Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids – How to Paint a Christmas Tree Easy Step by Step Watercolor Tutorial
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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids – How to Paint a Christmas Tree Easy Step by Step Watercolor Tutorial

okay guys I’m Emily welcome back to my
channel I have someone really special with me today
this is Ansley my daughter – Ansley say hi! Hi! And how old are you Ansley and
what grade are you in? That’s right she’s in
kindergarten so we’re gonna have a lot of fun today and time for the holidays
we’re going to be making Christmas cards and what are we gonna be painting on our
Christmas cards that’s right we’ll be using watercolors today and I’ll talk
about my supplies in just a minute but for now let’s jump in okay let’s get
started so I have two Christmas cards that I’ve taped down to our table just
so that they don’t slide around I’ll show you we are using the
Strathmore watercolor cards it’s a pack of 10 the paints were using today are
koi watercolors this is what the box looks like it’s just a little sketch box
that looks like this it comes with 12 colors and we’ll mostly just be using
the cobalt blue and this viridian hue so we each have clean water for
rinsing or brushes I have some gouache the tube of gouache that I’ll be using
for the snowflakes later and each of us has a large size 8 or actually Ansley
have the 10 she has a 10 round brush and I have a size 8 round brush and these
are what we’re gonna use for most of the painting. You ready to start? okay
so we need our pencil first what I’m gonna do first is – watch – just draw
a light line straight across and it can be a little curvy and that’s where my
snow is going to be now you try it now what shape is a
Christmas tree a triangle a triangle so I’m gonna lightly draw a tall skinny
triangle and this is what will paint our Christmas tree in yeah go ahead and draw
your triangle beautiful triangle okay
let’s paint this guy first so I’m gonna grab some water mix it in with this
cobalt blue right here to make a beautiful sky blue have you got your
brush ready okay want to grab some paint let’s paint our
sky and make sure that you don’t paint down
into the snow that’s right make sure you’re grabbing enough paint
with your brush you can take it straight out of the palette like that to see how
much paint you can get on your brush so once the sky is done we can start
painting the tree I’m actually going to make a mixture for us of let’s do the
Viridian and the Prussian blue and the lamp black a little more Viridian nice
and green okay and I’m just gonna paint my tree with a sideways motion so I’m
not gonna go like this because in a Christmas trees you don’t really see
them looking straight up and down it’s more of a sideways motion to create the
effect of these fir trees that branch out Wanna try it? so make sure your
brush is wet enough grab some bright colored paint and just
do a sideways motion in the tree and inside of that triangle
think you need a little more paint less water more paint like your bright green, you chose an nice
bright green for your tree more paint make it even brighter yeah
you happy with that so far? Nice job. and you can spread out the paint a
little bit it doesn’t make weird shapes in there Use water if you don’t know what to
use you just use water to spread the paint out that’s right all right we’re gonna
let these dry for about ten minutes the next step is adding snow I’m squeezing out some white gouache
onto the ceramic palette and then carefully covering the areas around our
paintings with paper towels I wet the toothbrush first and pat it onto the
paint until the bristles are evenly coated then using my thumb on the
toothbrush I hold it close to the paper and gently pull my thumb towards my palm
this will create the spatter effect and you can add snow all over the painting
now you try let’s wash our hands now so now that
we’ve added a little bit of snow spatter with our toothbrush we’re going to use a
little bit of red gouache to create some ornaments and you know what I think we
should add a little more snow what do you think okay so let’s take the red
gouache Gouache is simply its water color that’s more opaque it’s not transparent
like watercolor but it’s still non-toxic rinsable with water which makes it great
for kids okay do you have a little brush grab your little tiny brush stick it in
your water first to wet it stick the brush in your water first and then dab
it on your paper towel a little bit okay so we’re gonna use our little
brushes and grab some more of that wet gouache all right and we’re gonna just add a
little bit more snow to our tree and I’m just short small side to side strokes just to create the effect of snow sitting on those
droopy branches good I like that brush stroke Nice big
ones grab tons of paint nice snowy tree huh now snow doesn’t just fall on the sides
of the tree does it it also kind of falls in the center so to create the effect of
the tree looking rounded and like there’s snow all the way around put some
snow on the center of the tree too in the middle are you happy with your snow okay so
let’s take the hairdryer now and dry it so I put our red gouache paint right
here in our little palette and so let’s do the red ornaments next you can put
ornaments wherever you want you want to watch mom do a couple first okay so I
wet my brush in and then I just grab it enough red paint so that it’s juicy on my
brush okay so now you can add little red ornaments little round dots anywhere
you want on your tree You wanna try it? okay so take your small brush and
add some ornaments it’s okay that’s true it’s okay
ornaments come in all shapes and sizes don’t they I’m taking a little bit more white paint
and just making some bigger snowflakes in this guy you don’t have to but I
think it looks nice right are you happy with your ornaments? I will say let’s maybe take some of this
goopy paint away just because it’s gonna take a really long time to dry so I’m
just gonna put some of that back on the pallet all right so let’s set our
brushes aside okay let’s dry our snow and our
ornaments okay the last step is I have gold and
silver craft smart markers that are paint pens
these are water-based just like watercolor so I like how it’ll work
really well on the same surface as paint so what color do you want first Ansley
gold or silver gold okay so take your gold pen and all we’re gonna do watch me
first is we’re just going to press it straight
down like that and it’s gonna add shimmery ornaments and glitter to
your tree. Do you wanna try it? Try it with your gold try to avoid the red because
you still have some thick red paint on there and that won’t mix really so just
kind of go around where the red is I’m just drawing some some squiggles for
where the snow kind of curves you want to try the silver next? I’ll trade you I’m
going to add some gold to my tree good okay and so who are you gonna send
your card to? Nana? Oh she’ll love that all right you want to try to peel the
tape off next? and it made a nice edge on your card – all
done? We hope you enjoyed this video we had so much fun making this together and
I think this would be a great project for you to try with your kindergartners
at home with minimal mess and just in time for Christmas so if you like this
video please be sure to hit the like button and if you’re new here hit the
subscribe button for more videos like this thanks so much for watching

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  1. What a fun activity to do together! -and Ansley did beautifully! 😄 Easy to follow directions that moved at a comfortable pace👍🏻👍🏻

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