Do I have a plan for creating my paintings? | ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO | Quoad
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Do I have a plan for creating my paintings? | ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO | Quoad

Salut c’est John! The rest of this video will be in English
so activate the subtitles by clicking on the star wheel or the 3 small dots at the top
right on mobile. Hi it’s John You have probably noticed that I haven’t communicated
much with you in the past! There are several reasons for this. First of all, I am very busy.
Creating new Youtube videos for my viewers, offering painting courses, which you can find
a link for in the description, and selling my paintings on my website, does not leave
me with a lot of free time. Now that my You-tube audience has grown to
over 600,000 subscribers, the majority of my comments are in English. So a few months ago, I decided to start taking
English classes in order to be able to communicate with my English speaking audience, and make
all of my future videos more interactive! I am happy to announce that starting now,
at the end of each new video, I will be answering questions and responding to comments from
my previous videos in both French and English. I am looking forward to your future questions
and comments. I hope you enjoy my beautiful French accent! Now let’s move on to the painting demonstration
video. Ok, Top comment P A wrote: “I’ve never loved anything more than your
videos. You’re amazing!!” Thank you very much!
That really means a lot to me! Marilyne says to me: Hello John, like all
your videos, it’s beautiful, do you make exhibitions in the Marne? Thank you in advance neighbor. So Maryline lives not very far from my house,
in the same department, she asks me if I am currently exhibiting in the Marne and the
answer is no, no exhibition in the Marne. I already sell a lot of paint on my website
and so I don’t often do exhibitions and when I do it’s not in the Marne. Ok net one, Prajwal Randive wrote: “Please I request you to keep the music
on low or nothing and just keep the voice of those amazing strokes.” “Btw love your art.” So that’s difficult because as you know all
the tastes are in nature. When I don’t add music, they ask me to add
music and when I add music, they ask me not to. So clearly, I’m a little lost on this
one…. Personally I prefer it with music…. But please do not hesitate to tell me what
you think. It is actually less work for me without music. Ok Joane tells me: When we watch your videos
we realize that there is no limit to the imagination. Beautiful. Thank you John. Thank you Joane, indeed there is no limit
to imagination, and I would even say that imagination can be worked on, with time it
becomes simpler, with practice it becomes simpler, et voila. The further we go, the easier it is. So actually
I agree with you there is no limit to the imagination and I think that humans have proven
it with everything they are able to do. LB96 asked: “Do you have a plan of what you’re going
to do beforehand, or do you make it up as you go along?” “Looks great btw” Thank you ! It depends on the painting. There are no real
rules. Sometimes I have a very specific idea and
sometimes I just follow my instincts. In the case of this painting, it is not the
first one I have done in this style. So, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to
do. Then, I improvised, because everything I add
to the canvas, changes what I previously had in mind, and more or less, leads to the rest. Therefore, nothing is fixed, and nothing is
random. Before leaving you, I would like to give you
the opportunity to join my free newsletter, where you can receive all of my new You-tube
videos, tips on painting and the artistic life, all directly to your inbox. You can
find the link in the description. Please smash the like button to support me
and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for watching. See you soon.

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56 thoughts on “Do I have a plan for creating my paintings? | ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO | Quoad

  1. I love your work so much! You inspire me to every time I watch your videos! I think it was so awesome of you to learn English to be able to answer your fans! You are so talented!

  2. Merci John pour cette vidéo. C'est touchant de voir que tu prends le temps de répondre aux commentaires de ta communauté. Pour ce qui est de la musique je trouve que tu as trouvé ton équilibre : cette musique très douce qui laisse entendre le pinceau est très agréable je trouve. De toute façon tu ne contenteras jamais tout le monde, je pense que c'est à toi de trouver la meilleure voie pour exprimer ton art.
    Je te souhaite la meilleure journée

  3. Hey John. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm a huge of yours for years now. Love yr style of abstract. I am an abstract artist myself and each time i see yr videos, it inspires me and gave me that little push i needed to get off my butt and start painting. And of course thank u for taking the initiative to learn English to be more engaging wt yr viewers. Keep up the great work and looking fwd to more videos!

  4. John, I love the fact that you learned to speak English. You’ve inspired me to start painting again. You’re my go to person for painting. Music is great. Never stop the music.

  5. Hello John …superbe toile 👍et j'aime beaucoup ce nouveau format vidéo et je pense que je ne vais pas être le seul 😉 bravo et merci pour le partage et je trouve qu'après 2 mois de cours d'anglais et regarder des films en anglais tu te démerde bien 😉. A+ Pascal

  6. Oh wow John, your English pronounciation is very good! :O
    Yeah you have an accent, but it is really good to understand 😉
    I like the accent you give the colors in the painting too, the fading is superb!
    Very dynamic piece, love it! It actually inspired me to make a new painting myself, gonna make that next week.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  7. That's amazing to know that you can practice at widening one's imagination. Pretty Cool, it inspires me to practice more so that I can create pretty cool imagines like yours.

