Cosplay Painting Tutorial Valkyrie Helm – Creating a Color Shifting Effect
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Cosplay Painting Tutorial Valkyrie Helm – Creating a Color Shifting Effect

Hi I’m Emily from GO BIG OR GO HOME
Cosplay today I’m here with Plaid Cosplay. Making this very elegant and pretty
Valkyrie helm. I love it because it has a brilliant gold and an ombre effect
on the feathers. It really makes me feel pretty. Be sure to check out
the description below. For all the products used and let’s get started. We’re going to start out by
using a free downloadable pattern. This has full instructions about how you can
make your own Valkyrie helm. This tutorial is going to go over primarily all of
the techniques that were used to paint this. We’re gonna be using
this wood burning set Our foam feather and
very importantly a respirator. Don’t forget this first off we’re going to be adding
the center detail. I have a sample piece of foam right here to make sure that
the temperature’s correct on the wood burner. We’ll be using the medium heat setting
for this step. I find that it’s easier because the temperature is not
as hot and I have better control Make sure to take your time and go
as slow as you need to it’s always good to practice
on another piece of foam first. Thankfully these aren’t using a lot
of materials so if you mess up you can always make another feather Now I’m going to go in and add all
of the barbs. Be sure to go from one direction to the next and
kind of be sporadic. This is what it looks like. Now I just
repeat that on the other side here’s what it looks like. Finished to prime our piece, we’re going to
be using Mod Podge Matte. It’s pretty simple you just use a flat brush and
apply it onto your feather. It’s important to go in one direction because we don’t
want the Mod Podge to caked up into all of the recesses that
we made using the wood burner. Then we’re just going to
repeat it onto the other side. You can’t really tell on this step
but if you’re using a light colored foam it’s really important for you
to base coat your feather black We’re using folk art pure black for this step.
All right. So once your base is finished drying we’re going to add
a FolkArt Color Shift Aqua Flash to the bottom of the feather. This is
really cool because it’s a dynamic metallic paint with an iridescent finish for
the middle section of the feather. We’re going to be
adding Color Shift Black flash and finally for the tip of our feathers
we’re gonna be adding Treasure Gold. It’s a water based nontoxic
paint with brilliant metallic luster For the next step. We’re going to be
creating an ombre effect. First we’re going to start at the tip and blend
into the middle and go all the way down into the bottom. Apply a little
bit of Treasure Gold onto your flat brush and blend it down into the Black
Flash you’re doing. Do this exact same thing with a Black Flash and blend
it back up into the Treasure Gold with a clean brush. We’re going to
dip your flat brush into Aqua Flash and blend it up into the Black Flash.
Dip your brush into the Black Flash and blend it down to the bottom of
the feather into your Aqua Flash this technique shows off a seamless transition
from the Aqua to the black and finally to the gold now we’re going
to use a detailed brush in FolkArt Pure Black to paint our center line of the feather what you want to do here is be
as clean as possible. Work your way slowly down to the bottom and finally we’re going to protect
our feather using Mod Podge Ultra in G loss firmly shake it press off to the
side on the first spray and then apply generously over your project tada For this step. Refer back to the PDF
instructions on how to assemble this piece. Now let’s start adding texture with
the wood burner to apply the feather texture onto thermo plastic. We’re going
to be using the highest setting on the wood burner Start off by going in the center and
work your way all the way to the top We’re also going to be applying the
texture like we did on the larger feathers for the barbs you do this all the
way through. For each feather it’s time to prime our piece using
Mod Podge Matte. Go ahead and dip your flat brush straight into the jar and
start applying. The key here is to not let it pool in any of those details
that we just created with the wood burner .
Here you go. Now we’re going to be applying the
base coat for this we’re using FolkArt Pure Black. It really makes a big difference.
Now when you’re painting on a white surface now we’re going to paint over the entire
thing with Treasure Gold. It really gives a rich finish To apply wash. We’re going to be using in 1
to 1 ratio with water and FolkArt Pure Black. Go ahead and get your brush pretty
saturated and then apply in small sections onto the piece once you have it on there. Go ahead
and use your paper towel and wipe off any of the excess paint . We’re going to repeat the
same process over the entire piece Finally we’re going to finish our piece
with Mod Podge Ultra in Gloss. Shake the bottle vigorously spray off
to the side first and then apply generously . This is what both of our final pieces
look like. You just have to replicate this process to create the entire build.
This is what it looks like. How cool. Thank you so much for watching guys.
I really hope that you enjoy learning about all the techniques to make this
Valkyrie helm. Be sure to follow and share and if you make
this hashtag #plaidcrafts and #plaidcosplay because we’d love to see your
work. All right guys. Happy crafting.

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