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88 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) – ‘SCREAM’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. I've been really sick lately and have been feeling like crap. This song honestly made me feel a lot better about everything

    Dreamcatcher deserves so much more attention then they get

  2. 지유 수아 시연 한동 유현 다미 가현 드림캐쳐 대박나자!! 스크림 노래 너무좋아ㅠㅠ 매번 내 심장을 저격하다니…ㅠㅠ 사랑해요 드림캐쳐 언니들❤️

  3. Just woke up and now Dreamcatcher made me scream:) 
    #DREAMCATCHER #DreamcatcherSCREAM #드림캐쳐 #Dystopia_The_Tree_of_Language

  4. I’m trying to get into Dreamcatcher. So idk if this is true, but isn’t this their first song without one of their member? I heard it from somewhere.


    JIU: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual
    SUA: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    SIYEON: Main Vocalist
    YOOHYEON: lead vocalist
    Handong (She isnt in the mv 😢) vocalist
    DAMI: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, vocalist
    GAHYEON: Vocalist, Rapper, maknae

    Jiu: May 17, 1994 // 167 cm
    Sua: Aug 10, 1994 // 164 cm
    Siyeon: Oct 1, 1995 // 170 cm
    Handong: March 26, 1996 // 165 cm
    Yoohyeon: Jan 7, 1997 // 171 cm
    Dami: March 7, 1997 // 163 cm
    Gahyeon: Feb 3, 1999 // 160 cm

    Please support them, their songs r just amazing, they are visuals, all the member can sing and the rappers are awesome!!

  6. Just Fyi, Handong is in China, participating in a survival show called Idol Producer. However, due to the Corona Virus the show is on a break so she's kinda stuck there for a while 🙁

  7. This has to be their most fair line distribution yet! Obv they have more lines to share due to Handong's absence but still. Even though Gahyeon has the least amount of lines, she has the biggest part in the MV so it even's out imo. Stan Dreamcatcher and stream Scream🤘🏻🖤

  8. Yo these lyrics are so telling it makes sense- I feel like bora is the “devil” and when the chorus changes from “I want to make you scream” I think they go through the shot with her eye and a tunnel which means “devil eyes has come”

  9. I thought in the end it was instead of "Devil eyes come" "You are strong" but yeah when I see it written it really does sound like "Devil eyes come"

  10. I just had a theory about the lyrics.
    To me it sounds like one of the members were dealing with self-harm and suicide issues, almost like Piri. Some of the lyrics like Gahyeon and Dami's whole verse, Siyeon's "all traces are gone can't believe me", Yoohyeon's "No more" and Dami's "pretend you didn't see that" sound like they're dealing with self-harm issues. If we look back into the Fly high music video, in one scene Handong is in the bathtub with slight red around her aswell as her hand sticking out of it. My theory is, what if this is a cry for help from Handong and JiU (in the music videos).

    Handong isn't in this comeback but the MV did say "to be continued" so we'll have to see.

  11. This song is such a bop. I can’t stop listening to this. Support DREAMCATCHER, people need to stop sleeping on them and realize they are not pillows to sleep on. They have so much talent I wish they get their first win. Stan DREAMCATCHER!!! Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon!

  12. 여태까지도 다른 그룹들과 전혀 다른 노선을 걸어왔고, 명백히 차별화된 사운드로 걸어온길이겠지만
    이번곡은 진짜 남다른 사운드다. 이런곡을 시도했다는거 자체에 이미 박수쳐주고 싶은 그룹.
    후렴 부분의 편곡은 진짜 최고다.

  13. The imagery of this song…

    Girl falsely accused of witchcraft tied to a stake, burning, begging the Devil to open her eyes. Devil hears her prayers and she comes back to life to get revenge, making everybody "scream".
    Or am I the only one who can see this?

  14. Word of the day: esanguined
    To be stained or covered with/in blood

    Which makes the translation a bit janky because "esanguined with blood" would be "stained with blood with blood".

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