so I’m
having some fun I am using our tizi paints again still working on on trying
to get rid of those get them used up before they turn into nothingness and I
have cut my paper it’s cardstock and I’ve cut it into five
five and a quarter by four inches so this will be card fronts I decided it
would be really nice to make a set of botanical greeting cards as a gift you
know it’s time to start working on gifts for the holiday season you can make lots
of things yourself and they’re really nice gifts in giving someone a set of
greeting cards that’s handmade that they can use is a nice gift they ended up
having different sayings on them and I just use I made them very very simple
you’ll see them at the end but I am putting paint down on the plate and then
laying my leaves onto it and pressing them down using some tissue and then if
I have excess paint I am on the on the leaves I’m putting it on the smaller
plate and picking it up with some tags so I ended up with some manila tags with
prints on them as well although I apparently did not take pictures of
those no I did not but anyway I think there was about five of them and I think
I sent them away that’s why I didn’t have a chance oh I did use one I did use
one of them you’ll see one anyway so this is a simple process but it’s really
effective if if you get the layer of paint thin enough and enough dry I mean
you don’t wait for it to dry but if you can if you can figure out just the right consistency of paint on there you can
even get the leaves and veining really like fine details and using tissue paper
or deli paper is good for picking up the excess paint it works really well
particularly tissue paper just you know trashy tissue paper that you get in a
box and it’s all wadded up it works great for picking up the paint in
between the leaves getting down there and the grooves and getting everything
pressed down a lot of fun so I am making these as a gift as I said
and I ended up making a perfect-sized cardstock box to put them in so that
they can stock in there I found envelopes to match and then I put
greetings on them using rubber stamps I found a little swirly thing there did
you see that and that little vine that’s that’s reached out and tried to wrap
around something made an interesting mark wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it
was going to be but that’s pretty fun anyway that time they used gray I don’t
use grey very often there’s a pickup but it turned out nicely the card stock I’m
using is 80 pound extra smooth solar white card stock from Neenah it’s a very
nice card stock for stamping that’s what I have it for is for stamping it’s super
smooth and nice and bright white so you get a good bright color because the
background is so white so I probably will not be making anymore
gel printing videos in October don’t worry this was just a little I just had
to get it out of my system a little bit while there was some nice plants to use
outside I had to do it I just had to and of course I know you guys are just
totally missing gel printing after seeing so much of it last week I mean
last month not sure what’s going on here I’m watching myself and thinking what
was I doing oh that one turned out really cool I
guess I thought I needed white I don’t know I keep changing the color on the
bottom one huh I guess it just wasn’t working the way I wanted when you use
the light colors it’s hard to see them on the video until I show the reveal at
the end I’m also just using um yeah I didn’t get much on that one hard to see yes–it’s I didn’t end up with a lot on
that one I guess I must have decided to try to fix it up there’s a little bit of
delay between when I edited this footage and when I first did it oh that one’s
cool so I’m as surprised as you are
as I watch it there we go I finally got something on that one so it does seem to
work best to use a dark color first and then put the leaves on and then get rid
of the excess paint using deli paper or tissue pulling off excess paint and then
pulling off the plant but not waiting around to you long you gotta get get got
a knot give the paint underneath a chance she completely dry because then
the leaf sticks to it of course I live in Arizona and so things dry very
quickly and I certainly do not want leaves stuck to my plate which has
happened that one had way too much white so I just took the rest of the yellow
that was on my brayer and braids over the top to fill in the white you know
yellow just about everything yellow is translucent because yellow isn’t a
pigment that makes a color be opaque so you can always put yellow over top
always always I think this is the one I turned into a birthday card and I
printed the tags on both sides and the deli and tissue paper that I’m
using well end up just being collage paper because I’m just going over and
over with it so it’s not a cohesive design on there it’s just getting paint
on the paper that’s all so I’ll end up being collage paper I don’t have a whole
heck of a lot to say about this video I don’t even have any story is there
anything to say that wouldn’t had some crusty bits which I thought turned out
pretty cool there was some yellow stuck to the plates that came up with that
pole I always enjoy it when that happens some people really hate that that’s it
makes them annoyed because they want absolute perfection and I think the
whole joy of the gel plate is that you you are surprised that you get
surprising things happening there and those crusty bits the peep the bits of
paint that are left on the plate after you pull up your prints always are
interesting to me I think they’re cool so I bet a lot of you have done
something like this and if you have any tips you can share them in the comments
below so that other people can read them or you can come over to our joy of
sharing and show your botanical prints I know they’re super popular things
printed with real leaves and real flowers are a popular thing and they
turned out fantastic as a set of greeting cards because they’re not the
same they’re not all the same because I use different plants I use different
colors but they’re similar in that they are all botanical prints so they go
together as a set very well no I think I’m going for the black now I enjoyed
the black the plant that worked the best of all of them is this thing that kind
of looks like a fern it’s actually a very those badges of that plant are very
sharp it’s a desert plant and they are sharp it’s it actually is a tree has
thorns but of course I didn’t pick anything that had thorns on it yet
because I just picked the newest growth and it wasn’t yet thorny the thorns grow
later on the older stuff that time I used some PBO dinah metallic paint you
usually see me using that in large tubes but I did have these little samples and
I figured I would just use the samples while I was doing this so that’s very
shimmery especially on the black paper it came out very shimmery why not open up the sample tubes I’ve
had him for a couple years so I got him at the craft and hobby show CAJ that
plant is from something that’s called a Mexican Berta paradise has an
interesting plant shape but the leaves on it kept coming off on the plate and I
ended up having to peel leaves office my plate a few times I think I cut that out
though I doubt you want to watch me peel leaves the green and blue combination is
really nice the dark blue with the green I think if that’s attractive for a
botanical print although it did not come up very well I let it dry on there too long so if
you’re new to gel printing and you think you want to try something like this
getting the 6 by 6 plate and a box of the artis of paint is a good way to to
go an inexpensive route this paint works well for this it’s a student grade
medium body paint I think it works well and really if you’re gonna make cards in
small things like our journal pages you don’t need a giant plate so the 6×6
is a reasonable price and the paint is a very reasonable price I’ll link them
down below so you can see I mean they’re not free but in comparison that’s a good
way to get started with gel printing and I like this two-inch brayer I have a 4
inch prior to which I use on the larger plates but the qu h brayer works really
well for this smaller setup and you can do a lot with it you know without
investing in a huge gigantic thing that you may or may not use although I can’t
not imagine that anyone would not use a gel plate if they had it but I know that
happens I’ve I’ve heard people say oh I bought that thing a year ago and I still
haven’t even opened it oh that’s a tragedy that’s a tragedy a tragedy very
sad very sad I was just cleaning up the plates and trying to get some of the
extra bits off with the white paint but I put it on a little bit too thick so it
didn’t work as well as it should have and you can see my larger Brea right
there they come in a lot of sizes you can even
get six and eight inch ones for block printing big large wide ones but I don’t
think get any bigger than a four would really be necessary I use the 4 on my 12
by 12 plate whoo that turned out pretty I gave all those away
I know I don’t I don’t even know who I gave them to you lucky person there’s
some pretty ones on those tags well I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and we’ll
give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment or question below subscribe if
you haven’t already and you can go watch my playlist of gel printing if you’re
new to gel printing and I think there’s about 50 videos if not more on that that
have all kinds of techniques and things you can do with the gel plate and of
course you can share this on Pinterest or pin it to your own gel printing board
and other people will be able to find it if you do that if they follow you so
that’s always helpful for my channel that is it for me for gel printing with
botanicals I’m obviously running out of time because the Sun is coming on my
desk bye bye you

