Garage Organization Ideas and Organized Garage Tour
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Garage Organization Ideas and Organized Garage Tour

Hey it’s Abby and today I am so excited
to take you on a tour of our organized garage. It wasn’t always organized though. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say that at one point it looked like this but I’m
thrilled to say that after working on it little by little over the past several
months that we finally have the organized garage I have been hoping for.
Before we jump into the tour, I wanted to mention that I put together a little
garage organization planning guide that is full of tips and printables that will
help you organize your own garage project so you can grab that by clicking
on the link in the description below. Let’s jump right in starting with the
left wall of the garage. The first section in our garage is
dedicated to our lawn and garden tools. Since Donnie mows, fertilizes, and uses
the weed whacker just about every week when the weather is nice, it was
important to have all these tools in a spot that is easy to reach and within
close access to the garage door so he can get everything outside. We decided to
go with the IKEA ALGOT shelving system with metal shelves throughout the garage.
We liked that the shelving attached to the wall
rather than sitting on the floor since our garage floor is a bit slanted. We had also considered the Elfa system from The Container Store, but when we compared prices, we ended up saving thousands of dollars by going with ALGOT. We have used the ALGOT system in 7 closets between the two houses we’ve lived in
and it has always held up well for us so we were confident that it would be a
great fit for our garage as well. For larger and more awkwardly shaped items
that needed to hang, we use the Gladiator brand track system, which allows us to
add various types of hooks to hold all sizes and shapes of items. This made it
easy to store things like weed whackers, shovels, rakes, and sprayers. Donnie had requested a work surface for the space for when he’s working on projects in the garage, so we put in a standard ALGOT shelf on this segment of the wall, with a stool that stores neatly underneath. We also included anIKEA SKADIS pegboard where
we can clip up notes for projects we’re working on and hold pens and other small
supplies. This section of shelving also holds many of the boys outdoor toys
along with some of our beach and camping supplies. These are just simple aqua bins
from Target but I love that they added a fun pop of color. I labeled the bins with
my Silhouette machine and adhesive vinyl— you can see my video about making labels with a silhouette for more details. We were sure to keep the boys
items down low so that they could reach them easily when they go out to play. The
items we used less often are up higher. Bikes were one of the things that we
knew would be trickier to store since they are awkwardly shaped and take up a
lot of room. We needed them to be out of the way but also easy enough to get to
that it wouldn’t be a pain when we wanted to use them. We decided to go with a
Gladiator track again and they had the perfect attachment that allows us to get
the bikes up and down easily. We are a hockey family so one of my top
priorities for our garage organization project was to figure out a way to store
all of the smelly hockey gear that had infiltrated my house. First we used wall
hooks to hang up the net that we use in the driveway, along with a yellow shield that acts as the stand-in goalie. We made sure the net was up high enough that the hood of the car would say under it but low enough that it was easy to
grab. Two more sets of wall hooks hold all of the hockey sticks below the net.
The next part is my favorite because it holds all of the hockey bags which used
to inevitably end up in my dining room or our guest room. These are still the IKEA ALGOT shelves, with our boys’ bags on the lowest shelves so they can get them up
and down themselves. Above Caleb’s bag, we installed some hooks where we can hang
sweaty gear to air out. If you have ever smelled sweaty hockey gear you
understand why this was necessary. IKEA makes these nifty little baskets that hook right on to the ALGOT rails, so I was able to store a stash of hockey pucks
there so the boys can grab them easily. Donnie uses his hockey gear less often so
it’s fine up high. It’s easy for him to grab the ladder to get the bag down when
he needs it. We also have a few bins of spare hockey gear that we’re waiting for
the boys to grow into. Donnie had been storing his fishing gear in his office
and in our master closet so we wanted to make sure to give it a better home out
here in the garage. For some reason he didn’t like the idea of storing his
fishing gear in cute aqua tubs ( I have no idea why!) so we got these gray ones for
him and they are working out well. The rest of the top row shelves not taken up
by his hockey bag holds the remainder of his fishing gear in a couple of coolers.
The final section of the shelving on this wall has several shelves for all
the shoes, skates, and roller blades. We keep our day-to-day shoes inside but our
muddy shoes and boots are stored in the garage along with rollerblades for
everyone in the family and my ice skates since I don’t keep them in a hockey bag.
Finally, we have one light duty ladder that we use all the time so we hung it
on a hook on this wall which is near the entrance to the house so we can easily
grab it and use it when we need it. Let’s check out the final wall of the
garage. We put a small section of shelves above the utility tub to hold some
cleaning supplies and my favorite y-weave bins. I was way too excited when I
discovered that the two bins on lowest shelves were the perfect size to store a
roll of garbage bags. The bags stay neatly tucked away but are still
convenient to grab one when I need it and then the next one sits there ready
and waiting for me. I love a pretty detail so I painted the door going into
our mudroom my favorite shade of aqua, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and also
painted the steps white with gray treads. For the size of our house, the closets
are pretty small so I struggled to find a great place to store our mops and
brooms. We ended up using another SKADIS pegboard with hooks on a small piece of wall
and it has been the perfect solution. There is also a dispenser for holding
plastic grocery bags so that we can reuse them.
This wall was a bit tricky because it has a bump out that not only limited
what we could put on either side of it but also constrained what we could store
on it. Since we wanted to be able to park both of our cars in here, whatever we put
on the bump out couldn’t stick out very far or it would be tough to get our
doors open. Ultimately this ended up being the perfect spot to store
our heavier duty ladders, again using the Gladiator track system. The three ladders
fit perfectly horizontally and they aren’t very deep so bumping the car
doors is not a problem. The final little corner of the garage holds our garbage
can and recycling bin and also provides a spot for another tricky item to store—
the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is heavy and huge and though we don’t use it very
often, it’s something we needed to keep around to use occasionally. We were
totally baffled as to the best way to store it until we found this simple wall
bracket. The lip of the wheelbarrow simply sits down into the bracket and
the handles help to lock it in place so it’s sturdy, keeping it accessible but
still out of the way. Finally we used one more wall hook to hold the bike rack
attachment that hooks to the hitch on the back of our car and then we were
done. It took months of working on it off and on but I’m absolutely thrilled with
our finished garage space. Let’s take a look at the before and after! And of course I couldn’t end this video
without a shot of both cars parked comfortably in the garage because I am
so excited that we’re going to be parking in here instead of out in the
cold Pennsylvania Tundra this winter! Thank you so much for taking the tour of
our organized garage, and if you’re planning on working on a garage project
any time soon be sure to grab our garage organization planning guide in the
description below!

