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Color Theory: Mixing Paint Colors : Color Theory: Watercolor Vs. Acrylic Paint

Ok this is just a brief introduction to the
differences between the types of paint that you might run into at the store. We’ve been
dealing with acrylic which and the base for acrylic is an acrylic polymer. It’s basically,
everybody uses the same pigment in other words its ground up earth or it’s ground up Cobalt
to make the color and then they suspend it in a vehicle in acrylic it’s, it’s polymer
emulsion. In water color it is, it is gum Arabic and watercolor is known, watercolor
never gets opaque. It’s never going to completely cover anything up and so watercolor is really
about playing around with the water in the color. And another thing that watercolors
do and I’m going to see how this one works. Watercolors also can be granular so I’m going
to put down a big part of this. They can be sedimentary colors so that you can kind of
start to see separating in here, drop a thing of water in here, see this is what I like
about watercolor, you drop in the water and you start moving the pigment around. Can’t
really do that with acrylic it, if you do that with acrylic, if you water it down too
much you ruin the vehicle and it isn’t going to stick to your canvas. But watercolor is
made for this sort of thing and it’s made for making edges and it’s made for this sort
of sedimentation which is an affect you don’t get anywhere else. You can get an opaque watercolor
it is called Guasch and it goes on, it’s a lot like watercolor, I mean it’s, it’s not
going to be plastic it’s going to dry very flat. It’s not going to have a sheen but it
is basically opaque and if you want an opacity that you want to play around with some of
these water issues you can do it with Guasch. You can certainly water down Guasch and get
watercolor affects but you can also get a, an opaque affect so that’s the difference
between those medium.

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