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58 thoughts on “Drawing with a GLASS PEN

  1. These pens are really good for hatching and cross hatching cause it’s not flexible and won’t change the shape of the line when drawing them

  2. I don't know, you probably figured this out. But if you dip the entire nib, the ink flows for a crazy long time. Great for Journaling. TFS

  3. This is my opinion and no hate to the creator of the pen in advance. I really would rather go to dollar tree or somewhere to get a pen to outline my art with rather than that glass pen. It is not because it is bad but because you have to either already have inks or go buy inks so you will have some color or something to dip your pen in. Also inks cost a good amount of money and if you want more thank me color ink than you will have to buy multiple colors or a pack of inks. And I already have trouble with lining my work because I don’t draw straight lines well and with that pen you will probably have to keep picking it up to get more ink and that would cause me to mess up my line even more. And the thought of having to keep picking my pen up to get more ink in the middle of my artwork would bother me. Also I am clumsy so I might knock over the ink or not be quick enough and the ink might spill off the glass pen and drip on the artwork. This is no hate just my opinion love you Baylee

  4. I just happened across your page…and saw the thumbnail for this vid and thought…wait that's not a fancy Christmas Ornament?!?!
    I HAVE ONE OF THESE! I didn't know it was a glass pen (I didn't know about glass pens at all clearly lol)! I picked it up at a rummage sale, it was mixed in with some Christmas Ornaments.
    I thought it odd it didn't have a loop to hang it, so I tucked it in a basket on my desk with my watercolor water marker till i figured out how to hang it lol

    Biggest difference in mine is that instead of swirls on the inking part, it's straight grooves.
    So cool to find out what it really is! Thanks!

  5. I see a lot of great left handed artists! Right handed artists are equally great too! My brother draws and I think they are amazing

  6. Is it not strange that when we need to open something small and we can't, our first instinct is to bite it? 😂😂 I do it too

  7. Love your voice, love your handwriting, your artwork, and I love your black kitty in the background! In short, LOVE your video! ^^

  8. I haven't read the comments below but the paper will effect the ink. I use fountain pens as a daily writer and copy paper and cardstock will feather more than a good quality 24# paper or fountain pen paper like Clairefontaine or Tomoe River. Most paper is too absorbent which is the big contributer to the feathering. Really wet (lubricated) inks will feather more on cheaper paper too. You might have better luck with hot press water color or mix media paper. Sketch pads tend to be heavier paper (80# and up) as long as it's a smoother paper the texture will cause a lot of feathering too.

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