  8. Hello John
    I am a big fan. I am dabbling in abstract. When you use masking tape how long do you wait to put the tape on then do the next layer. When taping how long does it take to finish the painting. In love with your work. Your French accent is awesome. Leta from Canada

  9. You are amazing and you can't make all the people happy, all the time. Do your own thing.. That's the beauty of being an artist. People can take it or leave it. The way you make your videos and music, is your art as well, just as much as your paintings are 🙂 LOVE YOUR WORK. You did an amazing job learning English and I love keeping up with your videos! I also like your choice in music. Keep being awesome!

  10. Everytime I can't imagine how the painting will look like but I always love it, all your work is beautiful ! When did you start painting?

  11. Мне очень нравятся Ваши работы. В них много энергии и экспрессии🔥👍🖌️

  12. Keep the music! Play Dandy Warhols, bohemian like you🤩. Would to great with you painting. And your english is very good!👌👍

  13. That is so sweet and kind of you to take time out of your day to learn a whole language for some of ur followers

  14. Heavy metal!! Heavy lyrics!! Rammstein , Matrix Grime lol. Your work is great, whatever you do, I love all your videos 🙂 Bon chance.

  15. Beautiful painting, beautiful English! Sometimes I’d like to know the meaning of your painting names!!!! Thank you so much💗💗💗💗💗💗

  16. I'm starting in the painting world and your videos are a huuuge inspiration to me 🙂 thanks!! BTW: i love your Holga camera in the background <3 (im film photographer ::) ) Warm regards from Mexico! Keep the beautiful work.

  17. I once stepped on one of your video when I was high af some months ago, and to the first video followed the second, and then the third, and then the fourth… you are just so addictive John, and also so talented.
    I watch at least one of your video every day, and sometimes I re-watch the ones I already saw and liked the most.
    Keep working on it, i'm thrilled thinking about what will comes out from your caleidoscopic mind!
    I sincerely wish you all the best luck in the world <3

    Just a question: you choose the titles of your artworks before or after you realized it?

  18. I love the combination of colors, and how when you start out a painting, you have no idea where your going to go with it. Amazing!

  19. Have been watching you paint for years! You’re a wonderful artist and I am so excited to see the man behind the work a little more! Thank you John!!

  20. John, you are the first artist on you tube that I ever subscribed to several years ago. I enjoy your work and have tried many of your ideas myself. So I would just like to thank you for the continued inspiration that you bring to so many people. Also French has always been my favorite accent and I appreciate your effort to learn English.

  21. Another amazing work of Art! Your English is superb, btw! That's so impressive that you are learning another language, just to be able to reach out to US! You Rock!💛💙❤🖤💕🎨🖌🤗

  22. Wow thank you so much for taking the time to learn English, that really means a lot, it gives an extra level to your videos, I like the music it’s relaxing, your super talented 💗

  23. I don’t even watch his video this showed up on my recommendations, so why I feel so touched. He took classes just so he could speak to his audience. That’s so sweet 🥺☺️😭❤️. Your work is beautiful.

  24. Hello John, thank you as always for sharing your beautiful works of art and as a painter myself, I would like to thank you for the inspiration and love your techniques. I was having troubles creating new works of art and you have helped to inspire me to try something new! I cannot thank you enough, you truly have a creative and amazing sense of imagination 🙂

  25. I loved the yellow and the scraper. Why did you paint over it? John, the intrepid! A very nice, dramatic piece. There are some beautiful colors in there. >: D

  26. Dear John, it's been a while that I have not sent you a message. I hope you can still remember me. I am Ryan Marc Boiser Arces. I just want you to know that you inspired me to continue and cultivate my passion in painting. I thank it was year 2014 that I started watching and learning from your videos. and most of my first paintings are inspired from yours. now, I am already starting to make paintings in other genres. Thank you so much John. thank you for being one of my inspirations! more power to you!

  27. Wow. You are amazing. The fact that you care about your viewers. I love all of your paintings. That are all very beautiful. My daughter wants to learn how to paint. She loves Bob Ross and I love your videos ssooooo I have introduced your abstract painting to her and she loves it. She said you are the Bob Ross of abstract painting and she watches as many of your videos as she can lol. Very beautiful work. I would love to hang a painting of yours in my house.

  28. Wow!…
    You speak English beautifully considering you've only been learning a short while, so well done you…🥳…
    Your painting today is very industrial and a powerful piece, I love it…
    Have a great week my lovelies…

  29. How selfless of you to learn English to better communicate with your subscribers! Love your videos and artwork! Lots of respect!

  30. Et bien justement, ça tombe bien car j'avais quelques questions pour toi, j'ai une marque de vêtements et certaines de tes oeuvres, à mon œil, correspondent à ce que je recherche en Termes de designs, serait-il possible d'en discuter d'avantage ?

  31. Hi John !
    Pour moi les sons de tes compos sur tes vidéos sont très agréables. Lo Fi hip hop peacefull avec une belle signature sonore. Je regrette parfois un mixage trop brut sur tes kick/snare/clap (j ai parfois l' impression de voir la grille de FL avant une session de mise à plat, sans vouloir être désagréable ).
    Ceci étant dit, l'univers musical que tu offres ici porte bien ton style et contribue au plaisir de matter la vidéo, toujours selon moi.
    A bientôt.

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