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66 thoughts on “Garage Organization Ideas and Organized Garage Tour

  1. This was probably the biggest organization project we've ever tackled! Eek! We worked on it on and off for several months, but we got there in the end! Now we need to do something similar to our basement, lol! Do you have any huge organization projects that you want to tackle in your house?

  2. What a wonderful job you and your husband did! I love your color choices and the way you stored your bins. We plan to tackle our garage at the end of the month. My problem is we love the holidays and have many boxes of Christmas, Fall and other beautiful things. Currently, we are paying for a storage unit to house our extra stuff We are wasting money and designing a functional garage has been a challenge. Thank you for some great ideas. Enjoy your new space!

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  5. Great job! I hope you’re enjoying your tidy and functional space! Now you won’t have to scrape snow and ice off of your cars this winter! Woo hoo! ⛄️

  6. I’m working on my garage this coming up weekend. I’m already overwhelmed thinking about it. Myself and my sister have to go through dozens of boxes from my moms house. She passed away 7 years ago now but it’s a process both mentally and physically to go through it all. I’m going to try and be brutal with things though and try to get rid of a lot. My biggest issue is that every bin is different! It would be pricey to buy all the same bins. But one step at a time a guess! Thanks for the inspiration as always Abby! What a good looking garage!

  7. OMG!!!! Abby, it’s beyond beautiful! Okay, fess up…. did you just wanna stay in there after it was done- instead of going inside?! 🤣. I know I would! Sigh. What I wouldn’t do for a two car garage again. Our current house has a very tiny single garage. Enjoyed having your video pop up here tonight!

  8. This a great video, Abby. I struggle to find the right hooks to hang things on. My husband and I are not good at attaching things to the walls. But with a stud finder and your project planner, we are going to get the garage organized. Thanks again.

  9. Everything looks so great! I know what a relief it is to have a project finally come together & so beautifully ❤️ Thanks for sharing Abby! I always love your projects 🤗

  10. I'm only 8 seconds in and I had to stop so I could tell you how happy I am to see you back. I didn't realize how much I missed your videos!

  11. Love this!!! Going to be helping a friend soon in Cranberry Township and hopefully will be implementing some of these ideas😊

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  13. Yay!!! So glad you’re back. But now we know why!! Wow! What a huge project!! It looks absolutely amazing. I plan to show this to my hubby for inspiration. I’ve been hinting for years for him to get our garage reorg’d. Since we do have room to fit both cars he hasn’t seen it as a priority, but when I’m looking for something in the garage I can never go right to it. He never puts my bins back in the same spot!!! Uhhhhhh!!!!!🤨. Looking forward to more videos!!!

  14. Great video , omg.. I’m still working on mine 6 month now. Use SELICA gel pack the ones from medicine bottles gets RID of moisture also good to put in boots & shoes & dryer sheets in the gloves helps with smell. It looks fantastic ….your so lucky to have drywall in your space.

  15. I've missed your videos so much! So excited to see an upload from you. Your garage looks amazing, and I love how functional it is.

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  18. Hi Abby! I discovered your channel few days ago as I am searching for organisation video. I am inspired with your ideas. Can I make a request please? I am in need of help with tacking papers, documents, utilities etc. Can you please share your ideas and possibly show how you manage yours? Thanks in advance.
    subbie from UK here 🙂

  19. How do you keep your garage floors so clean? What type of mop system do you use? New sub. You're an inspiration Abby!

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  21. #1 having the mower up on end will cause oil to get into the combustion chamber and screw the mover up. #2 it cost you thousands to do that.

  22. After two weeks everything is dusty in the garage door opening. Do you wipe the dust out of every piece after two weeks?

  23. Just subscribed. I found you from Clutterbug's new free mini course and I plan on using your videos as inspiration for our garage.

  24. I had a similar problem with my mother and her boyfriend, who served time in the military. He had a bunch of friends who passed away. Being that, he also accumulated a lot of memorabilia from his fallen comrades. I suggested that he clean the place once, but gave me a look that I won’t forget. Shortly thereafter, during a small stint at a reunion for fallen soliders, I called for the services of Jux Los Angeles, a garage and attic cleaning / reorganization company, based in southern a California. My mother’s boyfriend wasn’t pleased with what I had done at first. As a week passed by since the renovation, much to his chagrin, he had to tell me that the place looked so different and that now, he has a place where he can honor his brothers and sisters; in his garage ( I made it extra special and hung up some uniforms his comrades wore on the garage walls…)

  25. so nicely done!! wow! bravo!! love it. I'm a garage parker too lol and so miss parking in my garage. our new home has a single car and haven't yet lol figured out how to get my car in it…where I live its hot 4 months of the year and parking in a nice garage was such a treat. a cool car is so nice. cest la vie!

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