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35 thoughts on “Gel Printing with Botanicals from the Garden

  1. Those botanicals made such beautiful cards and tags. Are you kidding? I LOVE watching you gelli print no matter how many times. I was hoping you would do another one using the panpastels and the gel plate. Thank you soooo much for sharing your talents!

  2. Beautiful cards, Shel! I'm heading out to my yard for botanicals right now. I only discovered you and gel printing about a month ago, and already , when I watch your videos, I feel that I've spent quality time with a good friend. Thanks!

  3. I would never get bored of watching gelli printing, you never see the same thing twice! Beautiful cards Shel xxx💕

  4. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and if the plants dictate that time, then you just gotta do it!!!! Lol❣️Thanks Shel. Always enjoy your sessions and results. 🥰

  5. Thank you again for your inspiring videos, whatever the topic 🙂🙂 I have had success taking fresh botanicals and placing them on my countertop under a piece of picture frame glass for a day or two. They are still pliable yet more leaf definition than freshly cut. Let me know if you've tried this technique. I have also cautiously used recently dried botanicals on fabric without using gelli plate. I brayered the paint directly on the stems. I did discover older dried botanicals leave debris on the fabric. Need try printing on the plate!!

  6. You are so very clever dear Shel! Love those prints, you can always put out gel printing any time as far as I'm concerned, lol! 💜💜💜💜💜

  7. Wonderful Gel Printing session Shel. I love it when you gel print. I've done botanical printing on fabric where you wet the fabric, lay the botanicals on it, roll it up and tie it with strings, then boil it in hot water that has a mordant in it, Sometimes you get good results. You got some amazing results just now. Thanks for sharing.`

  8. Beautiful set of prints. Getting the right thickness of paint really makes the difference. Thanks for all the hints. So appreciated.

  9. I could watch you gel print all day, Shel! I have not yet become confident at gel printing – but I get motivated to try again whenever I watch you. this video is my favorite so far. Thank you!

  10. Your cards "leaf" me speechless! They look terrific!
    I like the rubber stamped expressions and typefaces too!
    Have a good week!
    Best wishes, Dianna

  11. Love the botanicals. I'll be re-watching your 50,000 videos from September 😂. I'm not tired of watching gel printing, yet lol.

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